Committee Resources


Local Committee

- Meeting Agenda/Minutes - (Template)
- Expense Form (Excel)
Roles & Responsibilities (PDF)
Wiki 101: How to Upload Documents (PDF)
Photography/Video Subject Release Form (PDF)
- In-Person Hybrid Meeting Protocol (PDF)
- Welcome Package for New Members (PDF)

Community & Assessment Rides
- Guide to Organizing a Local Committee Ride (2023)
- Insurance Coverage Fact Sheet (April 2021)
- Incident Report (Updated February 2023)
Waiver (Updated March 2023)
- Assessment Ride: Guide & Reporting Template (April 2023)

Gap Priority List
Gap Priority List Updating Guide (January 2023)

- Creating a Gap List Priority for your Community (March 2024)


HUB Policies, Procedures
and Handbooks

Policies and Procedures Manual (September 2023)
- Local Committee Handbook (December 2021)
Hub Cycling Volunteer Handbook (July 2024)
- HUB Position: Rigid Bollards (PDF, Webpage)
- HUB Position: Accommodating People Cycling during Construction Work (PDF, Webpage)
- HUB Recommendations for Multi-use Paths (PDF, Webpage)
- JoyRide Toolkit (PDF)

- HUB Bicycle Donation and Waiver Agreement Form (PDF)




External Agency

- TransLink
- Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI)
- Contact Local Elected Officials
- Cycling & Transportation Groups




(Metro Vancouver)

- Media Training Webinar (Video)
Newspapers, community papers & periodicals






Letterhead & HUB Cycling Intro (Jun 2023)
- Presentation Template (LightDark)
HUB Graphic Standards Manual
- HUB logo (GIF)





Webinars & Workshops

All Committee Workshops

May 2024 Session

Update on State of Cycling Benchmarking Report and Bike Friendly Business Program

- Session Recording

January 2024 Session
Intro to Advocacy (Advocacy 101)
- Session Recording

April 2023 Session
Multi-use Paths: Design, Operation and Other Considerations.
Session Recording

July 2022 Session
NACTO Workshop: Design Controls & Roadway Reallocation + Discussion
- Session Recording
- Slides

October 2021 Session
Panel Discussion: Effective communication with elected officials, staff, and media to build relationships and influence decision makers
-Session Recording
-Key Takeaways and Panel Q&A Resonses

November 2020 Session
Panel Discussion with TransLink on Engaging decision makers and building better relationships with government
-Session Recording (recording has a gap during the breakout rooms)
-Responses from Q & A 
-Action Plans and Committee Success Mapping
-TransLink's Regional Cycling Map Update

June 2020 Session
-Session recording (please note this is a large file, is not edited, and includes several minutes before and after the meeting of talking, and a 15 minute gap during the breakout rooms. Skip to the 3:30 mark to get to the start, then at 11:50 skip to 24:00. Meeting ends at the 01:50:00 mark.)

-HUB's Regional cycling map project
-Richmond's work on active transportation
-Current work by City of North Vancouver on open streets (web link)

November 2019 Session
-Presentation on BC Active Transportation Design Guide (Urban Systems)

June 2019 Session
-Burnaby Vision Zero Grant Project
-Action Update
-MOTI Connections Project
-Local Committee Action Plans

Peer-to-Peer Training

Possibility of Cycle Highways in Metro Vancouver (March 2022)
- Recording of Session
- Presentation Deck
- Question and Answer Document

Power and Success Mapping for Advocacy (April 2021)
 -Recording of Session (Part I and Part II)
Power and success mapping guide 
- Examples of power mapping jamboard and success tracking
- Blank jamboard for power mapping 
- Success tracking tool 

Advancing Cycling in the Suburbs (April 2020)
Presentation by the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT)
Increasing Cycling in Canada: A Guide to What Works (TCAT report)
Recording of the session (note that the recording includes the last 15 minutes of the presentation, Q&A and discussion, but is missing the start of the presentation)

Other Sessions/Trainings
Leveraging Road Re-allocation Discussion (May 2020)
-Session recording 
-Map of road re-allocations in Metro Vancouver
-Tips for doing road re-allocation by Mobycon

HUB Contacts

Contact HUB staff to request additional resources.

Evan Hammer
Infrastructure Planning & Policy Manager
Email Evan

Cathy Acuna
Community Organizer
Email Cathy

Navdeep Chhina
Director of Campaigns & Inclusion
Email Navdeep

Erin O'Melinn
Executive Director
Email Erin