2024 Bike to School Week Media Kit

Bike to School Week Banner. The event takes place June 3-7, 2024. Register Now.

Thank you for helping us spread the word about Bike to School Week! With your support, we hope to showcase the vast benefits active travel has on students' mental and physical health, preparing them for a day of learning and building on green initiatives in schools. 

Below is important information about the event and sample text for newsletter and social media promotions. Please feel free to use any of the images in this folder for your promotions.


About Bike to School Week:

Event Dates: Mon, June 3 - Fri, June 7, 2024

Website: bikehub.ca/btsw

Bike to School Week is an annual celebration where we encourage students of all ages to bike, roll, or walk to school. Active travel to and from school is associated with positive environmental, social, and safety benefits for students of all ages. 

Over 144 schools participate in a typical year across Metro Vancouver, with almost 15,000 riders, 25,000 bike trips, and 34,000 other active travel trips.

HUB Cycling offers support such as resources and event ideas, prizes for participating schools, and Bike to School Week packages to make tracking rides easy! This year, the event takes place from June 3-7, 2024.

Bike to School Week also takes place across BC through ‘Go By Bike for Schools,’ and schools outside Metro Vancouver can register through Go By Bike BC

HUB Cycling’s Go by Bike Week also takes place the same week as Bike to School Week from June 3-9, 2024. 


Why Register for Bike to School Week?

  • HUB Cycling provides ready-made lesson plans, email templates, ideas for inclusivity, and resources in our Bike to School Week Guide (2024 version in progress). Schools that register are eligible to win HUB Bike Awards and prizes for the top number of trips, the top number of riders, and more. 
  • Schools who register will receive a package from HUB Cycling containing tracking posters, stickers for logging trips, and temporary tattoos for students. The tracking stickers are a hit with students year after year!
  • Bike to School Week offers the opportunity to build community, engage students in a green curriculum, and keep school culture alive. 


Why should students bike to school? 

  • Biking to school helps students meet the daily physical activity targets suggested by the World Health Organization, which have been shown to improve control over symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Biking to school creates healthy and energized students who are ready to learn.
  • More bikes means less congestion and cleaner air around schools. 


How to Register for Bike to School Week:

Parents, teachers, and school administrators can register their school for free on HUB Cycling’s website at bikehub.ca/btsw. Please include this link prominently in any Bike to School Week promotions. 


About HUB Cycling: 

HUB Cycling makes cycling better through education, action, research, consulting, and events. More people cycling means happier, healthier, more connected communities. We’re leading the way in making cycling an attractive choice for everyone!


Example Newsletter Copy: 

Promoting school registration (ideal messaging for partners, sponsors, and supporters):

Encourage students to bike, walk and roll to school during Bike to School Week from June 3-7, 2024! The event is a fun, free, week-long celebration put on by HUB Cycling to encourage active travel. 

Benefits of participating include: 

  • Students arrive energized and ready to learn
  • Reduced congestion and cleaner air around schools
  • An increased sense of school community
  • A tangible green initiative that can be connected to your school’s sustainability curriculum 
  • Chance to win HUB Bike Awards and prizes! 

Register your school now at bikehub.ca/btsw.



Promoting event participation at your school (ideal messaging for registered schools):

[SCHOOL NAME] is celebrating Bike to School Week this year from June 3-7! We’re encouraging students and families to use active transportation for their trips to school all week - walking, biking, scootering, skateboarding, and using mobility aids all help reduce congestion in our school neighborhood and help students arrive at school energized and ready to learn.

We’re also hosting [SCHOOL EVENT] on [DATE, TIME], and we hope that students can [BRING BIKES, ETC.]




HUB Cycling’s Social Media & Website Info:

Twitter: @WeAreHUB#Bike2School

Instagram: @hubcycling#Bike2School

Facebook: @WeAreHUB#Bike2School

Bike to School Week Webpage: bikehub.ca/btsw


Example Social Media Posts to Create: 

Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtags #Bike2School!



  • Taking part in Go By Bike Week? Did you know that your child can participate too? Bike to School Week is a great way to build a habit of active transportation that will last a lifetime while reducing congestion around schools. Register for #Bike2School Week now at bikehub.ca/btsw. @WeAreHub 


  • Calling all students, teachers, parents, and school administrators - Bike to School Week is back! Bike, walk, or roll to school from June 3-7 and see the benefits of biking has to energize students for a day of learning! Registration is free and open to all Metro Vancouver schools. Register your school now at bikehub.ca/btsw

  • HUB Cycling organizes Bike to School Week to get students excited about cycling - 144 Metro Vancouver schools participated in 2023. Did yours? Parents & teachers can register their schools at bikehub.ca/btsw @WeAreHub 


  • Sustainable and active transportation isn’t just for adults. Children love biking to school in Metro Vancouver, and HUB Cycling celebrates these mini cyclists with their own event - Bike to School Week takes place June 3-7! Register your local elementary school for Bike to School Week here: bikehub.ca/btsw  @WeAreHub 


  • It’s Bike to School Week in Metro Vancouver, and we’re celebrating students riding and using other forms of active travel to get to and from school. If you haven’t yet, consider biking, walking, or rolling to school with your children this week! @WeAreHub 



  • Did you know Bike to School Week is coming up from June 3-7? Kids can ride too! Sign up at bikehub.ca/btsw @hubcycling 


  • 144 schools registered for @hubcycling’s Bike to School Week last year - was your child’s school one of them? Register your child’s school today for this year's event taking place from June 3-7 at bikehub.ca/btsw #Bike2School


  • Biking to school energizes students and prepares them for a day of learning! Bike, walk, or roll to school for #Bike2School Week from June 3-7. Sign your school up for FREE today! bikehub.ca/btsw 


  • Bike to School Week reduces your school’s carbon footprint and allows students to participate in a green initiative at school #TeacherIdeas Register your school today at bikehub.ca/btsw @hubcycling #Bike2School


  • And we’re off - Bike to School Week is happening now, and students across #MetroVancouver are turning rush hour into ride hour! @hubcycling #Bike2School




  • Help foster active transportation habits by starting early. Register your child’s school for Bike to School Week this year from June 3-7 at bikehub.ca/btsw #Bike2School @WeAreHub


  • Biking, walking, or rolling energizes students and prepares them for a day of learning! Sign your school up for #Bike2School Week from June 3-7 for FREE! bikehub.ca/btsw


  • Keep your school community strong this spring with Bike to School Week! Register your school today at bikehub.ca/btsw #Bike2School @WeAreHub  


  • Did you know that @WeAreHUB organizes #Bike2School Week the same week as #GoByBike Week? Get your child’s school involved by registering at bikehub.ca/btsw @WeAreHub 


  • It’s Bike to School Week in #MetroVan – if you’re not already, consider #cycling to get your kids to school this week! #Bike2School @WeAreHub 


Example Images for Promotional Use: 


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Web Banner:

Bike to School Week Banner. June 3-7. Register Now.


Social Graphics:

Bike to School Week social graphic with children riding bikes  Bike to School Week social graphic with children on bikes lining up and facing the camera

Bike to School Week social graphic with children on riding bikes, child in the foreground is raising left arm to indicate left turn  Bike to School Week social graphic with child next to a bike using an orange bike pump

Bike to School Week social graphic with 2 children on bikes looking at the camera  Bike to School Week social graphic with child on wheelchair holding up a bike pump

Download Graphics Here 


"About Bike to School Week" one-pager (for printing):


If you have any questions about promoting Bike to School Week, please contact our Events and Volunteer Coordinator, An, at btsw@bikehub.caHappy cycling!