Bike to School Week 2017: May 29 - June 2

That's a wrap on Bike to School Week 2017! Thanks to the 108 schools that took part and all the students, parents and teachers that rode during the week. A special congrats to this year's top schools:

  • Lord Roberts Annex
  • Crescent Park
  • Ross Road Elementary
  • Hillcrest Middle School
  • J.N. Burnett Secondary School
  • Lord Roberts Annex

Check out all 2017 winners in the Prizes tab below. See all the schools that participated in 2017! 

See you next year May 28 - June 1 for Bike to School Week 2018! HUB coordinates the event in Metro Vancouver only. Check out Bike to Work BC for information about participating in other regions. 

Why Participate?

Join schools across Metro Vancouver to celebrate biking to school Bike to School Week benefits students, families and your school community.

  • Provides leadership opportunities for older students
  • Encourages independence and responsible decision making
  • Celebrates students arriving to school by bike
  • Connects students with their peers
  • Builds school community by getting parents, students and teachers working together
  • Enhances green initiatives and builds on curriculum
  • Makes schools a safer place - when more kids bike and walk to school, traffic is reduced in your neighbourhood
  • Carries on the momentum of a HUB Cycling course
  • Encourages you to build time into your morning commute for meaningful connection with your family
  • Enables your child to arrive energized and ready to learn
  • Promotes active transportation as a lifelong habit

How to Participate

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to run the event, and to keep track of the number of students and trips taken during the week!

Your Bike to School Week Package

When you register for the event, you'll be given two package options:

  • Basic package (mailed to school) - Includes a Bike to School Week poster, tracking stickers and tips & resources sheet to help plan your event
  • Enhanced package (picked up at HUB Cycling office in Vancouver) - Includes everything in a basic package plus additional goodies and giveaways to help make your event a success!

    *All registered Vancouver School Board schools will be delivered an enhanced package through courrier thanks to VSB! 

Tracking Riders

Tracking riders is simple and fun with our large interactive poster. Students fill the poster with stickers for every day they ride to school. Our 2017 Bike to School Week poster is coming soon! 

NEW this year, your school will receive two types of stickers:

  • "First trip" stickers - students use this sticker for their first round-trip bike trip of the week. Count these stickers at the end of the week to get the total number of riders at your school.
  • Wheel stickers - used to track any additional round-trips students make throughout the week. Count ALL stickers at the end of the week to track total number of trips at your school.
  • As always: one day - one rider - one sticker
Reporting Back to win Prizes!

At the end of the week let us know how you did! Send the totals to, or simply send us a photo of your complete poster, NO LATER than June 9th to be eligible for this year's prizes.

Note: Schools are welcome to track all forms of active transportation to keep participation in this event inclusive, however we are asking that you use the First trip & Bike Wheel stickers included to track biking only, and any other sticker you want to track all other forms of active transportation (AT).

Tips & Resources

One of the most important aspects of Bike to School Week may seem like school registration and trip logging, but it's actually getting kids on bikes! Everything you need, from bike safety curriculum, family cycling tips, to inspiring stories from other schools are below; check out our helpful downloads and tips to make your Bike to School Week a success:

Bike Safety Basics
​Event Ideas & Inspiration
  • Create an exciting display in the front entrance of your school for your Bike to School Week tracking poster.
  • Get bike champions at your school together. Plan a meeting with leadership students, PAC parents, and staff to brainstorm!
  • Arrange for bike parking at your school for the week, or run a bike valet! In the past schools have used a secure room, enclosed courtyard, or the gym.
  • Organize a route planning session for new riders using HASTE's Online Route Planning Tool. The tool is a great learning opportunity, and they'll know the distance from home to school for Bike to School Week.
  • Host a bike parade!
  • Book a day to get your bikes in working order together. Invite a local bike shop to do free tune-ups, or ask parent volunteers to help!
  • Organize a bike-pool for the week where there are pre-determined meeting points, and parents, teachers, or volunteers lead rides that encourage participants to ride together.
  • Create some friendly competition: challenge another school in your area, or set up a students VS staff challenge.  
  • Check out some inspiring BTSW stories from past schools here.
Mechanics for Kids
Promotion & Social Media
  • Promo poster (Letter-sized, print-ready PDF-already filled with wheels!) 
  • Tweet templates

    Registration: We’ve registered for Bike to School Week with @WeAreHUB! Excited to work with cyclists in our school community. Want to help? Drop us a line! #btswbc

