People at HUB

HUB Cycling is committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive organization and to working with people and communities to support them to thrive and prosper.  Diversity is integral to this commitment. Diversity among our members, volunteers, staff and Board of Directors allows us to better understand, connect to, and respond to the needs of HUB members and broader communities.

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Board Members

Jeff Leigh

Jeff Leigh


Now retired, Jeff is a former Vice President at Finning International, which brought Jeff to live and work across Canada, South America, and Europe. Jeff also led engineering teams at Westport Innovations.

Jeff lives downtown and cycles locally, while also enjoying cycling trips abroad. He believes that cycling for transportation can best be increased by ensuring people have access to safe infrastructure, and that people feel safe when cycling. Action work to promote these goals is our most valuable contribution. This includes advocating for improvements at all levels of government, and celebrating our successes.

Jeff is chair of the Vancouver/UBC Committee at HUB, where he leads advocacy efforts including Assessment Rides and Reports. Jeff also sits on the Operations Committee and Regional Advisory Committee, where he has worked hands-on to make operational improvements relating to Board Policies and Procedures, and worked on regional advocacy issues.

Alicia Gowan

Alicia is the Sustainability Specialist at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. When she’s not planning for climate action and sustainability, she ponders about how to make Vancouver a less car-dense and more bike-friendly city. While spending two years living in and studying for her Environmental Sustainability Master’s in Sweden, she grew amazed by the bike path networks. She became motivated to bring this inspiration back to Vancouver to make cycling accessible for 8 to 80 year old's and help transform Vancouver into a city made for people, not cars.

Alicia is a recreational cyclist and loves cycling for all of its health, environmental, and recreational benefits! She hopes to bring a sustainability and equity lens to the board as well as her experience working in and being on the board of several non-profits. She is co-chair of the board’s Regional Advisory Committee working on cycling advocacy across Metro Vancouver.

Sarah Eustace

Sarah is a lawyer for the Federal Department of Justice and a mother of two. She is an avid cyclist who chooses to go by bike as her primary mode of transportation. She also enjoys road biking. She has experience as a board member of a non-profit organization and enjoys fundraising. In her role as a civil servant and government lawyer, she has extensive experience with risk management and the interaction between policy and law. She is a member of the HUB Van-UBC local regional committee and a long-standing HUB member. Sarah loves biking and is grateful for Vancouver’s cycling lanes and bike safety initiatives.

Victoria Gray

Victoria is a marketing consultant with over 30 years of experience, working with organizations and agencies to develop comprehensive marketing solutions in Canada and the US. Her love for problem solving, sustainable living and lifelong learning motivates her both professionally and personally.

Victoria sees cycling as a solution to the climate, affordability, health and equity challenges we face. As an avid cyclist, she is passionate about leveraging her extensive experience to increase ridership across Metro Vancouver. Victoria is thrilled to be working with the board, staff and volunteers to build upon the amazing work HUB Cycling has done so far. 

Alexandra Flynn

Alexandra Flynn is a law professor at UBC and a mom of two teenagers. 

Alexandra's work focuses on municipal law and governance, including Indigenous-municipal legal relationships. She is an avid cyclist for transportation, sport, and pleasure, including taking a 6-month cycling trip in Europe and Southeast Asia with her family. 

Alexandra has a long history of volunteer and board experience and hopes to contribute to making cycling safe and possible for all.

Luke Gillies

Riding doesn’t have to require special clothing or the best bike, but for most people (including me), it requires safety and convenience. As a member of HUB Cycling’s Board of Directors, I believe that cycling should be accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, providing a transportation option that is cheap, fun, and safe for everyone.
I’m a professional municipal civil engineer with over a decade of managerial experience both here and abroad. In winter I also volunteer as an adaptive ski instructor, helping people with disabilities access winter sports on Vancouver’s North Shore Mountains.  Professionally, I’ve delivered a wide range of municipal projects, many with bikes in mind, and have overseen the maintenance and operations of bicycle infrastructure. I’ve advocated for the benefits of bike infrastructure projects and maintenance to a wide range of stakeholders including municipal councils. I’ve also conducted research on the user experience of cycling infrastructure on the North Shore for my Master of Engineering Management thesis.

Esther Holobuwich

I have been a biking enthusiast for 35 years. While living in Kelowna, I would commute on my Walmart bike to and from my accounting job, during winter and summer. In winter, I would get home some days and say, whew, I made it. There was no safe cycling infrastructure, just painted lines. But even with that, I was grateful that my employers supplied a safe bike lockup area, showers, and lockers. It was rare (and still is). When teaching my two daughters to ride, I was nervous. I had seen a lot. It was about constant vigilance, not freedom and fun, which it should be. 

I bring to this board years of accounting and bookkeeping experience, experience on two boards, strong communication skills, and a desire to work with an organization that I support and appreciate.  Advocating for safe mobility routes for all is important and necessary.

