Bike to School Week 2017: May 29 - June 2

Bike to School Week is a free, fun, week-long celebration for kids of all ages and abilities. It's a great way to build on your school's participation in our Bike to School courses, and helps reinforce kids' natural interest in cycling.

HUB provides the support and resources for school staff, teachers, and parents to get their schools riding and uses celebration, events, and prizes to help motivate students to give biking a try. Registered schools receive a package including prizes, tips and resources, stickers, and a large interactive poster that students use to track participation throughout the week.

Bike to School Week coincides with Spring Bike to Work Week, May 29 - June 2, 2017. HUB coordinates the event in Metro Vancouver only. Check out Bike to Work BC for information about participating in other regions. 

Contact us to get on the Bike to School mailing list to stay up to date about this event, and ways to get your school riding.

Stay tuned for 2017 event details.


Registration for 2017 Bike to School Week has not opened. Check back early April, or contact us to get on the Bike to School mailing list to stay up to date about this event.

Get Kids Biking!

One of the most important aspects of Bike to School Week may seem like school registration and trip logging, but it's actually getting kids on bikes!

We want to help you promote your school's participation in Bike to School Week to teachers, kids and parents, and share the motivation and excitement that comes with this fun event. Check out our Resources page for helpful downloads and tips about supporting Bike to School Week.

After you register your school, you'll also receive a package that includes this year's tracking poster and bike-wheel stickers that can be used to record each trip.

See photos and read some inspiring 2015 Stories here.

Track Riders

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to run the event, and to keep track of the number of trips taken during the week!

Our new Bike to School Week poster is already filled with wheels - register each yeat to get a large blank poster sent to your school. 

The poster this year has been designed to allow for more space for tracking participation, and each school will receive 300 small stickers.

  • Create a display in the main entrance of your school.
  • Use the stickers we send you when you register to record each round-trip bike ride: one day – one rider – one sticker.
  • At the end of the week let us know how you did – count the stickers or simply email us a photo!

Note: Schools are welcome to track all forms of active transportation to keep participation in this event inclusive, however we are asking that you use the Bike Wheel stickers included to track biking only, and any other sticker you want to track all other forms of active transportation (AT).

    Send the totals from your tracking poster to by counting up the total stickers, or simply send us a photo of your complete poster, NO LATER than June 10th to be eligible for this year's prizes.

    Bike to School Week Tips & Resources

    Join the Bike to School Week newsletter (you are also added when you register) for regular biking updates, and more tips and tricks about getting making your Bike to School Week a success:

    • Challenge other schools in your area to join you. They need to sign up too, so send them an email about what you are doing, why, and make it interesting.
    • Create a large display in the front entrance of your school once you receive the interactive Bike to School Week poster.
    • Talk "Bike to School Week" up at assemblies, on the P.A., at staff meetings, to your friends and in your classes.
    • Get a leadership group, PAC parents or anyone else to organize a celebration at your school. Get some food or prizes donated by local businesses. Celebrate the cyclists who come in that day! Contact for help with planning a celebration or workshop at your school.
    • Arrange for bike parking at your school for the week. Do you have bike racks, a secure room off the gym or an enclosed courtyard? If you don't have bike racks, ask your principal to request one or the PAC if they would consider financing one. When you log your trips with Bike to School Week you could win a free rack from Urban Racks! In the mean time, schools have used fences, locked courtyards, or unused space inside the school.
    • Organize a route planning session for new riders. Have everyone map their route to school using HASTE's Online Route Planning Tool. The tool is a great learning opportunity, and they'll know the distance from home to school for Bike to School Week.
    • Enquire about hosting a cycling skills workshop for school participants.
    • Organize a Bike Train for the week where there are pre-determined meeting points, and parents, teachers, or volunteers lead rides that encourage participants to ride together.
    • Read our blog to learn from other Bike to School Champions - this month's champion: Jackie Hicks

    Here are some additional Bike to School Week resources that you can download:

    Children adds a whole new dimension to cycling. If you've got kids and would like to introduce them early to the joys of cycling, check out the following educational resources:

    2016 Prizes & Winners

    Congratulations to all who participated! The 2016 Prize winners are:

    Top schools - winner of a NEW GIANT bike!
    • Lynn Valley Elementary school 
    • Garibaldi Annex
    • Maple Creek Middle school
    Other big winners:
    • Team Leader prize for best story goes to Henry Hudson - a weekend stay for the family at Accent Inns
    • Best first time participating school - David Lloyd George - A new bike rack from Urban Racks
    • Bonus prize for most growth over last year - Champain Heights - White Spot gift certificates
    • Social Media a parent at Canyon Heights #btswbc - Old Spaghetti Factory gift certificates
    And these schools won our prize packs from Norco
    • Pierre Elliot Trudeau elementary
    • West Langley elementary
    • AHP Matthew elementary
    • James McKinney elementary
    • Albion elementary

    Thank you to your prize sponsors:




    Contact us to sponsor Bike to School Week. 


    • Who can be a Bike to School Team Leader?

    A Team Leader is someone in the school who is willing to take a leading role in raising awareness about Bike to School Week and motivating team members to participate before and during the event week.

    Team leaders are often a teacher, a principal or vice-principal, or other staff able to track and log daily trips for all participating students.

    Parents can also be Team Leaders at the school’s discretion, and at the secondary school level, students will often be Team Leaders (and are eligible and encouraged to use our Bike to Work Week system).

    • What are the responsibilities of a Team Leader?

    A few simple things, such as registering your school, using HUB Bike to School resources to get your school riding before Bike to School Week, talking to other classes in your school about Bike to School, tracking the number of riders commuting to school during Bike to School Week, and then submitting that information to us.

    • What kind of support can HUB provide Team Leaders?

    HUB Bike to School Week staff and volunteers will actively support Team Leaders with tracking forms, background information for internal school awareness, marketing tools such as posters and giveaways, advice and tips on a by request basis, and other fun and helpful resources to share with your team. Go to Resources to get a sneak peak!

    • I registered my school last year. Do I need to do so again?

    Yes please! While we have your name in our system so that we can let you know about this year's program, we ask that all schools register each year that they are planning to participate so that we know who would like a Bike to School Week package this year. 

    • How can I make Bike to School Week a success for my school?

    All you need to do is get the word out in your school, and have fun! Our Bike to School Newsletter sends out regular tips and shares success stories from other schools. Contact us to join the list.

    • Do I have to participate during the week that HUB has set?

    Some schools chose, because of various other school commitments, to run their Bike to School Week celebrations during another week.  This is fine and HUB will support you no matter when you chose to get your school riding!  However to be eligible for prizes, you must submit your daily trip counts by June 5th.