Bike to School Week

Thank you for your interest in Bike to School Week (June 3-7)! It is a free annual celebration that encourages students of all ages to bike, roll, or walk to school.

We reached our goal of getting 160 schools to participate in Bike to School Week this Spring! There's still time to register your school and pick up a FREE package at HUB Cycling's office!

How to take part:

  1. Register online
  2. Put promotional poster(s) up in your school
  3. Spread the word about Bike to School Week through school newsletters, social media & PAC announcements
  4. During event week: Set up your tracking poster at the school's front entrance and arrange daily sticker distribution to students 
  5. Report numbers with an easy online form.

When you register, you receive a poster and stickers to track each student's trip by bike and fun giveaways like temporary tattoos. Tracking trips makes your school eligible for prizes and awards like juice packs from Gnubees, tickets to Science World, gift packs from Active for Life, and many more!

You can register for the event at any time, and printable PDF posters are available at any time


What's new this Spring? - Wednesday Winners Competition

The Wednesday Winners Competition is a new addition to Bike to School Week. At noon on Wednesday, June 5, School Champions will submit their schools’ mid-week statistics using this reporting form. HUB Cycling will use this information to generate a leaderboard of all participating schools and results will be sent out on the following day's morning.

High-participation schools will receive special shout-outs in HUB Cycling's Bike to School Week newsletters and get a chance to be nominated for HUB's Annual Bike Awards!

Participation in the Wednesday Winners Competition is optional but is highly encouraged!

Questions? Contact An at!



Click this button to register for Bike to School Week.



Registration is open for Bike to School Week 2024. 

Bike to School Week will take place June 3-7, 2024

If you would like to organize, Bike to School in your school outside of the event dates, please email for resources. You can also download our PDF posters to print at school. 

Secondary schools were encouraged to participate by registering for Go by Bike Week. The Go by Bike Week tracking tool provides a digital, interactive tracking experience more suited to high school students rather than the tracking poster and stickers, which is more suited to elementary schools.

How it Works

What’s in my package?

  • One Large 35"x23" Tracking poster

  • Approximately 100 Bike Trips Wheels, 100 Active Trips Wheels, and 100 “First trip” stickers (Unless otherwise specified on the registration form)

  • Three 11"x17" Promotional posters to put up around your school

  • Additional incentives to give away to students - including temporary tattoos! 

You can register for the event anytime, but we can't guarantee delivery after May 20. If you register after May 20, you can come to HUB's office at 312 Main Street, Vancouver, to pick up your Bike to School Week package or download our online posters to print at school. 


1. Gather Support and Promote

Start planning early and find supporters such as students, parents, PAC members, school staff, green teams, bike clubs, leadership groups, and sustainability or health and wellness committees.

Add the event to your school calendar and create a buzz by including information in school newsletters, Facebook pages, and morning announcements. You can use our media kit for example, images and text.


2. Plan Events

Every school community is unique and celebrates Bike to School Week in its own way. You can make the event as small or big as you like. Encourage and celebrate cycling, and also consider encouraging other forms of active travel such as walking, scootering, skateboarding, or using a mobility aid.

Extra event ideas include: 

  • Bikers’ breakfast
  • Bike decorating and/or parade
  • Safety talk or lessons in the classroom (i.e. Bike rodeo, or other cycling skills or safety activity on the school grounds)
  • Bike tune-ups (with local volunteers or bike shop)
  • Biking or walking school bus

Check out our Bike to School Week Guide for more information & resources

*Please follow the latest advice from B.C.'s Provincial Health Officer when planning any Bike to School Week events.

*Unfortunately, HUB Cycling cannot provide instructors, equipment or Bikes for your events. 


3. During Bike to School Week

Once #Bike2School week rolls around, you will receive a tracking poster and stickers to log students' trips.

  1. Set up your tracking poster with an eye-catching display at the school's front entrance.
  2. Decide how you will hand out stickers. Many schools assign volunteers to hand out stickers to students as they arrive at school.
  3. Track trips using our ‘First Trip’ stickers and ‘Wheel’ stickers. Each student's first trip of the week is tracked using the 'First Trip' sticker, while subsequent trips are tracked using the 'Wheel' sticker.
  4. Some schools also choose to track other forms of active transportation, in which case they should use a third sticker of their choosing. 
  5. High schools are encouraged to register for Go By Bike Week so they can use our interactive online tracking tool.
  6. Share your celebrations on social media during the event using #Bike2School! Tag us in the fun and follow along - Facebook @WeAreHub, Twitter @WeAreHUB, Instagram @hubcycling


4. Report Back

  • Reporting helps us demonstrate the impact to our sponsors and receive continued support for future events. Prizes are awarded to school champions who report back through random prize draws.
  • The event reporting form will be available once the event is underway.


Bike to School Week Guide

First time organizing Bike to School Week at your school? Need additional inspiration? Check out our Bike to School Week Guide for curriculum links, activity ideas, and strategies for inclusion. The guide also contains information on the positive physical and mental health benefits of cycling to school, which can be used to help gather support for the event. You can also find example newsletter content to help promote the event, and lesson plans to use during Bike to School Week!

A sneak peek at some of the resources in the Guide: 

​Bike to School Courses

We encourage Metro Vancouver's youth to get out and ride annually through fully funded courses delivered in schools and our provincial-funded Everyone Rides Grade 4-5 programs.

Click here to learn more about bringing Bike to School courses to your school!  

Bike to School Week Media Kit

Spread the word about Bike to School using our Media Kit and Promotional Poster

Bike to School Week Posters

Download and Print: Tracking Poster

Download and Print: Promo Poster


A group of elementary aged students stand with their bikes.                

Schools in communities outside of the Metro Vancouver area can visit Go By Bike BC's website to take part.


2024 Bike to School Week Registered Schools

Put your school on the map! Check out all the Metro Vancouver schools that registered for Bike to School Week in previous years!



Thank you to our generous sponsors!


Thank you to our generous supportes!