January 3, 2017
On a global scale, 2016 may not be a year that many people will remember fondly but for HUB Cycling it was one of our best yet. Over the last year we have seen more people than ever before taking part in our programs and events, as well as...
December 15, 2016
What a year!   We've already tallied over 90 cycling infrastructure commitments and completions from 2016, and we're still counting. Click here to get to the interactive map and view details on what's new and...
November 28, 2016
For many newcomers arriving to a new city can be overwhelming. With housing and employment top of mind, it may be a few months before a newcomer considers starting to ride a bike in their new home. Yet cycling is a valuable activity for newcomers,...

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Meet Catherine R., who holds a HUB senior membership and who has been cycling in Vancouver since 1989 - regardless of the weather.

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