Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at HUB Cycling


HUB Cycling Diversity Policy

Approved by the HUB Board of Directors April 2019


Inclusion is an underpinning value of what HUB Cycling stands for, as reflected in our Core Values:

Respect all forms of transportation.

Value cycling as a community building tool and as a healthy practice for individuals and our environment.

Provide inclusive, forward-thinking programs and services, known for engagement and empowerment of the community and their transportation choices.

We view the diversity of our members and communities as assets and strive to create and sustain a diverse and culturally competent organization that reflects the populations we serve. This is central to our mission, “to get more people cycling more often” and to our ongoing efforts to remove barriers to cycling.

Policy Statement

HUB Cycling is committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive organization and to working with people and communities to support them to thrive and prosper.  Diversity is integral to this commitment. Diversity among our members, volunteers, staff and Board of Directors allows us to better understand, connect to, and respond to the needs of HUB members and broader communities.

This policy provides a framework to which all other policies should conform. It provides direction to staff, members, volunteers, and the Board.


Diversity: The visible and invisible differences that exist among people, including but not limited to: gender identity, race, ethnic origin, age, place of residence, sexual orientation/identity, economic status, language, religion, education and family/marital status

Equity: A strategy to promote fairness. Giving individuals the resources they need in order to be successful. Equity may include equal treatment or treatment that is different but is considered equivalent in terms of benefits, obligations and opportunities.



Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at HUB Cycling: Fall Update

November 3, 2021

Earlier this year, we shared our commitment to standing up and speaking out against racism and injustice in all forms, good intentions alone are not enough. Here is our semi-annual update on our diversity, equity & inclusion efforts.

Our team continues to proactively use a diversity & equity lens, be it the images we use or the audiences we try to engage with. We now share our content in Farsi, create videos in Punjabi to showcase and promote new infrastructure, design event posters and social media content in FrenchPunjabiFarsiHindi and Mandarin, organize webinars to promote adaptive cycling to help reduce barriers to people with mobility challenges. We have media partnerships with Sing TaoThe Filipino PostThe South Asian Post and Asian Pacific Post, to reach audiences from different cultural and language backgrounds.

One of the legacies of colonialism is our Christian-centric list of statutory holidays in B.C. This year, HUB Cycling decided to shake up this status quo to demonstrate that we as an organization respect all faiths, religions, and backgrounds. 

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Diversity Matters. Representation Matters.

April 6, 2021

During the past year, violent racist events have reminded us to take stock of diversity, equity & inclusion at HUB Cycling.

Like many organizations, HUB believes that Diversity Matters.

Representation Matters.

Inclusion is an underpinning value of what HUB Cycling stands for, as reflected in our Core Values.

Hateful incidents across Metro Vancouver during the past couple of weeks have once again reminded us about our society’s systemic foundation in colonialism, white supremacy, and racism. For far too long, many segments of our community have been systematically discriminated against and oppressed.

To those impacted, as a community or personally, we see you, we support you, and we stand with you.

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