Go by Bike Week

Fall Go by Bike Week: Sept 27 - Oct 3

Be part of the change and help make Metro Vancouver a happier, healthier place to live, work and play!
Register for Go by Bike Week today. Already taken part before? Log a trip to be considered a participant.

Go by Bike Week is a week-long behaviour change campaign aimed to showcase how resilient cycling is as a mode of transportation. During the week-long event, HUB Cycling encourages people to get out and ride their bikes anywhere and everywhere. Log your trips online for a chance to win great prizes, track your kilometres, and see how many greenhouse gas emissions you’ve saved. 

We are excited to announce that the grand prize is a Cycling Adventure for 2 in France, sponsored by Exodus Travels. Click here to learn what’s included in the Grand Prize Trip. For a chance to win this amazing trip you have to:

  1. Register for Fall Go by Bike Week
  2. Log at least one bike ride during September 27 and October 3 – ANY bike ride counts.
  3. Enter the Exodus prize draw here

This grand prize trip package includes hotel accommodations, a local leader and planned routes and itineraries with support vehicles to follow. The prize winner must be 19 years of age or older. The prize package does not include round-trip airfare.

Click this button to register for Go by Bike Week  Click this button to log a bike trip

Register before September 24th for the chance to win a Covert Hoody from Arc’teryx!


Promotional Kit

Help us spread the word and get more people cycling, more often! In the media kit, you can find sample text for newsletter and social media promotions. Please feel free to use any of the images in this folder for your promotions.

Knowledge HUB and Community Station Map

We are so excited to be hosting 27 in-person stations during Fall Go by Bike Week! Each Knowledge HUB and Community station will have a mechanic on-site providing free bike maintenance to participants. We will also have free cycling resources, prizes, and snacks! Click on the map to see the full schedule.


Why Register for Go by Bike Week? 

  • Registration is free
  • Enter into prize draws and the overall grand prize 
  • Logged trips help us work with local leaders to improve cycling conditions in Metro Vancouver
  • Challenge others and be in with a chance of becoming an award-winning team
  • Remember that all bike trips count - trips to work, a shop, the gym, or just for leisure!

Free Mobi by Shaw Go 24H Pass

Don't have a bike? No problem! Mobi by Shaw Go is offering free 24H passes all week long from September 27 to October 3. Bikes can be unlocked from one station and returned to any station in the system, making it ideal for short, one-way trips.

  1. Sign up for a 24H Pass with promo code: gbbw24
  2. You'll receive a code + pin to unlock your bike
  3. Take as many 30 minute (or less) rides as you want in 24 hours. Rides longer than 30 minutes will incur overage fees

How it Works and Fall 2021 Goals:

It's fun, easy, and free to participate in Go by Bike Week. Here's how it works:

1. Register for Go by Bike Week. You can start a team, join a team, or register solo. If you registered in the past, you do not need to re-register - simply log in and record a trip after the official launch to be considered a participant. Note: Your team for Go by Bike Week in 2021 can be your workplace, family, household group, or challenge a group of friends!

2. Encourage your colleagues, family, or friends to join your team to win great prizes!

3. Log your trips to be entered to win more amazing prizes. Each day you log, you'll be entered into the daily giveaway for bikes, gear, and more! The more times you log a trip, the greater your chances of winning the daily prize!

Our goals for this fall's event are:

  1. Get more people cycling more often, encouraging people to choose cycling as their commute mode of choice and to cycle safely when returning to the workplace or whilst continuing to work from home. 
  2. Encourage workplaces to support employees to be active and cycle to work promoting an active lifestyle
  3. Support our local communities as we ‘restart’ B.C.’s economy and continue to push for more sustainable and active modes of transportation

Getting Ready for Go by Bike Week

For tips and tricks on transitioning into fall and winter riding, be sure to check out The Commuter Bike Shopper’s Checklist and The Fair-weather Cyclist’s Guide to Fall & Winter Riding.

Plan your route in advance using our free Metro Vancouver cycling maps at bikehub.ca/maps.

Virtual Schedule

September 21, 2021 from 2 - 3 pm: Fall and Winter Cycling. Participants will learn about outfitting their bikes and themselves for fall and winter riding, advanced cycling safety, cold-weather care for their bike, and route planning considerations. Register for free here

September 23, 2021 from 9:30 am: Join extreme adventurer and cycling expert, Sean Conway, on a virtual adventure through some of the best cycling adventures across the globe. Register for free here. Sponsored by Exodus Travels. Learn more about how you can travel the world on two wheels and the cycling adventures Exodus offers here.

