HUB Cycling

We make cycling better through education, action and events. More cycling means healthier, happier, more connected communities. We’re leading the way in making cycling an attractive choice for everyone.

HUB Cycling (formerly the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition) is a charitable non-profit organization, originally established in 1998 to improve cycling conditions in Metro Vancouver. Since then, we've grown a lot! We've impacted infrastructure, educated thousands of children and adults and motivated thousands more. See the HUB Cycling brochure for more information here.

Organization Chart

What we do:

  • Provide bicycle education to all ages
  • Communicate & encourage more people to cycle, more often
  • Build a fun & social community with events, programs & courses
  • Work with governments, businesses & community organizations
  • Research & write letters & reports

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A member-based organization, we strive to remove barriers to cycling and improve the quality of our communities, our health, the environment, and local economies.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Vision - In Metro Vancouver in 2030, cycling is an attractive transportation option because it is fun, safe, convenient and comfortable for people of all ages and cycling abilities. Investment in cycling is aligned with ambitious government mode share goals, cycling education is universally accessible and cycling facilities are connected throughout the region.

Our Mission - To get more people cycling, more often.

Our Core Values - As Metro Vancouver's most recognized and respected cycling transportation organization we:

  • Respect all forms of transportation
  • Value cycling as a community building tool & as a healthy practice for individuals & our environment
  • Provide inclusive, forward-thinking programs and services, known for engagement and empowerment of the community and their transportation choices
  • Avoid funding or support that could compromise the integrity of our mission, purpose or values

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

HUB members are invited and encouraged to attend our AGM, where we report on our past year of action and programs geared towards making cycling better in Metro Vancouver, and elect new Directors of the Board.

The AGM is also a great way to meet like-minded, bike-minded people. You can also join the pre-AGM President's ride, and the post-AGM social. The 2016 AGM will take place on Saturday, September 17 from 12.30-4pm at New Westminster Public Library, 716 6th Ave, New Westminster, V3M 2B3.

You may also want to attend a local HUB committee meeting in your area to find out more about the work we do.

Board Members

Alexander Clarkson

Alexander Clarkson


Alex is a prosecutor helping to enforce Canada's environmental laws. He has an engineering degree & a law degree and has conducted hearings in both English & French. He is also a published legal author on the topic of environmental law. He has appeared before administrative tribunals, the Tax Court of Canada, the B.C. Provincial Court and the B.C. Supreme Court.

Alex has a strong belief that cycling creates cleaner, closer, and safer communities. He would like to see Vancouver as a model of sustainable and intelligent city planning. He sees cycling as an integral part of the solution to international environmental concerns as well as local concerns about the quality of life in our communities.

Anne Labelle

Anne Labelle

Anne believes the best plans are built through collaboration. Whether a project is exploring the high arctic of Canada or developing sustainability practices in remote mountain locations, Anne always starts by listening. When she’s not traveling to communities gathering input, Anne is adding homemade vermicompost to her organic garden, riding her bicycle on the greenbelt or riding her motorcycle along winding mountain roads. 

Anne would like cycling to be completely integrated with the Greater Vancouver transportation network along with buses, cars, motorcycles and pedestrians. We are all members of this network and cycling should be made safe for cyclists and non-cyclists alike by improving connectivity of cycling routes, predictability of cyclists and awareness of non-cyclists.

Anne is a geologist and lawyer who oversees the sustainability practices of a mineral exploration company. She commutes 17 kilometres to her downtown Vancouver office from her home in the Caulfield area of West Vancouver.

Derik Wenman

Derik Wenman

Derik was born and raised in the lower mainland and has lived and worked extensively throughout British Columbia.

A background in both Finance and IT has led him to work in various technology and finance based start-ups and companies. His volunteer experience includes working with Whistler Sport Legacies encouraging the public to explore winter sports and the Vancouver Foundation promoting their Neighborhood Small Grants Program. 

He currently owns and operates a specialized accounting firm based in Surrey and bikes from his home in Vancouver to work on a regular basis. This commute, covering 4 separate municipalities, combined with a desire to explore has given him an appreciation for the diversity and breadth of bicycling opportunities within Metro Vancouver.

He believes that bicycling is an incredibly healthy practice, not just for individuals, but for our environment and our communities. He sees HUB as playing a significant role in working with residents, business and government to create safe and efficient cycling opportunities for all Metro Vancouver residents.

