Bike to School Week

Bike to School Week is a free, fun, week-long celebration for students of all ages and abilities! The event is a great way to enhance green initiatives already happening at your school, build community, and highlight the benefits of active transportation - like less congestion and healthy, energized students! Normally, our Bike to School Week event takes place in the Spring but with the health of our community in mind, the event was postponed to the fall this year after the BC Government’s suspension of in-class learning for K-12. 


This year, Bike to School Week will take place the week of September 28-October 2, 2020. Several other HUB Events are being revamped for this fall as well.

HUB Cycling coordinates the event for elementary and middle schools across Metro Vancouver. Secondary schools are also encouraged to participate in our Bike to Work Week as an entire school or as individual riders. Secondary students and staff can log their trips to school and work, track their results, and are eligible to win awards and prizes. 

Schools in communities outside of the Metro Vancouver area can visit Go By Bike BC's website to take part.

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Registration for Spring BTSW has been temporarily suspended, and will re-launch in the months leading up to our new event time proposed for September 2020. 

How it Works:

First time organizing Bike to School Week at your school? Need additional inspiration? Check out our First Time Schools’ Guide for curriculum links, activity ideas, strategies for inclusion, and to hear about successes from past participating schools! Please note that this guide will be revised by August 1, 2020 to include more physical distancing friendly activities.


1. Gather Support and Promote

It’s never too early to start planning. Find out who your supporters are: talk to students, parents, PAC members and school staff. If your school has a green team, bike club, leadership group, sustainability or health and wellness committee, get them involved too.

Add BTSW to your school calendar, and include information in school newsletters, facebook pages, and morning announcements to create a buzz. 


2. Plan Events

Every school community is different and celebrates BTSW in their own way. You can make the event as small or big as you like, the important thing is to encourage and celebrate cycling! Many schools also choose to encourage other forms of active travel during Bike to School Week like walking, scootering, skateboarding, or using a mobility aid. 

Some event ideas to get you started are:

  • Bikers’ breakfast
  • Bike decorating and/or parade
  • Safety talk or lessons in the classroom (i.e. Bike rodeo, or other cycling skills or safety activity on the school grounds)
  • Group ride
  • Bike tune-ups (with local volunteers or bike shop)
  • Biking or walking school bus

*Please note that some of these event ideas may need to be altered or may not be feasible in 2020 in order to comply with physical distancing guidelines and other recommendations put forth by B.C.'s Provincial Health Officers.


3. Track Your Trips

Once BTSW rolls around - set up your tracking poster with an eye-catching display at the front entrance of the school. Decide how you will hand out stickers. Many schools assign volunteers to hand out stickers to students as they arrive at school.

Track trips using our ‘First Trip’ stickers and ‘Wheel’ stickers. Each student’s first trip of the week is tracked using the ‘First Trip’ sticker. Subsequent trips to and from school are tracked using the ‘Wheel’ sticker. If you choose to track active transportation please use a third sticker of your choosing.

Some schools also choose to track other forms of active transportation like walking, scootering, or skateboarding - we think that’s awesome!

Share your celebrations on social media during the event using #BiketoSchool! Tag us in the fun and follow along - Facebook @WeAreHub, Twitter @WeAreHUB, Instagram @hubcycling


4. Report Back

We want to hear about your week! Reporting helps us demonstrate the impact of BTSW to funders to receive continued support for future events. Please fill out our "Reporting Survey" below after the event. Prizes are awarded to top-ranking schools as well as to schools reporting back through random prize draws. 

Getting Your Event Package

In order to comply with physical distancing measures and to reduce gathering in groups, all event packages will be mailed to the school office or school champion's place of residence this year. You will be asked to specify your preferred mailing address on the registration form. There will be no package pick-up night this year. Since HUB's staff are working 100% remotely, packages can not be picked up from HUB's office.

Your school must register by September 13, 2020 in order to receive a package. Schools who register after September 13th will not get a package mailed to them but can still download the tracking poster, promotional poster, and other promotional materials from our website and print on their own.


What’s in my package?

  • Tracking poster - see an example of a completed tracking poster here

  • Wheel and “First trip” stickers

  • Promotional posters to put up around your school

  • Incentives to give away to students including tattoos! 

Reporting Survey

Look for our reporting survey here closer to the date of our Fall BTSW 2020!

Prizing 2020

All schools that report their results are eligible to win exciting prizes! Prizes are awarded by draw, and to top-ranking schools based on the number of participants and number of trips per capita. 

2020 Grand Prize information coming soon! Grand prize winners are selected based on their participant and trip numbers relative to their school population.


Thank you to our generous sponsors!