Helpful Information About Cycling in Metro Vancouver

Maps & Route Planning

Route planning has a HUGE impact on safety! Plan ahead.

Buying or Donating a Bike

Resources to help you decide which bike makes sense for you - cargo, road, hybrid, or city/commuter. 

Cycling Safety & Tips

Our Streetwise program includes a variety of public courses to reach people with different skill and experience levels. Sign up today!

Insurance, Theft & Collisions

Be prepared in case of an incident on your bike, or when encountering a dangerous situation on a bike route.

Issues & Improvements

Help maintain cycling infrastructure by reporting potholes and unsafe street conditions or to request improvements. Or get involved in a HUB Local Committee and help us write letters, attend meetings and consultations.


Local cycling groups meet regularly to discuss cycling issues. You are welcome to join!

Webinars & Resources on Bicycles

Cycling in a Post Pandemic World
Hear from experts on how cities are transforming their streets to get more people biking in the Covid and post-pandemic period. 

Cycling for Sustainable Cities
John Pucher PhD and Ralph Buehler PhD explore how cities can make cycling safe and convenient for all ages and abilities.

Cycling in the Metro Vancouver Suburbs: Barriers and Opportunities
Kay Teschke PhD explores the infrastructure challenges and opportunities of biking the Metro Van suburbs

Future of Urban Space and Streets: Bikes, Buses and Pedestrians
A conversation with HUB Cycling ED, Erin O'Melinn and others about the future of urban spaces and streets

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