Fiona Walsh

Fiona E. Walsh

In 2009, after 40 years of only driving a car, Fiona bought an electric-assist bike and began commuting from North Vancouver to her school in Burnaby. In 2013, she graduated to a much lighter, non-electric bike. In 2015, she donated her car to the Kidney Foundation. She is now a retired teacher, volunteering with North Shore Emergency Management, North Van City and West End Coal Harbour Community Policing Centres and the Edible Garden Project. She also chairs her community residents association.

Fiona joined HUB in 2010 and became a member of the board in the summer of 2012. After breaking her wrist in 2010, while cycling over the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge, she joined the North Shore HUB Committee to work for improvements to the bridge accesses and sidewalks, which we now enjoy. As a director of the BC Cycling Coalition and Canada Bikes, she hopes to act as a liaison and to tackle issues around outdated and/or non- existent TAC standards for cyclists, pedestrians and people on mobility devices.

Jeff Leigh

Jeff Leigh

Now retired, Jeff is a former Vice President at Finning International, which brought Jeff to live and work across Canada, South America, and Europe. Jeff also led engineering teams at Westport Innovations.

Jeff lives downtown and cycles locally, while also enjoying cycling trips abroad. I believe that cycling for transportation can best be increased by ensuring people have access to safe infrastructure, and that people feel safe when cycling.  Action work to promote these goals is our most valuable contribution.  This includes advocating for improvements at all levels of government, and celebrating our successes.

Jeff is chair of the Vancouver/UBC Committee at HUB, where he leads advocacy efforts including Assessment Rides and Reports. Jeff also sits on the Operations Committee and Regional Advisory Committee, where he has worked hands-on to make operational improvements relating to Board Policies and Procedures, and worked on regional advocacy issues.

Meredith Seeton

Meredith Seeton

Meredith is a community planner based in the Tri-Cities. She works in municipal government on long-range land use planning, social policy, and development. Meredith gets excited about facilitating public engagement and participatory planning, and is passionate about creating more sustainable and inclusive communities where walking and biking are the easy choice.
Meredith was first immersed in the world of convenient, safe and joyful bike commuting while living in Copenhagen in her early twenties. Since then, she has enjoyed getting around Metro Vancouver by bike, and periodically heading out on longer tours with her partner.

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith

Stuart grew up in the Yukon, just shy of the arctic circle, and rode a bike whenever he couldn’t use a toboggan.

His career experience includes 10 years in the technology industry; during this time, he rarely rode a bike. In 2014, he sold his car and switched career direction after volunteering for organizations reflecting his values, which reawakened a passion for safe streets and transportation cycling.

A passionate advocate for bicycling and livable cities, Stuart currently works as a consultant for the local transportation and bicycle retail sector, and still volunteers with organizations working on sustainability.

Corrie Bownick HUB Cycling

Corrie Bownick

Corrie Bownick is a passionate cyclist and environmentalist. She believes healthy bodies and healthy environments go hand in hand, and cycling helps to achieve both. Her work with HUB is inspired by helping people of all ages and abilities incorporate cycling into their lifestyle, even in small amounts.

Corrie is a Store Director in a luxury retail setting and hopes to bring her operational expertise to the HUB board. She lives in Vancouver’s Downtown West End and enjoys Vancouver’s extensive bike lane network on a regular basis.

Kevin MacDuff - HUB Cycling

Kevin MacDuff

Kevin rode bikes as a child growing up in Maple Ridge and kept riding as he commuted up Burnaby Mountain to SFU. It was how he met his wife and has been his preferred commuting mode since. Kevin believes cycling is the psychologically healthiest way of getting to work and that many more people want to cycle, walk and take public transit to work than currently do, and does what he can to overcome the barriers preventing this.

Kevin is a mathematician specializing in Human Resource analytics and an accountant who works as a director at Vancouver Coastal Health where he also advocates and works to improve cycling infrastructure for VCH's 19,668 employees. He built Vancouver's first end of trip facility - the VGH Cycling Centre, as well as numerous bike cages and bike rooms. He also serves on the board of the Cambie Corridor Consortium - the first transportation management association in Canada.

He is also a former theatre actor and maintains strong connection to the arts community.

Morgan Maguire HUB Cycling

Morgan Maguire

Morgan grew up in Vancouver and has been an all-season cycling commuter since high school. Morgan is inspired by his travels to embrace everyday life cycling: an efficient means for transporting oneself through everyday life beyond cycling for commuting and recreation. He believes adopting everyday life cycling will help people cope with rapid growth in their communities while maintaining a high standard of living.

Morgan is a lawyer and CEO of Investor-State LawGuide, a leading international online legal research platform. He lives with his wife and young daughter in Fairview Slopes. Weekends typically involve cycling, hiking or skiing.