September 24, 2021 from 11am - 12 pm: Cycle Superhighways: Lessons from Copenhagen. David Rønnov, urban and transportation planner at the Office for Cycle Superhighways in Copenhagen, Denmark, presents on the logistics and successes of cycling superhighways in Denmark's capital region and demonstrates how these direct, safer routes across long distances can change the way we move and increase the number of people biking. Register for free here

October 6, 2021 from 12 - 1 pm: E-Bikes: Harnessing their potential to get more people biking. Panelists will discuss how municipalities can benefit from creating conditions favourable to e-bikes, speak to the City and District of North Vancouver and West Vancouver e-bike share roll out, and highlight the importance of e-bikes in getting more people of all ages and abilities biking more often. Register for free here

Team Leader Resources

Do you love cycling and want to encourage others to try biking during their daily commute? Consider becoming a Team Leader this year! Team Leaders help us make Go by Bike Week a success. Thank you to the over 1,000 Team Leaders in Metro Vancouver that helped us reach almost 7,000 registrants last year - let's see how many people we can get cycling in 2021!

Looking for more ways to support your team? Our Bike Education team recently launched a free online adult learning course called StreetWise Cycling. StreetWise Cycling Online is a low-barrier educational resource that helps adult beginner riders gain the knowledge and skills needed to start their cycling journeys with confidence. For more information on the course and to register, click here. If you have any questions, feel free to email support@bikehub.ca.

Team leader guidance

Download our Team leader guidance (PDF) (updated August 2021). Our friends at Two Wheel Gear have also made a guide for biking to work

Other resources available: 

Overcoming bike commuting concerns

Understanding your dashboard

If you're already a Team Leader and want some help understanding your Team Dashboard, check out this video.

Email Template for Colleagues/Friends/Family:

Hello colleagues/friends

Go by Bike Week is just around the corner from September 27 - October 3, and we're looking to build our largest team to be recognized across Metro Vancouver! Here are three easy steps to register for (your team name)

Go to the Go by Bike Week Registration Page

Select: 'I am a Rider'

Select: 'Join an existing Team.'

Simply type in your team name and join in on the fun this spring!

Get Involved and Volunteer

Sponsorship and Supporting - We would love your organization or business to get involved in Go by Bike Week. We have a range of opportunities you can take part in. For more information, please take a look at our Get Involved document or email negar@bikehub.ca!

Volunteers -  If you are interested in volunteering in 2021, please sign up here or email us at volunteer@bikehub.ca.

Mechanics - Provide basic bike maintenance at our Knowledge HUB Stations throughout the week. Whether you're an independent bike mechanic or would like to represent your bike shop. Email kate.shen@bikehub.ca



Grand Prize

Enter to win a cycling adventure for 2 to France sponsored by Exodus. In order to enter:

  1. Register for Fall Go by Bike Week
  2. Log at least one bike ride during September 27 and October 3 – ANY bike ride counts.
  3. Enter the Exodus prize draw here

Early Bird Prize: Register before September 24th for the chance to win Covert Hoody from Arc’teryx. Winner: Sharon Burns

Daily Prizes: Log a trip on

Station Prizes: Visit each station and enter the raffle to win. Each station’s prize can be found here.

Volunteer Prizes: Volunteer at any of our Knowledge HUB stations for a chance to win a Let’s Go Biking E-Book and a $50 TransLink compass card. Winners: Crystal L, Heidi H, and Sara E

Team Leader Prizes: Top teams have the chance to win a prize package that includes:

Winners: Kelsey Dionne, Emily Lankhorst, and Philippe Tortell

Highschool Prizes: Top-performing high school students have the chance to win $50 TransLink compass cards.


1. What are the benefits of participating in Go by Bike Week? 

There are so many reasons to go by bike! 

  • It's fun
  • It's great for your health and keeps you active.
  • It helps save you money. 
  • It helps reduce air pollution and congestion.
  • It's great for workplace comradery.
  • There are tons of great prizes to win.
  • The data we collect from the event helps to make biking better in Metro Vancouver.

2. What kind of trips can I log?

Pretty much anytime you have to lock your bike! or for 2021, anytime you hop on a training bike at home. But it should be on a bike - walking is great but doesn't count for this event :)

3. What if I'm retired / work from home / a student?

We still want you to join in on Go by Bike Week! As mentioned above, any time you use your bike for transportation, you can log that trip.

4. I want to participate, but I live outside of Metro Vancouver.

You can register at Go by Bike BC here

5. How do I become a Team Leader and register a new team?

Click here and register. After you enter your personal information, choose to register as a Team Leader.

