How do I win prizes?

1. Register for Go by Bike Week (Registration opening April 22)

2. Go for a bike ride!

3. Log at least one ride that you took between June 3-9 

There are 3 prize categories based on value: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. For all prize categories, you must register for Go by Bike Week and log at least one ride you took between June 3-9. The deadline to backlog any trips taken during this time ends on Monday, June 16th. The prize list will be updated on a weekly basis so stay tuned to see what you can win!

GOLD (Ride and log 5+ rides during Go by Bike Week)

SILVER (Ride and log 3+ rides during Go by Bike Week)

BRONZE (Ride and log 1+ rides during Go by Bike Week)

Grand Prize

More information coming soon ;)


Prizes for Team Leaders

The top 10 teams with the most number of trips logged will be entered to win one of three raffle prizes:


Prizes for High School Students

High school students must register and log at least one ride in order to qualify for the following prizes. A student is only eligible to win one category.

  • 1 Student with most trips logged: $50 Concession Compass Card from TransLink

  • 2 Students with most km logged: $50 Concession Compass Card from TransLink

  • 3 Random Draws: $20 Gift Card from Starbucks


Earlybird Prize

Register for Go by Bike Week before May 24 to win a Water Tumbler from Translink!