August 18, 2016
Local Businesses see value in attracting people on bikes   Vancouver, BC (August 17, 2016): Street-side celebrations, free tune-ups and snacks, and prizes marked HUB’s inaugural Bike to Shop Day on August 13th. 965 people registered...
August 11, 2016
Communities throughout Metro Vancouver are set to receive almost $1.69 million from the Provincial Government to help join-up some of the gaps in the region’s cycling infrastructure. The grants, which are part of a $6.5m province-wide...
July 26, 2016
Apply to be a HUB Cycling Board Director. Are you passionate about improving cycling conditions in Metro Vancouver? Do you want to help steer HUB Cycling to create positive change? Would you like to help get more people cycling...

HUB members are passionate individuals, families and organizations who are committed to making cycling in Metro Vancouver safer and more accessible to everyone!


This month we caught up long-standing HUB member and HUB volunteer Ken, who is also an early adopter and founding member of the new Mobi bike share.


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