March 2, 2018
HUB Cycling is a member of the Road Safety Law Reform Group and has been pushing for the Province of BC to undertake a comprehensive review and reform of the outdated Motor Vehicle Act in order to better protect people cycling and walking. Our...
March 2, 2018
The HUB Bike Awards is an annual celebration of businesses, municipalities and individuals that are making biking better across Metro Vancouver. The 5th annual celebration took place on February 22nd at the Vancouver Public Library and HUB Cycling...
February 16, 2018
The Provincial Government announced today that it will be replacing the aging Pattullo Bridge and that the new bridge will include cycling lanes, separated from traffic, on both sides of the bridge. "By incorporating separated bike lanes in...

Through our Bike to School cycling safety programs we have instructed thousands of students on how to bike safely, and helped hundreds of new riders balance, pedal, and steer for the first time.

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