Helpful information about cycling in Metro Vancouver

Did you know that cycling is the fastest-growing method of travel in Vancouver? We've categorized our resources for the many types if cycling and bike topics that may interest you. Have an ideas for a link? Let us know.

  • Buying or renting a bike
  • Bike fit
  • Cycling skills education
  • Cycling handbook.
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  • Groups to cycle with
  • Cycling with kids
  • What to wear, how to carry things
  • Donating used bikes
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  • Bike routes and maps
  • Regional links and connections
  • Report route problems 
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  • Contact info for mayors & elected officials
  • Cycling & sustainable transportation groups
  • Media contacts
  • Marketing to Cyclists Guide for businesses 
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  • Post-collision instructions
  • Reporting procedures
  • Legal support 
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