June 23, 2017
Are you a strategic and motivated leader? Skilled at telling a convincing and clear story about the value of cycling? Adept in developing successful campaigns and working with diverse groups and interests including volunteers, and government...
June 22, 2017
Following the release of new figures which show that 51 per cent of people in Vancouver want to cycle more often, business leaders are recognizing the impact that bikes can have on the local economy. The City of Vancouver’s recent Walking...
June 21, 2017
The 2017 Grand Prize Winner of the Exodus Travels Trip to Croatia is... Peter Wood, Vancouver, BC   Peter Wood, of Vancouver, BC, sold his car in 1996 and uses his bicycle primarily for transportation, “it’s a great way for...

Many people assume that our bike education courses are just for kids but we have classes for people of all ages and abilities because you’re never too old to discover the joy of cycling.

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