Bike Events

Read our COVID-19 Protocols for In-Person Engagement to learn what HUB Cycling is doing, and what you can do, to stay safe while participating in our programs.

For the last decade, HUB Cycling has steadily expanded its event programs, encouraging and promoting bike-friendly fun for all ages and abilities across Metro Vancouver. Our events include:


Bike Awards (February 22, 2021)

  • The HUB Bike Awards is an annual celebration of people and organizations that are doing amazing things to make biking better. This is a HUB VIP event. 
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Bike to Work Week (May 31 - June  4, 2021)

  • People cycling logged their daily bike trips for a chance to win amazing prizes and to help support cycling in Metro Vancouver. Celebrate commuting by bike each spring and fall at Celebration Stations around the region.


Bike to School Week (May 31 - June  4, 2021)

  • A record 124 schools signed up for Bike to School Week in spring 2019, logging over 20,000 bike trips. Registration for the September 2020 event is now open! Learn more


Bike to Shop Days (August 2021) 

  • Make a commitment to bike and shop local this August! This year’s event aims to encourage communities to support local businesses and showcase how beneficial cycling can be to the local economy.


Bike The Night (paused for 2021) 

  • HUB Cycling's annual Bike The Night is taking a break this year. We look forward to organizing a similar event when the situation is less uncertain!



We would love your organization or business to get involved in our events. We have a range of opportunities for you.

See all the ways in our Events: Get Involved information.

Please note that this document was originally published in early March 2020, and hasn’t been updated yet to reflect how COVID-19 has impacted our events programming for 2020



HUB members get VIP invites and discounts to events throughout the year including the Bike Awards, and our annual Holiday Party!

For 2020, HUB Cycling is partnering with Vancouver Biennale to offer HUB Cycling members a discount to BIKEnnale/WALKennale.

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Interested in marketing opportunities through event sponsorship?

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