Burnaby Local Committee


Are you interested in advocating for safe cycling infrastructure in Burnaby? The Burnaby Local Committee is one of HUB Cycling's 10 Local Committees working to make cycling safer and more attractive for everyone through advocacy.

Our local advocacy work is led by committees of local residents—like you! Do you want to help create better bike infrastructure in Burnaby, with the support of our membership base backing you?

Join the committee or attend the next meeting to find out how you can help make biking better in Burnaby!
All are welcome - no experience required!!



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Highlights from 2022 and 2023 include:

  • Undertook 3 assessment rides (Midtown Bikeway, Frances Union Project and Edmonds Area Quick Build Infrastructure Implementation) and provided recommendations and feedback to the City via detailed reports
  • Wrote a number of letters to City of Burnaby including Lakefield Drive, bike storage lockers, Douglas Rd closures and Winston Street Central Valley Greenway.
  • Hosted a booth on Hat's Off Day which engaged 100's of people to raise profile of biking and HUB in Burnaby
  • Provided feedback to the City on the Frances-Union bikeway 
  • Distributed latest edition of City of Burnaby cycling map
  • Held several meetings with City Transportation Staff including on the Frances Union Project and cultivated working relationship where HUB is brought into the consultation process on active transportation related issues



Co-chairs: Blake Standard
E-mail: burnaby@bikehub.ca
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Meetings are currently being held virtually. 

Monthly on 2nd Tuesday, 7:00-8:30 pm  
Location: Online via Google Meet.

Email burnaby@bikehub.ca to join the next meeting


Get Involved!

We are always looking for more people to join the committee, add their voices to the conversation, and help make cycling better in Burnaby. Join the next meeting and get involved!

The committee is looking to fill the following positions:

  • Assessment Ride Leader
  • Events Coordinator
  • Community Liaison

Please see the Committee Roles and Responsibilities document to see descriptions of roles. Send an email to burnaby@bikehub.ca if you would like to help and take one of these roles!

Join our mailing list on groups.io to get updates, meeting announcements, and meeting links. Everyone is welcome, no experience in advocacy or active transportation is required!

You can also join the committee's Discord server and join in on the conversation!

2023 Action Plan

Objective One - Continue gap work

Action(s) to support:

  • Assessment ride - contact city councilor/Transportation
  • Working on the map
  • Meeting with the city
  • Double the amount of letters from 2022
  • Continue to strengthen the relationship with the City
  • Green Paint recommendations
  • Removal of sharrows
  • (Aligning with recommendations from HUB Research Group to Bolster female ridership)


  • Improve safety of current riders
  • Increase ridership by making more welcoming bikeways
  • Enriches relationship with the city and improves vision for what good looks like for bikeways
  • Increases awareness of where improvements can be made on existing bikeways

Lead person or co-leads: Blake and Josh

How will you know you've achieved this objective:

  • Meet with the city
  • Conduct Assessment ride
  • See more green paint in intersections
  • Send out 8 letters
Objective Two - Attend Hats Off Day plus another event

Action(s) to support: By attending Hats Off Day along with one other event


  • Can help build awareness around LC and HUB
  • Community engagement and feedback
  • Help strengthen committee attendance

Lead person or co-leads: Blake and Josh

How will you know you've achieved this objective: We have attended two events

Objective Three - Strengthen committee attendance

Action(s) to support:

  • Promoting LC through events
  • Other possible promotion avenues: social media, flyers, reaching out to local bike shops and at other bikeish interests
  • Making Discord server more publicly reachable

Benefits: Having a larger committee means more hands and more experiences that will help strengthen our work and goals.