6. I have an existing team on the website. Are we automatically registered for this event? 

If you are already registered on the site, you must log a trip after our official launch date.

7. How do I modify the route that Google Maps has automatically created for me?

Once you have input your start and endpoint, you can try to customize your route if you like (but it's not always easy!). You don't have to do this, though - it's ok if your route isn't perfect -the system records only the total kilometres and number of trips.

Click and drag any point on the purple directions line to any place on the map.

Google Maps immediately re-creates the directions on both the map and the left panel.

The point you added appears as a white dot on the route.

Google Maps also updates the estimated travel time and distance.

Move a destination by dragging a marker to another place on the map.

8. Can I automatically import my rides from another tracking app?

Unfortunately, our system does not support integrations with any distance tracking app (e.g. Strava, MapMyRun, Biko, etc.) at this point in time. If you're already using an app to track your distance, we recommend using the Quick Kilometre Log feature in your Dashboard to input your ride distance for each trip quickly. Our tool is the only one where your trips are communicated to decision-makers to show the demand for a fully connected, safe cycling network and better education and policies.

9. How do I change teams?

Sign in to your dashboard and click on "Change my Team."  If you are a Team Leader, you will need to assign a new Team Leader before changing teams.  Sign in to your dashboard and click on "Team Profile" to assign a new Team Leader.  You will then become a rider and can click on "Change my Team."

10. How do I change the Team Leader?

Sign in to your dashboard and click on "Team Profile" to assign a new Team Leader. Click here for a video demonstration. 

11. How do I remove people no longer on my team? 

Your team leader is able to edit team members on your team. Once logged in, click on the “Manage & Add Riders” link on the left side column. Once selected, you will see a table with all team members. Simply click on “remove” next to the team member who is no longer active. Sometimes you will need to refresh or re-login to see the changes.

12. How do I change my password?

Click on the GBBW dashboard, scroll down and click on the “Forgot my password” link. Once selected, enter in your email address used to register and a new password link will be sent. Make sure to double-check your junk folder, as sometimes the link can wound up there! Click here for a video demonstration. 

13. How do you calculate GHG emissions?

"Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved" is calculated based on an average vehicle size/model's emissions per kilometre driven. The formula used is 0.2168 Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases saved per Kilometre.

14. How to remove the calorie counter from your dashboard

Once you log into the tracking tool, simply click on “Edit my Profile” on the left side panel. From there, scroll down until you see ‘Hide calorie counts’. If you’d like to hide this, please make sure the checkbox is checked. If you’d like to see your calorie count, you can leave it unchecked. Click here for a video demonstration. 

15. How do you calculate calories burned? 

"Calories Burned" is calculated based on a very generic formula. Since you do not have to enter your weight when you register and your cycling speed when you log a trip, it is the average weight of males and females in the BC Population and calculated calories burned based on an average speed. The formula used is 30 calories burned per kilometre cycled.

16. Do high schools register through Go by Bike Week? How?

Yes, high schools are encouraged to register through Go by Bike Week and track their trips using our online tracking tool. To sign up, a member from the high school will act as your team leader, setting up the high school as a ‘team’ by registering the school at bikehub.ca/registration. After creating a team, your team leader is able to invite fellow students and teachers to join your team. Click here for a video demonstration. 

17. Are high school students eligible to win Go by Bike Week prizes? And What Prizes are available?

Yes! High schools are eligible to win Go by Bike Week prizes. All you have to do to win a prize is log a trip through our tracking tool. Along with being eligible to win Go by Bike Week prizes, a separate set of prizes are also awarded to top-performing high school students (e.g., most trips logged, most km logged, the top rider from new school). Participants are only eligible to win one prize. Specific prize details will be released on our website shortly.

18. I am already registered with an organization, but I want to make another group with my friends & family.

When registering through the GBBW tracking tool, simply select ‘other’ in the organization type.

19. How can I remind my team members to participate in GBBW?

Once logged on to your dashboard, simply click on ‘Team Communications’. Here, you are able to customize an email and send it to your entire team reminding them of the event! In addition, you can include additional information, such as if your organization is offering free coffee in the mornings or more information about bike infrastructure near where you are. 

20. These are a few actions that as a participant you cannot do. If you need to change any of these details, please email gobybike@bikehub.ca

  • Update Organization Size
  • Update Organization Address
  • Update Branch Address

Still, have questions? Email us at  gobybike@bikehub.ca, and we'll be happy to help you!


Thank you to our 2021 Sponsors!


Thank you to our 2021 Supporters!