Bike to Work Week Presented by Exodus Travels

Bike to Work Week is a community event to celebrate bike commuting across Metro Vancouver! Visit over 45 Celebration Stations offering free drinks, snacks, bike mechanic services and great prizes. Why register? Along with winning more prizes, your logged trips help us work with local leaders to improve cycling infrastructure in your communities. Be part of the change and help make Metro Vancouver a happier, healthier place to live, work and play!  


Gear up for the Spring Bike to Work Week coming up May 28th to June 3rd - register here for a chance to win a trip for 2 with Exodus Travels. If you've already registered between 2014-2017, simply login to your Dashboard.

Log Trips on Your Dashboard

Create routes, log trips, invite team members and more on your Dashboard - log-in now!

How it Works

It's easy, fun (and free) to participate in Bike to Work Week. Here's how it works:

1. Register for Bike to Work Week (taking place May 28 to June 3). You can start a team, join a team, or register solo. If you registered in the past, you do not need to re-register - simply login and log a trip after April 1st to be considered a Spring participant.

2. Encourage your colleagues to join your team to win great prizes!

3. Log your trips to be entered to win more amazing prizes. Each day you log you'll be entered to win a new bike!

4. Check out the Celebration Station Map to find out where you can stop for free snacks, free mechanic services, and more prize draws throughout the week.

5. Consider becoming a member of HUB Cycling to support cycling improvements and bike education around the region. 

Celebration Stations

Dozens of Celebration Stations with free snacks, free bike repairs, and prizes will be set up across Metro Vancouver during Bike to Work Week, including a wrap-up BBQ on June 1st. Check out our full map of celebration stations here.

Spread the Word

Spread the word about Bike to Work Week and help us break records this year!

Download this poster and more to display at your office (2018 poster coming soon).



Email Template for Colleagues

Hello colleagues / friends

Bike to Work Week is around the corner and we're looking to build our largest team yet to be recognized across Metro Vancouver! Here are three easy steps to register for (your team name)

Go to the Bike to Work Week Registration Page

Select: 'I am a Rider'

Select: 'Join an existing Team'

Simply type in our team name and join in on the fun this fall!


E-Newsletter Template

Do you have an e-newsletter? Please consider including a post about Bike to Work Week! 

Here's some sample text to help you get started:

HUB Bike to Work Week presented by Exodus Travels - May 28 to June 3, 2018

Join thousands across Metro Vancouver this Spring for HUB Cycling's annual Bike to Work Week (May 28 - June 3). Register and log your bike trips online for a chance to win one of five daily bike giveaways and over $10,000 in additional prizes! During the week you can then visit a celebration station for free coffee, snacks, bicycle tune-ups, and more daily giveaways.

Register FREE today!
F @WeAreHUB T @WeAreHUB I @HUBCycling  #BTWW 

Team Leaders

Team Leaders help us make Bike to Work Week a success. Thank you to over 1500 Team Leaders in Metro Vancouver help us reach 18,000 registrants last year. 

Do you love cycling and want to encourage others to try biking their daily commute? Consider becoming a Team Leader this year! You'll receive an invite to our Bike to Work Week Launch Party in May, as well as a Team Leader Package with helpful resources and a gift for you! 

Prizes (2017)

Grand Prize Trip to Tuscany with Exodus Travels 

The winner of the Grand Prize trip to Tuscany for the fall 2017 is Dennis Luk from OHM Electric Bikes. 

Earlybird Registration Prize

Congratulations to Marli Vlok for being the winner of the $500 Gift Certificate towards any Exodus Travels trip. 


Team Leader Prize Giveaways

Congratulations to our top 5 teams this year who recruited the most new bike commuters during the fall 2017 Bike to Work Week:

  1. Arc'teryx Equipment Inc.
  2. Vancity
  3. Electronic Arts Vancouver
  4. Vancouver Aquarium 
  5. Gas Pedallers 

Bike-a-Day Giveaway

Each day that you log a trip during Bike to Work Week you will be entered in our Bike-A-Day Giveaway!


Congratulations to Nicole Cook from SES Consulting Inc. for winning this great VFR 4 bike from Norco Bicycles!


Congratulations to Lilith Swetland from BC Centre for Excellent in HIV/Aids for winning this great 700 Horizon 3 from Infinity Cycles. 