Lead person or co-leads: Blake and Josh

How will you know you've achieved this objective: Raising regular committee attendance to 8-10

Past Successes

  • Bidirectional separated bike lane on Sstill Creek Ave from Douglas Rd. to Burnaby Eco Centre (2022)
  • The Gilmore Overpass MUP Still Creek Ave to Canada Way (2021)
  • 3.5 m wide multi-use path on Gilmore Diversion, Still Creek Ave to Canada Way (2019)
  • New 3.5 metre wide pedestrian/cyclist multi-use path on the east side of Willingdon Avenue Overpass (crossing Hwy 1), and a new 1.5 metre wide on-road cycling lane along the west side (2014)
  • New 4 metre multi-use path on the west side of Kensington Avenue Overpass (crossing Hwy 1) and a 1.5m cycle lane on the east side (2014)
  • Plan to widen sidewalks and improve cycling access to Ironworkers Memorial Bridge (2013)
  • Participating in Movement for Health Day by planning a family bike ride at Burnaby Lake (2013)
  • HUB Burnaby committee honoured with an Environmental Award From the City of Burnaby (2012)
  • Assisted with the design of the Victory (2005), Cariboo (2005), Sea to River (2004), and Southeast Burnaby (2003) bike routes
  • Pushed for changes to Burnaby's Official Community Plan to better reflect needs of cyclists (2002)
  • Preservation of the Lougheed Highway bike lanes after construction of the Millennium SkyTrain line (2001)

2022 Municipal Election Survey

Burnaby Survey Results

Party/Affiliation Candidate Do you think that your city's elected officials are doing enough to address transportation needs of future generations in light of the climate crisis & increases in transportation costs? Will you work to ensure that everyone in your city has equitable access to safe cycling infrastructure? Will you vote in favour of infrastructure projects that separate bicycles from cars and pedestrians in areas of high cycling potential? The budget for bike infrastructure should... Will you be a champion for active transportation on council?

Burnaby Citizens Association

Alison Gu No Yes Yes Increase Yes
Sav Dhaliwal No Yes Yes Increase Yes
Pietro Calendino No Yes Yes Increase Yes
James Wang No Yes Yes Increase Yes
Daniel Tetrault No Yes Yes Increase Yes
Antara Deb No Yes Yes Increase Yes
Reah Arora No Yes Yes Increase Yes
Maita Santiago No Yes Yes Increase Yes

Burnaby Green Party

Carrie McLaren No Yes Yes Increase Yes
Jasmine Nicholsfigueiredo No Yes Yes Increase Yes
Tara Shushtarian No Yes Yes Increase Yes

One Burnaby

Mario Miceli No Yes Yes Increase Yes
Richard N. Liu No Yes Yes Increase Yes


Martin Kendell No Yes Yes Increase Yes
Heymann Yip No Yes Yes Increase Yes
Deborah Skerry No Yes Yes Increase Yes
Scott Van Denham No Yes Yes Increase Yes
Konstantine Roccas No Yes Yes Increase Yes


View candidates' long-form answers here.


Candidates that have endorsed our Cycling Platform

Reah Arora, Bill Brassington (SB)Pietro Calendino*Peter Cech (SB), Antara Deb, Sav Dhaliwal*Alison Gu, Larry Hayes (SB), Martin Kendell, Richard Liu, Carrie McLaren, Jen Mezei (SB), Jasmine Nicholsfigueiredo, Maita Santiago, Mikelle Sasakamoose (SB), Kristin Schnider (SB), Tara Shushtarian, Deborah Skerry*, Daniel Tetrault, Scott Van Denham, James Wang*Gary Wong (SB), Heymann Yip*


Incumbents underlined
*endorsement with reservations
(SB) - School Board Candidate

View reservations here



Cycling Maps

City of Burnaby and TransLink have created maps of the cycling networks in Burnaby to help all cyclists navigate safely and comfortably on their bikes. These maps are updated regularly to provide current information on cycling and show the comfort levels of each route based on how separated it is from traffic. PDF versions of the maps for Burnaby are available at the links below.  Cycling maps for other Metro Vancouver municipalities are available at bikehub.ca/maps.


Cycling 'Hot Spots' in Burnaby 

As part of HUB's State of Cycling project, BikeMaps.org produced a series of maps highlighting conflict areas for cyclists across Metro Vancouver.

See the map for 'hot spots' in Burnaby. Please note that these maps show conflicts, but don't account for ridership levels. You can log conflicts/crashes and near misses on BikeMaps.org.

Help improve cycling infrastructure and close 'gaps' by getting involved with HUB's work in your area.

Special thanks to BikeMaps.org for all their help and assistance in producing these maps.