    During the Week: What do your bike racks look like this week? Here’s ours: <insert photo of bike parking> @WeAreHUB #btswbc
    Our celebration of biking to school! <insert photo> What did you do to celebrate Bike to School/Bike to Work Week this year? @WeAreHUB #btswbc #btww

    Post-Event: What a week! We had <insert # of riders>, and <insert # of trips> and a whole lot of fun! Can’t wait to keep riding this summer! @WeAreHUB #btswbc 

  • Facebook templates

    Registration: We’ve registered for @WeAreHUB Bike to School Week! We’re joining schools across Metro Vancouver to celebrate cycling and make our neigbourhood safer by reducing traffic. To join us, register here:

    During the Week: Bike to School week is off to a great start at <your school>. Students are getting excited about our <your bike to school week event here>. How is your Bike to School/Work Week going? @WeAreHUB

    Post-Event: That’s a wrap! Bike to School week 2017 is finished! We had <how many riders participated> and <how many trips logged>. Already dreaming about next year. @WeAreHUB

Family Cycling

2017 Prize Winners

Top school Prizes

Congratulations to our top participating schools - who have won bikes from Bikes for all, Sport Chek and Infinity!

  • Top Elementary school # trips: Lord Roberts Annex
  • Top Elementary school # riders: Crescent Park & Ross Road Elementary
  • Top Middle/High School # riders and # trips - Hillcrest Middle School
  • Runner up Middle School # rider and # trips - J.N. Burnett Secondary School
  • Most improved school - Ross Road Elementary
  • Best first time school - Lord Roberts Annex wins a bike rack from Urban Racks


 Congrats also to these honorable mention schools who have all won a Norco prize pack:

  • Eric Hamber Secondary
  • Renfrew Elementary
  • Garibaldi Annex
  • Ray Shepherd Elementary

Team leader prize goes to John Norquay Elementary who won 2 One Day Escape bike trips with Into the Wild and a Norco prize pack for their school!

Best overall active travel goes to Montroyal Elementary in North Vancouver who have won a bike lock and bell. 


The following lucky schools took home random prize draws and social media prizes:

  • Crosstown Elementary, Vancouver
  • John Norquay Elementary, Vancouver
  • Guildford Park Secondary, Surrey
  • Albion Elementary, Surrey
  • Maple Grove Elementary, Vancouver
  • Buckingham Elementary, Burnaby
  • Riverview Park Elementary, Coquitlam
  • Highland Park Elementary, Maple Ridge
  • Seymour Heights Elementary, North Vancouver
  • James McKinney Elementary, Richmond
  • Chimney Hill Elementary, Surrey
  • Tyee Elementary, Vancouver
  • Bowen Island Community School, West Vancouver

Thank you to our prize supporters:

Contact us to find out how you can support Bike to School Week. 


  • Who can be a Bike to School Team Leader?

A Team Leader is someone in the school who is willing to take a leading role in raising awareness about Bike to School Week and motivating team members to participate before and during the event week.

Team leaders are often a teacher, a principal or vice-principal, or other staff able to track and log daily trips for all participating students.

Parents can also be Team Leaders at the school’s discretion, and at the secondary school level, students will often be Team Leaders (and are eligible and encouraged to use our Bike to Work Week system).

  • What are the responsibilities of a Team Leader?

A few simple things, such as registering your school, using HUB Bike to School resources to get your school riding before Bike to School Week, talking to other classes in your school about Bike to School, tracking the number of riders commuting to school during Bike to School Week, and then submitting that information to us.

  • What kind of support can HUB provide Team Leaders?

HUB Bike to School Week staff and volunteers will actively support Team Leaders with tracking forms, background information for internal school awareness, marketing tools such as posters and giveaways, advice and tips on a by request basis, and other fun and helpful resources to share with your team. Go to Resources to get a sneak peak!

  • I registered my school last year. Do I need to do so again?

Yes please! While we have your name in our system so that we can let you know about this year's program, we ask that all schools register each year that they are planning to participate so that we know who would like a Bike to School Week package this year. 

  • How can I make Bike to School Week a success for my school?

All you need to do is get the word out in your school, and have fun! Our Bike to School Newsletter sends out regular tips and shares success stories from other schools. Contact us to join the list.

  • Do I have to participate during the week that HUB has set?

Some schools chose, because of various other school commitments, to run their Bike to School Week celebrations during another week.  This is fine and HUB will support you no matter when you chose to get your school riding!  However, to be eligible for prizes, you must submit your number of trips and riders by June 9th.

Thank you to our Sponsors