Astounding response to reallocating under-utilized road space

May 19, 2020

Last month HUB Cycling started a petition to gather support for the reallocation of under-utilized road space in Metro Vancouver.

The response was astounding, garnering over 2600 signatures with support from every region across Metro Vancouver.

We urged Metro Vancouver municipalities to install temporary facilities for walking and cycling, using currently under-utilized roadway spaces. Metro Vancouver municipalities have an opportunity to make it easier and safer for residents to walk and cycle around their city during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of May 15, many municipalities in Metro Vancouver and across Canada have passed motions or made changes to infrastructure to give more space to people cycling and walking. HUB Cycling has put together a preliminary map tracking these changes in Metro Vancouver. 



Examples of current reallocations:

New Westminister


Langley City

  • Council is considering opening up two locations to people walking and cycling

City of North Vancouver



Vélo Canada Bikes has put together a spreadsheet showing similar space reallocations efforts and other measures in cities across the country.


HUB Cycling’s 10 Local Committees have leveraged the petition to advocate municipalities for more road space for people walking and cycling. Local Committees wrote letters to mayors and councils, gave presentations to city councils, and one committee even designed a map with all the areas they suggested for road re-allocation. HUB provided TransLink with a list of possible locations for re-allocation, which included your ideas. TransLink is working with the province and municipalities on ways they can encourage more people to walk and cycle during this time. 

What's next?

HUB Cycling continues to pivot programs to support increased cycling during and post-pandemic. Space reallocation is an important step, and with that comes increased education and engagement:

  • Education remains high on our agenda as people start cycling for the first time or first time in a while: our education team is hard at work to provide digital content. Get a sneak peek during our webinar on Monday, May 25th on Intro to City Cycling, hosted by Rose Gardner, Director of Bike Education​

  • Engagement means encouraging and promoting cycling. Typically known for big events like Bike to Work Week and Bike the Night, we’re moving to online engagement and tools for physically distanced offline engagement. Check out our Go By Bike week, May 25th - 31st: log your trips to win prizes, participate in a range of discussions and encourage those around you to “go by bike!”.

We are entering a new equilibrium in terms of urban mobility and we will continue to advocate for active and sustainable transportation - modes that keep us healthy, are cost-effective for users and municipalities, and provide benefits for our society. As we reimagine our future, we must continue to reimagine the way we move.

Photos: Top right, North Road Reallocation, (E. Hammer); Middle right, Bayview Street (A. Picard)


We would like to ask you to help get more people cycling, more often by considering making a gift or becoming a Monthly Donor to sustain our work.

Your generosity means the world to us. This year, even during COVID-19, the support from our donors has allowed us to reallocate under-utilized road space, launch the Streets for People initiative and the free Learn2Ride Online course for kids to name a few.

This is why we cannot and will not stop working to make cycling safer. Your contributions will help to build a more sustainable future for all.