Mir Ali

Mir is an accounting and finance professional with over 10 years of business experience. He has obtained a business administration degree with both an accounting and information systems background from the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University. His experience includes exposure to various organizational structures such as family businesses, large corporations and not for profits.

Mir’s passion for bicycling revolves around a vision for a world where everyone has access to safe cycling infrastructure in order to reduce our dependence on environmentally damaging alternatives. He views HUB as integral connection between the general public, businesses and local governments.

When Mir is distracting himself from work he likes to do so by playing hockey, travelling, spending time with his family, and you guessed it, taking leisurely rides on his bike.


Erin O'Melinn

Erin O'Melinn

Executive Director

Erin has been with HUB Cycling since 2009. Her background is in community engagement and urban planning, with a Master of Urban Studies degree from Simon Fraser University.In the past she has worked for local government and crown corporations in their sustainability and outreach initiatives.

Erin was a Director of the Board with the Vancouver Public Space Network from 2007-2012, working to create vibrant urban spaces inviting to everyone. In 2011, she was elected to the Board of the Alliance for Biking and Walking, the North American umbrella association for active transportation advocacy.

Laura Jane

Laura Jane

Director of Corporate Engagement & Events

Laura is a passionate community event manager and educator. She is a strong believer in happy, healthy, and inclusive urban communities and feels that the bicycle is the key to achieving these societal outcomes.

Laura enjoys the convenience of biking, its low environmental impact, and the energy she gets from riding. Her goal is to promote cycling as a primary mode of transportation throughout Metro Vancouver.

Previously, Laura has worked for Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver Foundation, City College Norwich, Nature Conservancy of Canada, and Moss Street Community Market in Victoria.

When she’s not cycling around Vancouver's Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, Laura can be found hiking, camping, and picnicking in Dude Chilling Park. Laura has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from McGill University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Urban Studies at Simon Fraser University.

Timothy Welsh

Timothy Welsh

Director of Programs

Growing up in a small BC interior town, Tim spent much of his youth on a bike exploring and learning about the world.  As an adult living in Vancouver Tim rediscovered cycling for practical and environmental reasons, and has since become an enthusiastic cyclist, bike mechanic, and bicycling promoter.  

Refugee and immigrant settlement have been the focus of Tim's professional career for over two decades prior to his joining HUB in 2013 as Director of Programs.  In addition to developing and delivering a range of services for newcomers, Tim has played a central facilitative role between not-for-profit service providers and government funders in the expansion and professionalization of refugee and immigrant services in BC and nationally.  Tim is excited to be part of HUB where he can bring his program development expertise to his area of passion - urban cycling. 

Ellie Lambert

Director of Communications

Ellie joined HUB in the summer of 2016 and is an enthusiastic communicator who is passionate about the benefits of all forms of physical activity. She believes that cycling can help people become happier and healthier, as well as being a key way of creating a greener planet. 

Ellie is excited to have the opportunity to promote cycling to Metro Vancouver’s residents, is keen to communicate on behalf of cyclists across the region and is committed to helping improve cycling conditions for all.

Originally from the UK, Ellie is a trained journalist and has previously worked for the Department of Education, Sport England and Curl BC.

In her spare time, Ellie enjoys swimming at Kits Pool, cooking meals for friends and spending time outside making the most of the incredible scenery in and around Vancouver.

Alyshia Burak

Alyshia Burak

Bike Education Program Manager

Alyshia joined HUB in 2015, and has been involved in supporting a variety of bike education programs and events. This summer she joined the Bike to Shop Day team, and planned HUB's first annual event encouraging people to bike and shop at their favourite local businesses. Currently she manages HUB's bike education programs for all ages, and enjoys working with community groups to bring accessible bike programs to newcomers to Canada.  

Alyshia is passionate about fostering healthy living, social equality, and thriving communities and has worked with non-profit organizations both locally and globally to achieve these goals. She holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology from UBC.

Catherine Acuna

Catherine Acuna

Membership Manager

Cathy joined HUB cycling in 2016 as Membership Manager.  Cathy is looking forward to engaging with dedicated HUB supporters and expanding the organizations membership base to further grow the voice and impact of HUB.

Having previously worked at Ecojustice Canada, Cathy is passionate about working towards improving the environment through alternate means of transit and helping all people across Metro Vancouver, find the confidence they need to get on their bikes!  

Having grown up in Los Angeles, Cathy loves living a car free lifestyle in Vancouver and can be found on the weekends zipping around the sea wall on her bright red Biria bike!

