Surrey / White Rock

Ride your bike in Surrey or White Rock? Interested in local cycling advocacy, education, or events? Attend the next Surrey/White Rock Local Committee meeting to see what's happening. All are welcome - no experience required!

The City of Surrey is always planning new projects for new bike lanes and multi-use pathways as part of its Cycling Plan. Click here to download a PDF version of the City of Surrey's Cycling Plan.

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HUB Cycling views the diversity of our members and communities as assets and strive to create and sustain a diverse and culturally competent organization that reflects the populations we serve. This is central to our mission, “to get more people cycling more often” and to our ongoing efforts to remove barriers to cycling.


Co-chair: Tim Yzerman & John Burgess
Facebook Page: HUB Surrey White Rock
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Meetings are currently held virtually due to Covid-19

Monthly, on the third Thursday of the month, from 7:30 - 9:00 pm (No meetings in July and August)

Location: Online, via Google Meet. Join the mailing list on to receive meeting announcements and links to the next meeting.


Get Involved!

The committee is looking to fill the following positions:

  • Co-Chair
  • Secretary/Minute-taker
  • Community Liaison
  • Council Tracker

Please see the Committee Roles and Responsibilities document to see descriptions of roles. Send an email to if you would like to help and take one of these roles, or if you would like to help out in another capacity!

Join our mailing list on to get updates, meeting announcements, and meeting links. Everyone is welcome, no experience in advocacy or active transportation is required!

2023 Action Plan

Objective One - Host 2 family bike rides
  • Action(s) to support: Organize event, host ride
  • Benefits: To get more people riding bikes, enjoyment, bring awareness of places to ride.
  • Lead person or co-leads: Alaina and Bruce
  • How will you know you've achieved this objective: We did the rides
Objective Two - Vision Zero grant application
  • Action(s) to support: Apply for Vision Zero funding
  • Benefits: Improved safety and encouraging active transportation 
  • Lead person or co-leads: John 
  • How will you know you've achieved this objective: Submitted an application
Objective Three - Present to City Councils, build relationship, participate with transportation committee 
  • Action(s) to support? Present at city council, meet individually
  • Benefits: Build a relationship, voice support for safe and comfortable cycling infrastructure and education, build safe & comfortable infrastructure
  • Lead person or co-leads: Bruce, Tim & John 
  • How will you know you've achieved this objective: Presented, met with people, councilors advocate, increased funding (infrastructure and education) and direct staff

Current Projects

  • Cycling facilities along the Surrey-Langley Skytrain corridor
  • Providing an all-ages, all-abilities connection between King George Skytrain with Green Timbers and Wild Flower Greenway and Surrey Memorial Hospital
  • Promoting Active transportation in Central City
  • Completing the BC Parkway between Scott Road Skytrain Station and Patullo Bridge
  • Converting 2 lanes on University Drive for cycling
  • Reviewing shared lane facilities in other parts of the region to add bike lanes
  • Connecting Coverdale to Langley with a new route bypassing the hill and the major gap on Highway 10 between 176 Street and 192 St
  • Adding a new route connecting the Newton Greenway and North Delta at Strawberry Hill
  • Adding Local Street Routes in Surrey 
  • Supporting the Community Plan for City Centre which adds many separate bike lanes and new greenways 
  • Identifying top Gap priorities for UnGaptheMap
  • Addition of new shared bike routes and improved signage in White Rock 
  • Pattullo Bridge Replacement Project Consultation 
  • Adding cycling routes to White Rock tourist maps 
  • Secure Bike Parking at Surrey Centre

HUB occasionally hosts assessment rides of the local bicycle network and provides input to city staff in Surrey and White Rock.

Please forward any Surrey or White Rock bike issues or concerns to the Surrey / White Rock HUB Committee so that we might include these in our efforts for better cycling in the region.


