Helpful information about cycling in Metro Vancouver

Did you know that cycling is the fastest-growing method of travel in Vancouver? We've categorized our resources for the many types if cycling and bike topics that may interest you. Have an ideas for a link? Let us know.

  • Buying or renting a bike
  • Bike fit
  • Cycling skills education
  • Cycling handbook.
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  • Groups to cycle with
  • Cycling with kids
  • What to wear, how to carry things
  • Donating used bikes
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  • Bike routes and maps
  • Regional links and connections
  • Report route problems 
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  • Contact info for mayors & elected officials
  • Media contacts
  • Marketing to Cyclists Guide for businesses
  • Bike facility design
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  • Post-collision instructions
  • Reporting procedures
  • Legal support 
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Have a used bike to donate? Want a space to do your own repairs? Check out the following community cycling resources:

Kickstand Bikes is a cycling resource centre promoting bike advocacy though education, mechanics and creativity - 1739 Venables Street at Commercial Drive.


Our Community Bikes is one of the original community bike shop projects in North America, where you can learn about bicycle mechanics, source new and used parts, and buy refurbished bikes - 2429 Main Street at Broadway.