Emma Cunnington

Emma Cunnington

Bike to Work Week Manager

Having recently started as Bike to Work Week Manager, Emma is looking forward to building larger community of cyclists in Greater Vancouver.  She hopes to work closely with businesses to develop their resources for employees to use cycling as their main mode of transportation to work.

Previously, Emma worked for the BC Ride to Conquer Cancer and through this has made strong connections with the Vancouver cycling community.

Emma is a sports enthusiast, playing varsity tennis and obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Sport Management at Niagara University. From Victoria BC, Emma recently spent two years in London, England where she reinvigorated her passion for cycling, commuting daily to the National Tennis Centre for work.

Emma finds cycling an excellent way to explore the city and may be seen commuting to and from sporting activities on her yellow Scott Speedster bike, which she brought all the way from London.

Tara Holfeld

Tara Holfeld

Office Manager

Tara has over ten years of experience in administration and office management. At HUB, Tara is the friendly first face for visitors, and ensures everything from general office operations, finances and administration are all running smoothly, while also supporting our programs, events and member services.

Tara brings a naturally calm and respectful approach to her work. It makes her very happy to see bikes becoming a viable alternative to cars.

Andrew Picard

Andrew Picard

UnGapTheMap Campaigns Coordinator

Andrew has a background in urban planning with previous work in active transportation consulting and community engagement. Having participated in cycling advocacy in Ottawa and Victoria, Andrew is excited to help facilitate a safer and more connected cycling network across Metro Vancouver.

In 2013, Andrew spent a semester studying cycling in Copenhagen and returned to Europe shortly after, to complete his master’s thesis on the evolution and design of bicycle infrastructure in Berlin and Münster, Germany.

Andrew holds degrees from the University of Toronto (M.Sc. Planning) and the University of Victoria (BA Human Geography).

Tim Aeberli

Bike Host Program Coordinator

Having recently moved to Vancouver from the UK, Tim joined HUB Cycling in February 2017 to use his passion for cycling and organization to help launch HUB Cycling's Newcomer Bike Host Program. He is excited to be part of HUB Cycling as he believes in the power of cycling to build strong relationships between newcomers and Vancouverites, foster sustainable transport decisions among new arrivals and make newcomers feel more at home.

Previously, Tim worked with the R.O.L.E. Foundation in Indonesia on environmental education projects and supported the Institute for Ecological Economy Research in Berlin in communicating research on the green economy to the general public. He holds a Master's degree in International Development from the University of Manchester (UK) and a Bachelor's degree in Human Geography from the University of Leicester (UK). 

Tracy Wilkins

Tracy is HUB Cycling's Special Events Manager! As a Vancouverite born and raised, Tracy loves to ride her bike and has been inspired by Vancouver’s progress in accessibility and the growing number of community members choosing cycling as their mode of transportation. Living and studying in pro-bike cities such as Montreal, Amsterdam, and Lund, Sweden, has contributed to Tracy’s passion and motivation towards strengthening Vancouver’s biking community, helping create an efficient transportation system and promoting sustainable lifestyles.

Tracy’s ideal community is one that is healthy, connected and future focused, and she looks forward to joining HUB Cycling's pursuit to make this a realty in Vancouver.

If you see Tracy snowboarding on one of our local mountains, practicing yoga, cruising the seawall or enjoying a beverage on a patio, be sure to say hello!


Heather Harvey

Heather Harvey

Saturday mornings were the best time when I was growing up. I would jump on my banana seat bike, tassels streaming from the handlebars, and race around. The freedom of taking off on my own, flying down the hills, meeting up with friends, it was a pretty exciting time for an 8 year old!

Biking to me is freedom. Teaching bike education feels like I am providing someone with a new tool for freedom and independence, to safely get to where they need to go or just find the fun flying down that hill knowing they can stop at the bottom!  

Lorraine Smith

Lorraine Smith

When I teach, I like to tell stories, because for many, they are overcoming fear to learn to ride. Horses were my thing as a child, and since having one in our backyard was not possible, I rode my bike all over my small town, jumping my fine steed, and travelling far and wide. Its name was Bluey.

More recently, when I asked a classroom what they were going to bring to school for bike day (expecting them to yell out "bikes!") one young fellow said "Our Imagination!". Cycling will open doors you may not expect!

Donna Chen

Donna Chen

I grew up cycling in '80s Beijing when there were more bikes than cars, then took a break from riding before rediscovering my love for bikes on the streets of Vancouver.

Cycling has since become one of my favourite ways for exploring cities, islands, and nooks and crannies of the world. It's been a treat as a bike ed instructor to facilitate and witness the remarkable moments of joy, courage, connection, freedom and self­reliance people find on their bikes.

