Intro to City Cycling

This workshop is the perfect introduction to cycling best practices for people looking to gain knowledge about how to bike safely around the city. The webinar covers the rights and responsibilities of cyclists and looks at various traffic scenarios encountered in city cycling. Participants will learn how to share the road and communicate with other road users, how to take their bike on transit, types of biking gear, and how to plan a safe route. 

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Intro to E-Biking

This introductory workshop is designed to provide you with useful tips for buying, riding, and caring for your e-bike. You will learn about the pros and cons of e-bikes, as well as types, classes, cost, and performance to help you choose the right one for yourself. It will also cover tips for caring for and maintaining your e-bike, along with relevant by-laws and regulations to help give you more confidence in navigating your ride. E-biking education is proudly supported by BCAA. 

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Fall & Winter Cycling

This workshop covers everything you need to know about cycling in Metro Vancouver's fall and winter riding conditions. Key topics include outfitting your bike and yourself for fall and winter riding, advanced cycling safety, cold-weather care for your bike, and route planning considerations. You can also watch a recording of a previous webinar here. 

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Planning Your Next Bike Ride

This workshop combines research findings and practical tools and resources for planning safe and enjoyable routes for your next ride. You will learn about important factors to consider for route planning, route characteristics associated with safety, tips for riding in urban versus rural areas, and multimodal trip planning. Discover our favourite apps, route planning sites, and a list of recreational destinations and rides in the Metro Vancouver region accessible for all ages and abilities. 

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Biking with Children

This workshop will encourage and inspire you to get on your bike with your kids by providing answers and helpful tips about stages of development of kids from passengers to independent riders, road safety, route planning, cycling gear, and how to make bike riding easy, safe and fun for everyone. Bringing children of all ages along on bike rides is an excellent way to get fresh air, exercise, and have fun together while traveling the city. 

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These webinars are also available to schedule specifically for your organization, workplace, or in your community.  Check out our Workplace Cycling Workshop Page or email streetwise@bikehub.ca to schedule a custom webinar course.

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