Stop Bike Theft

We agree that #BikeThievesSuck.

On our end, the best thing we can do as people who bike is ensure we get a good lock. Never use a cable lock! Get a good U-Lock or Abus folding lock. 

Watch our Bike Theft Video for tips on best locking practices for your bike

It is estimated that 15-35% of stolen bikes are recovered by law enforcement, but only about 2% can be returned to their owners due to chronic under-reporting. Serial numbers are rarely recorded by owners, and bike theft prevention systems and processes are error-prone, and divided across our region's many law enforcement jurisdictions. 

While we love charitable giving, as many as 95% of recovered bikes in North America are donated or auctioned because ownership cannot be determined. Until all municipalities in the region commit to more secure, well-lit and monitored bike parking facilities, bike theft will continue to be easy, low-risk, high-profit - and a problem for everyone.

Here is the VPD Log It, Lock It or Lose It campaign, and recommended bike registry app Project 529 Garage to make it harder for thieves to steal your bike.
Project 529 also makes it easier for police to help get your bike back if it's stolen.