Congratulations to Denise Schwarz from ION Group for going home with the Norco City Bike from Ride on Again.


Congratulations to Peter Martin for winning the 700 Horizon 3 from Infinity Cycles. 


Congrats to Sarena Narsing for being the winner of the Raleigh Detour 1 bike from Bike Doctor.


Rookie Team Prize

Is this your first time registering a team for Bike to Work Week? If you are our largest Rookie team this fall, your team will win a 10 pack to the Vancouver Canadians. Congratulations to Sion Lanini and the team at SpencerCreo Centre on being our largest Rookie team for fall 2017.


Workplace Awards

Congratulations to our 2017 spring organizations who logged the most bike trips in their respective size and type categories. These Organizations will recognized at our annual Bike Awards happening February, 2018! See if you can be the largest Bike to Work Week team in your respective category this fall



What are the benefits of participating in Bike to Work Week Presented by Exodus Travels?

There are so many reasons to Bike to Work!

- It's fun
- It's great for your health and saves you money 
- It helps reduce air pollution and congestion
- It's great for workplace comradery
- There are tons of great prizes to win
- The data we collect from the event helps to make biking better in Metro Vancouver

I want to participate in Bike to Work Week but don't live in Metro Vancouver. Where do I go?

Bike to Work Week takes place in all of BC during the spring! Go here to register in your community.

What is a Team Leader?

A Team Leader is someone in the workplace that motivates co-workers to participate in Bike to Work Week. As the Team Leader, you can add people to your team in the registration system, or people can register and join your team. As Team Leader you can also log trips for your teammates and you'll be invited to special events. To become a Team Leader and register your team, click here.

How do I motivate teammates?

Check out our resources link above for lots of tips, posters and other information.  

How do I become a Team Leader and register a new team?

Click here and register. After you enter your personal information, choose to register as a Team Leader 

I have an existing team on the website. Are we automatically registered for this BTWW?

If you are already registered on the site, you must log a trip this spring to be considered a fall 2017 participant. 

Can schools participate in Bike to Work Week?

Yes! We encourage schools to start staff teams and/or classroom teams.  We encourage high school and university students to use the Bike to Work Week Tracker (so they'll be entered to win our grand prize bikes and other prizes!).  

How do I modify the route that Google Maps has automatically created for me?

Once you have input your start and end point, you can try your route customize your route if you like (but it's not always easy!). You don't have to do this though - it's ok if your route isn't perfect. 

- Click and drag any point on the purple directions line to any place on the map.
- Google Maps immediately re-creates the directions on both the map and left panel.
- The point you added appears as a white dot on the route.
- Google Maps also updates the estimated travel time and distance.
- Move a destination by dragging a marker to another place on the map.

How do I change teams?

Sign in to your dashboard and click on "Change my Team".  If you are a Team Leader, you will need to assign a new Team Leader before you can change teams.  Sign in to your dashboard and click on "Team Profile" to assign a new Team Leader.  You will then become a rider and can click on "Change my Team".

How to I change the Team Leader?

Sign in to your dashboard and click on "Team Profile" to assign a new Team Leader. 

Do I have to pay to register or be part of Bike to Work Week Presented by Exodus Travels?

No, Bike to Work Week is entirely free for you!  Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to offer this community and workplace event free of charge to everyone in Metro Vancouver. 

Can I input my total kilometres from the old site so my stats reflect all the kilometres I've ever ridden?

Yes, just make sure to input these kilometres for a past date (January 15th, for example), so it doesn't skew our reporting.

What kind of trips can I log?

Pretty much anything - trips to meetings, the store, a hockey game or the dentist can be logged towards your totals. Pretty much anytime you have to lock your bike! But it should be on a bike - walking to work is great but doesn't count for this event :)

How do you calculate GHG emissions?

"Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved" is calculated based on an average of vehicle size/model's emissions per kilometre driven. The formula used is 0.2168 Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases saved per Kilometre.

How do you calculate calories burned?

"Calories Burned" is calculated based on a very generic formula. Since you do not have to endter your weight when you register and your cycling speed when you log a trip, Bike to Work BC took an average weight of males and females in the BC Population and calculated calories burned based on an average speed. The formula used is 30 calories burned per kilometre cycled. 

Sill have questions? Email us at and we'll be happy to help you!


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