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Donate to HUB Cycling

You will join our core team of dedicated HUB supporters impacting cycling in the Lower Mainland by donating.


HUB Cycling is working with municipalities, TransLink, and the provincial government to #UnGapTheMap across Metro Vancouver so that more people can cycle more often.

HUB Memberships

By becoming a lifetime member of HUB Cycling (for just $10!) or an organization member, you’re joining thousands of others in making Metro Vancouver a safer and more connected community for people on bikes. The more members we have, the stronger our voice when it comes to advocating for safer and better biking for all ages and abilities across Metro Vancouver. 

Local Committees

HUB Cycling's local committees meet regularly to discuss and advise on cycling issues specific to each municipality. You are welcome to join! No experience needed.

HUB Positions

Our positions express priorities relating to active transportation policy, cycling education and promotion, and the planning, design, and implementation of cycling infrastructure. Based on this, we initiate public engagement to support better biking across Metro Vancouver.

Is there a particular issue you’d like to see us take a position on? Email us at


Cycling Advocacy

We've impacted infrastructure, educated thousands of children and adults, and motivated thousands more. Some of our current and recent advocacy efforts include:



Work or Volunteer at HUB Cycling

Work or volunteer at HUB Cycling, and be part of the team helping to make cycling an attractive transportation choice across Metro Vancouver.

HUB Cycling is committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive workplace and to working with people and communities to help them thrive and prosper. Diversity is integral to this commitment. Our diversity allows us to better understand, connect to, and respond to the needs of our members and communities. HUB Cycling encourages women, Indigenous people, people of colour, LGBTQIA and individuals from other diverse communities to apply.