Introductory bike skills & safety for Grades 2-5

Course Overview

A beginner course for grades 3-5, HUB Learn2Ride is a schoolground-based introductory cycling skills and safety course. In Learn2Ride, students are taught how to negotiate different types of road safety situations in a simulated environment free from traffic. Learn2Ride courses introduce many aspects of biking commonly encountered in the primary grades and beginner level, such as:

  • Crossing busy streets safely
  • Shared use pathways
  • Corners
  • Shoulder checks and hand signals
  • Car door avoidance

This is an interactive experience for children, focused on having fun, while demonstrating the importance of staying safe while riding, and getting a basic introduction to the rules of the road! Grade 7 students are encouraged to participate as volunteers at the discretion of school faculty. 

All participating children are asked to provide their own:

  • Bicycle (in good working condition)
  • Helmet

HUB Learn2Ride includes a fleet of 18 bikes for any children without a bike of their own, and for those whose bikes may not be in safe working condition. We also provide:

  • Course information and advice sent to parents and school staff prior to course date
  • Experienced cycling instructors trained and certified by HUB in course instruction, and student engagement and facilitation (encouraging, friendly and helpful!)
  • All necessary equipment, including loaner bikes and helmets
  • Liability coverage

We also offer the in-class introduction to cycling safety as a stand-alone course for a lower price. Want to know more? Contact us to discuss details.

"The Grade 4 and 5 teachers found the Learn2Ride program fantastic. It was extremely well organized, interactive, and knowledgable. The students had such a great time they didn't even know they were learning" - Laurel Smith, Betty Huff teacher, Surrey