Bike to School

Part of our core mission is to provide cycling instruction and events for Elementary, Middle and Secondary schools. Our Bike to School program is based on the Bike Right standard and offers courses and activities for Grades 3 and up, as well as promoting and growing Metro Vancouver’s Bike to School Week.

Partnering up with our Bike to School team allows your school the opportunity to:

  • Promote cycling as a fun, healthy & social way to exercise, be independent, and get around. 
  • Offer an avenue to build and increase cycling skills.
  • Take an active role in promoting bike knowledge, including safe and responsible cycling for transportation.


Interested in having HUB Cycling come to your school? 

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New Program Delivery Options:

Since the 2020-21 school year, wer are pleased to offer two online courses to complement our two existing Bike to School curriculums; aptly named Learn2Ride Online and Ride the Road Online. This has created the opportunity to deliver courses as Standard Programs (in-person and outdoors), as well as Blended Programs (online and outdoors).

Learn2Ride Online is uniquely open and freely available to all beginner riders of British Columbia. Visit our information page to preview the course and learn how to gain access. 

Additionally, read our COVID-19 safety plan to learn what HUB Cycling is doing, and what your school can do, to keep everyone safe while they learn to ride.


Check out our reach so far:






An introductory course for grades 3-6 that gets students excited about urban cycling and introduces them to basic road rules and safe cycling concepts. Taught by trained instructors, this 2-unit course has students learn through hands-on activities and on-bike skills practice on the school ground. Learn2Ride has been chosen as the curriculum for the new Everyone Rides Grade 4-5 pilot program. 

Ride The Road

Targeted to grades 6-8, Ride the Road introduces students to the freedom and responsibilities of cycling in an urban setting. Throughout 5 units, this course explores basic bike maintenance, road safety, and culminates in a small-group neighbourhood road ride in the schools’ community.

Everyone Rides Grade 4-5

An exciting cycling education program reaching grade 4 & 5 students in Metro Vancouver, Kelowna, and the Capital Regional District (Victoria).  Piloted in 2020, and continuing through 2021 we hope with continued support from the BC Active Transportation Strategy, it could be implemented province-wide!




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HUB Cycling is able to deliver courses in schools thanks to generous funding from TransLink, municipalities, and grants. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest updates, or fill out our Bike to School Course Interest form to hear from our coordinators directly when your school becomes eligible for a program.


In our Bike to School programs, we provide opportunities for all children to be able to experience our activities on bikes. Thanks to a grant from the GoodLife Kids Foundation, we are able to offer a variety of adapted bikes to support those with a variety of needs and mobility issues. These bikes ensure that all children, regardless of their abilities, can participate in a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable way. Since joining our fleet in 2017, these bikes have allowed many young riders in Metro Vancouver to progress in their love and appreciation of cycling.