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Ride your bike in Vancouver or UBC/University Endowment Lands? Interested in local cycling action, education or events? Attend your local HUB committee meeting to see what's happening. All are welcome - no experience required!

Email Jeff Leigh, the Chair of the Vancouver Committee, to find out more about the committee.

Love Vancouver city parks and enjoy riding your bicycle through them? Visit to learn what HUB Cycling's Vancouver Local Committee is doing to ensure people can bike safely to, though, and in parks - where feasible.

Committee Contact

Meeting Information

Update: Please note that in-person meetings are on hold due to COVID-19. The Vancouver-UBC Committee continues to meet virtually. Contact for more information.

  • Monthly: 3rd Tuesday, 6:30-8:30pm (No meetings in August and December)
  • Location: Online
  • Find out more: Visit the HUB Vancouver/UBC wiki

HUB Committee Calendar

For information on any of the activities listed below, please come out to a meeting or contact Jeff at

Please also visit our wiki for meeting minutes, letters and reports. 

Reporting Concerns: If you see something that needs to be fixed within the City of Vancouver, call 311 to report it.

Cycling 'Hot Spots' in Vancouver 

As part of HUB's State of Cycling project, produced a series of maps highlighting conflict areas for cyclists across Metro Vancouver. See the map for 'hot spots' in Vancouver. Please note that these maps show conflicts, but don't account for ridership levels. You can log conflicts/crashes and near misses on Help improve cycling infrastructure and close 'gaps' by getting involved with HUB's work in your area. See details above for the Vancouver Local Committee. Special thanks to for all their help and assistance producing these maps.


  • Cycling in Parks: Working to improve cycling in Vancouver parks, including the Seaside Greenway and the Kits Beach area for all users. Visit to learn more

  • Arbutus Greenway Working Group: planning for improvements to the new Arbutus Greenway

  • Broadway Subway: planning for mitigations during construction, and safe access to all future subway stations, as well as making Broadway a more complete street following subway construction

  • Urban Cargo and Delivery: promoting the use of cargo bikes for last-km delivery, considering both infrastructure impacts and supporting policies required to encourage this alternative 

  • Assessment rides and/or media events to highlight infrastructure issues (periodic)

  • Ongoing consultation on major City projects such as the new NE False Creek road network, viaducts removal, and Dunsmuir Active Transportation Connector; the Granville Connector; the downtown bike network; the Broadway Corridor plan; South False Creek, and others

  • Monitoring all City projects relating to improved cycling infrastructure, preparing position papers and recommendations, and participating in the City of Vancouver consultations on these projects


Infrastructure Improvement Priorities

The Vancouver UBC Local Committee worked to prioritize cycling infrastructure issues throughout the city.

Improvement opportunities are prioritized with the aim of creating more “Safe Routes to Places That Matter.” We consider utility, safety, and feasibility in our evaluations.

Our aim is to get more people riding, more often, so we look for opportunities that will have the largest impact.

The following are our top priorities for 2020:

  • The Granville Connector

  • The Downtown Bikeway Network, including Drake St, Nelson, Smithe, Richards, Haro, and Bute

  • The Pender Corridor, from the Dunsmuir separated bike lane at Hornby through to the Stanley Park causeway (specific route TBD)

  • The Stanley Park Causeway connections at the southern end of the causeway

  • NE False Creek, including Pacific Blvd, Expo Blvd, the Georgia Ramp, Quebec St, the arterial replacement for Prior, and the new Dunsmuir Connector for active transportation, all related to the removal of the viaducts

  • The Gastown Complete Streets project, including Water Street

  • The Powell St. Corridor from Water St. to Lakewood (including a Powell Bypass from Clark to Lakewood)

  • Kent Avenue from Boundary Rd to connect to the Arbutus Greenway

  • The Adanac Bikeway, from Main St to Boundary Road, with a focus on the Adanac overpass at Cassiar

  • The 10th Avenue Bikeway from Trafalgar to Victoria Drive 

  • The Seaside Greenway through the Kits Beach Park area

  • Main Street, from 37th Ave to 5th Ave

  • Iron Workers Memorial Bridge connections at the south end



  • 10th Ave street improvements from Oak to Willow (phase 1 of health precinct) (2019) 