  • King George Blvd Repaving (buffered) (2022)
  • Surrey City Centre Quick-Build Lanes (2022)
  • Multi-use paths on 32nd Ave from 152 St to 164 St (2022)
  • The new painted bike lanes along 74 Ave from King George Blvd to 138 St (2021)
  • The new painted bike lanes along 132 St from 64 Ave to 68 Ave (2021)
  • The widened painted bike lanes on 138 St from 74 Ave to 76 Ave (2021)
  • The partially complete protected cycling lanes along Fraser Hwy between 96 Ave and 148 St (2021)
  • ​Construction of 16 Ave overpass over Highway 99 (2016)
  • 105 A Ave separated bike lanes in the City Centre (2016)
  • 20 Avenue bike lanes (2015)
  • New Greenways in Fraser Heights 
  • Addition of Bike Lanes with most scheduled repaving projects throughout Surrey 
  • Surrey Lake Greenway (140St to 144St) (2015)
  • 24/7 cycling over the Patullo Bridge during the Rehabilitation project (2016)
  • Secure Bike Parkade at King George Station (2015)
  • Opening of the Bon Accord bike bridge and bike route from city centre to the Port Mann Bridge
  • Provided input to City of Surrey's cycling plan and greenways master plan, adopted by the city in 2012.
  • Opening of the Pioneer Overpass (2011)
  • Completion of Surrey's first neighbourhood bike boulevard route in South Surrey (2011)
  • Grand opening of a pedestrian/cycling overpass over Hwy 1 and a paved pedestrian/cycle paths in Tynehead Park (2011)
  • Particapated in collecting input for a City of Surrey transportation survey (2009).
  • New construction and parking for Serpentine Fen, resolving lack of bike route sencil on King George Highway near Serpentine River.
  • Bike lanes completed on Crescent Rd. 136 St. to 128 St. & 128 St. from Crescent Rd. to 17 Ave. (Ocean Park Shopping Centre) (2005)
  • Shoulders paved on King George Highway, Colebrook Rd. to 8 Ave. (2004–05)
  • Bike lanes on south side of 16 Ave., 148 St. to 152 St. (2005)
  • Destination bike route signage, Guildford—Central City (2005)
  • Destination bike route signage—King George Hwy (2005)
  • Improved design and placement priorities of bike route signage and design of bike lanes at right turn lanes (2004)
  • Bike shuttle across the Patullo Bridge during structure upgrades (2004)
  • Patullo Bridge sidewalk off ramp improvements (2003)

2022 Municipal Elections Surveys

Surrey Survey Results

Party/Affiliation Candidate Do you support funding a partnership with major destinations such as malls and schools to build secure cycling parking spaces such as on demand bike lockers? Do you support changing the default design of collector and arterial roads to include protected cycling facilities? Do you support removing vehicle capacity (lane removal aka road diet) to provide space for cycling? Do you support a bike share or e-bike share program in Surrey? Do you support road changes to slow traffic on collector roads such as adding raised crosswalks, speed tables, chicanes, roundabouts, narrowing etc. to support Vision Zero? Do you support opening access on Surrey's network of dykes to provide more opportunities for recreational cycling?
People's Council Surrey Amrit Birring (Mayor) Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Surrey Connect Brenda Locke (Mayor) Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Surrey Forward Jinny Sims (Mayor) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Surrey First

Gordie Hogg (Mayor) Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Kulwinder Saini Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Safe Surrey Coalition Doug Elford Yes No No Yes Yes No


Manjeet Singh Sahota Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Narima Dela Cruz Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes


View candidates' long-form answers here.


Candidates that have endorsed our Cycling Platform

Narima Dela Cruz*, Manjeet Singh Sahota

*endorsement with reservations.

View reservations here



White Rock Survey Results

Candidate Do you think that your city's elected officials are doing enough to address transportation needs of future generations in light of the climate crisis & increases in transportation costs? Will you work to ensure that everyone in your city has equitable access to safe cycling infrastructure? Will you vote in favour of infrastructure projects that separate bicycles from cars and pedestrians in areas of high cycling potential? The budget for bike infrastructure should... Will you be a champion for active transportation on council?
Stephen Crozier No Yes Yes Increase Yes
Elaine Cheung Yes Yes No Stay the same Yes
Grant Meyer No Yes Yes Increase Yes
Michele Partridge No Yes Yes Increase No
Bill Lawrence No Yes Yes Stay the same No


View candidates' long-form answers here.


Candidates that have endorsed our Cycling Platform

Stephen Crozier*

*with reservations

View reservations here



Cycling in Surrey Promo Video




Cycling Maps

The City of Surrey and TransLink have created maps of the cycling networks in Surrey and White Rock to help all cyclists navigate safely and comfortably on their bikes. These maps are updated regularly to provide current information on cycling and show the comfort levels of each route based on how separated it is from traffic. PDF versions of the maps for Surrey and White Rock are available at the links below. Cycling maps for other Metro Vancouver municipalities are available at


Cycling 'Hot Spots' in Surrey & White Rock

As part of HUB's State of Cycling project, produced a series of maps highlighting conflict areas for cyclists across Metro Vancouver. See the map for 'hot spots' in Surrey & White Rock. Please note that these maps show conflicts, but don't account for ridership levels. You can log conflicts/crashes and near misses on Help improve cycling infrastructure and close 'gaps' by getting involved with HUB's work in your area. See details above for the Surrey/White Rock Local Committee. Special thanks to for all their help and assistance producing these maps.