Jackie Kanyuk

Jackie Kanyuk

Jackie works in green building and sustainability as a project manager, educator, writer and consultant who is passionate about community development, collaboration, urban planning and homesteading. A car­free professional, she uses her bikes not only for commuting but for cycle touring, cyclocross, and bike polo.  You can see her in a video series featuring woman in sport at

Jel Kocmaruk

Jel Kocmaruk

Jel learned to ride in the parking garage of their co­op, and rode their pink banana­cruiser on the death­defying one block commute to elementary school for years.

In their late teens they picked up riding again, starting to cycle­commute to work. Last summer was one of firsts for them­­first bike build, first bike race, and first time on the polo court.

Ben Lee

Ben Lee

Since I was a kid I've always loved being on two wheels. But after mountain biking and motorcycling, I didn't expect to discover a third passion for road cycling!

So rain or shine, you'll likely see me zipping around the city with a smile on my face.

Carole Jones

I love the feeling of freedom that cycling gives me. I can often be found exploring the city by bike or heading further afield with a tent and supplies strapped to the back of my bike. I'm looking forward to helping others experience the sheer joy of cycling!


Russel Ogden

Russel has been bicycling all his life.  He has fond memories about pedalling his bike to school and then using it to deliver newspapers.  In the summer he would ride to the river and go fishing.  

Now he enjoys riding for fun and fitness.

Mona Benjamintz

Mona Benjamintz

When bus service temporarily stopped going to the UBC campus in 1992, I resurfaced my high school bike to get to university. It was a sturdy, three-speed Raleigh with a huge basket that I later donated to UBC's bike kitchen. Two newer bikes later, I still love getting around by bike, and have enjoyed teaching with HUB since 2006.

Mary Sherlock

Mary Sherlock

I've been riding a bike for about 60 years, since I was 5 years old, and have been a commuter/transportation cyclist all my working life.  I've been teaching with HUB for almost a decade - StreetWise community classes, students in schools, Workplace Workshops, group classes for immigrant women, and now individual adults who are learning to balance and ride for the first time.  Many are immigrants who, for reasons such as gender and class, have been deprived of the opportunity to ride a bike.

I'll never forget one middle aged woman who finally learned to balance saying "This is the happiest day of my life ­ I feel like a bird" as she floated down the hill! I love helping people face their fears ­ as well as helping them free themselves from car dependence.

Charlie Watson

Charlotte (Charlie) Watson

My favourite memory of teaching cycling was to a group of women over the age of 50. They were so nervous that they weren't going to be good enough.  To me they were good enough just for turning up to the lesson. By the end of session, all had improved, a few were actually riding, but most importantly they were having fun and feeling proud of themselves.

One women who had been nervous at the start said that the instructors had given "no pressure. only pleasure". You can watch a short video featuring this group here

Mandi Parkes

Mandi Parkes

My favourite memory of riding my bike would be with my siblings around the courtyard we used to live in. We would try to ride around the whole thing balancing on the curb, which was tricky, also riding down the hill around the corner of the house, over and over.

I love teaching the youth because I think cycling should be an activity that is accessible and enjoyable for everyone, and this is something we are encouraging. It's great to see how enthusiastic, excited, and eager the youth are about participating!

Louise Fenwick

Louise Fenwick

I love riding my bikes!!! I love supporting adults and children as they learn how to ride a bicycle for the first time, or perhaps get back on the saddle after many years away. I love supporting people to ride with more confidence, learn how to understand, maintain and repair their bikes.

Love love love :) what more can I's been a life­long love of mine.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to inspire and connect with others through bikes and riding.

Lisa Slakov

Lisa Slakov

I'll never forget that moment of great elation as I watched my daughter pedal away from me through the park after I let her go. It was that magical moment when she had the "feeling" and could take off on her own. The freedom, joy, possibilities that the gift of biking is.

I still get some of that sensation when helping other people consider biking and realize that they are likely to try it out or do it more because of a workshop, a conversation or cycling promotion event that I'm involved in.

Ken Wuschke

Riding through the forests of Britany my wife and I kept hearing a French horn playing in the distance. Gradually it grew louder until finally we biked by a man playing his horn while his family looked on. And that’s what I love about cycling. It’s seeing things you may never see otherwise.

Since learning to ride I have loved travelling and seeing the world immersed in it. From the Gulf Islands to New Zealand’s South Island it’s the roads lesser travelled that my bike points me down. Whether its commuting, biking to shops, or taking on another week-long journey riding a bike inspires me with new experiences. And by helping people feel more comfortable riding their bicycles I hope they can also see the world in a different way.