  • Interim improvements along 10th Avenue near Arbutus Street between Maple Street and Vine Street (2019) 

  • Powell Street bypass extended to MacLean Drive including bike activated crossing signal light (2019) 

  • Multiple improvements along Alexander Street bikeway including protected bike lane to connect with Powell Street Overpass and crossing improvements at Maple Tree Square (2019)

  • Bicycle lanes painted on the previously repaved NW Marine Drive from W 4th Ave to Spanish Banks concession (2019)

  • Further extensions along Pacific Street from the Burrard Bridge (eastbound) near Vancouver House (2019)

  • Painted bicycle lanes added on Rupert St from the Central Valley Greenway to 14th Avenue (2018) 

  • Southbound protected bike lane on Cambie Bridge (2018)

  • 67th Avenue connector from the Arbutus Greenway to Heather St (2018)

  • Alder Street connector between 7th Ave and 14th Ave (2018) 

  • 1st Avenue upgrades from Ontario St to Quebec St (2018)

  • Protected intersection at Pacific and Burrard (2018)

  • Improvements to 10th Avenue including protected bike lanes from Oak Street to Willow Street and traffic diversion from Willow St to Cambie Street (2018)

  • Upgrade to a protected bike lane along the South False Creek Seaside Greenway from Cambie to Granville Island (2018)

  • Completion of the Burrard improvements from Burnaby St. to the bridge, the bridge deck itself, and Cornwall to 8th, as well as intersection improvements at Pacific and improvements along Pacific from Howe to Burrard. (2017)

  • Improvements to the False Creek Seawall route from the Cambie Bridge to 1st Ave, including separation of people walking and people on bikes (2017)

  • Traffic calming along Charleson to improve the Seaside Bypass route in South False Creek (2017)

  • Completion of the Temporary Paved Path on the new Arbutus Greenway (2017)

  • Completion of Phase 2 improvements to the Seaside Greenway along Point Grey Road (2017)

  • Traffic calming along 7th Ave at Oak St (2017)

  • Improvements to SW Marine Drive cycling infrastructure, from Granville to Camosun (2017)

  • Improvements to bike lane access at the intersection of Knight at SE Marine (2017)

  • Assessment Ride Reports completed for multiple routes, for both new projects and post-construction follow-up (2017)

  • Implementation of downtown protected lanes on Nelson, Smithe, Beatty, and Cambie (2016)

  • Start of construction on the new Arbutus Greenway (2016)

  • Spot Improvements throughout the City (2016)

  • Assessment Ride Reports completed for multiple routes, for both new projects and post-construction follow-up (2016)

  • Improvements for cycling on the Stanley Park Causeway (2015)

  • Spot improvements throughout the City (2015)

  • Implementation of the Point Grey Rd - Cornwall Ave Seaside Greenway - (2014)

  • Implementation of the Comox/Helmcken Greenway (2014)

  • Spot Improvements throughout the City (2014)

  • Created a Spot Improvement priority list for the City of Vancouver (2014)

  • Opening of the widened path on the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge (2014)

  • Approval of the Point Grey-Burrard section of the Seaside Greenway (2013)

  • Commitment from Province to widen the cycling pathway on the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge and to improve safety on the Stanley Park Causeway (2013)

  • Approval of cycling improvements to the north end of the Cambie Bridge, connections to the Canada Line Bridge, and Union-Adanac bikeway selected improvements (2013)

  • Provided feedback to the Cycling Master Plan for Stanley Park (2012)

  • Contributed to the City of Vancouver Transportation 2040 Plan (approved by council October 2012)

  • Permanent separated bike lanes on Burrard Bridge, Hornby and Dunsmuir Streets downtown (2009-2012)

  • Repaving of residential bike routes, the addition of crossing signals and bike boxes at busy intersections (2011-2012)

  • Bike bridge over the Fraser River between Vancouver and Richmond following the Canada Line (2009)

  • Bike lanes throughout Vancouver's downtown core (2002–2006) separated lane trials (2010)

  • Wider sidewalks for cyclists on the Lions Gate Bridge (2001)