October 31, 2017
Over 45 Celebration Stations and 1,114 Team Leaders helped to bring thousands of people on bikes together during Bike to Work Week this fall! Thank you to everyone who logged a trip last week.  With more than 45 celebration stations set...
October 19, 2017
Bike to Work Week Manager Are you: A strategic and driven event manager who loves making the ask Highly organized and a master of details, deadlines, and deliverables An engaging leader who is able to recruit, inspire and...
October 3, 2017
City of Vancouver municipal by-elections take place October 14th, 2017 We think it's important to understand local candidate positions on cycling. So we asked each candidate to respond to a brief survey of four questions. The full results can...

So you’re a fair-weather cyclist considering taking the plunge into wet weather riding - you’ve come to the right place. Good news, the kilometers you’ve already logged will help with this foray into fall and winter riding, and don’t worry, we were all newbies once. Your first step is to identify what’s different about cycling in the “off-season”.

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