Anne Murray

I’m excited at the prospect of bringing my 30 years of strategic leadership to HUB's Board. I love to bike for fun, commuting, and travel, and want to ensure these opportunities are available and comfortable for all. As a seasoned executive and board director, I’m passionate about driving success through sustainability. My Vice President responsibilities at Vancouver Airport Authority (YVR) spanned diverse areas including marketing, community, environment, government advocacy, and first nation relations over 20 years. While at YVR, I built respectful, deep, and personal relations with Musqueam leading to a  historic 30-year Sustainability and Friendship Agreement. I have served as board director on YVR Art  Foundation (an indigenous-focused not-for-profit), Georgia Strait Alliance, and Richmond Hospital  Foundation and recently attained my Institute of Corporate Directors ICD.D designation, Canada’s highest board governance credential. Since retiring from YVR in 2020, I volunteer as a business advisor to indigenous organizations and provide strategic consulting services in tourism, aviation, and sustainability.  I’ve been an active HUB member for decades and recently mentored a refugee family and a new immigrant through HUB’s newcomer program. I would be honored to bring my optimistic, ethical leadership; sound judgment; and personal commitment to the HUB Board.

Mairin Shields-Brown

Mairin is a passionate changemaker and avid road cyclist based in Vancouver. From her upbringing on northern Vancouver Island to her studies in Resource Management at Simon Fraser University, she carries with her a deep sense of respect for our home planet and all that is necessary for us to steward a  regenerative, just, and equitable economy. Mairin is an Impact Strategy Consultant at Decade Impact, a boutique, women-owned impact consulting firm in Vancouver. She finds joy and excitement in her work helping purpose-driven organizations define, measure, manage, and communicate their social and environmental impact on the world. With several years of experience in the sustainability consulting space, Mairin is skilled in policy development and advocacy, as well as team management, leadership,  and facilitation. As a daily bike commuter and keen cyclist for the last 6 years, Mairin’s familiarity and lived experience with Metro Vancouver’s cycling infrastructure have inspired her to join HUB as a Board Director. 

She believes that cycling plays an invaluable role in fostering thriving and accessible communities. Mairin hopes to help advance HUB’s policy advocacy work in service of removing barriers to cycling and support HUB’s collaboration with government bodies and other values-aligned organizations.


Laura Jane

Executive Director

As HUB Cycling's Executive Director, Laura brings a wealth of experience, a passion for community building, and a strong commitment to increasing the use of active and healthy transportation.

With over 15 years of experience in the non-profit and public sectors, Laura has been championing cycling for more than a decade. She spent nearly four years leading active transportation initiatives for the City of Vancouver, developing the City’s Transportation Demand Management Action Plan and overseeing a variety of active travel initiatives. Prior to the City of Vancouver, Laura spent over six years at HUB Cycling. During this time she founded many new initiatives, including Bike the Night, Bike to Shop Days, and the Bike Awards, and forged numerous partnerships across different sectors.

Laura holds a Graduate Diploma in Urban Studies from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from McGill University. 


Rose Gardner

Director of Bike Education

Since moving to Vancouver in 2000, Rose has been delighted to cycle the ever-growing number of bike routes throughout the region and southwest BC.  Riding a bike regularly for the past 25 years has kept her happier, healthier, wealthier and more connected in her local community.

At HUB Cycling, Rose oversees the Bike Education department including hundreds of bike courses in schools and the community as well as the provincial Everyone Rides Grade 4-5.  

Before joining HUB Cycling in 2019, Rose worked as a director, manager or instructor in various outdoor recreation and sustainability education organizations.  She has also worked as a Director of Operations for a local paddling company, responsible for company operations, risk management, human resources and the paddling school. Rose has a degree in Urban Geography from UBC and is nationally certified to instruct various outdoor activities.  She is grateful and excited to lead HUB’s bike education team into a future where cycling education is available to all.

Timothy Welsh

Timothy Welsh

Director of Program Development

Tim spent much of his youth in the South Okanagan exploring by bike.  As an adult living in Vancouver Tim rediscovered cycling for practical and environmental reasons, and has since become an enthusiastic cyclist, bike mechanic, and bicycling promoter.   Before joining HUB Cycling in 2013 Tim's work in refugee and immigrant resettlement included developing and delivering a range of direct services, and playing a central facilitative role between service providers and government funders in the expansion and professionalization of the BC settlement services sector.  As HUB Cycling's Director of Program Development, Tim works with the HUB Cycling team to build the strength and reach of existing education and events programming, and develops new programs which support HUB Cycling's mandate including Research, Bike Friendly Buildings and Newcomer Bike Mentorship.   

Emily Beam

Director of Operations

Emily (she/her) uses cycling as a way to live lightly on the land and stay active. She is so excited to be working at HUB as the Director of Operations. In this role, she oversees the finances, IT systems, policies, and planning.
Prior to working at HUB, Emily spent seven years at ArtStarts in Schools as Grants Manager, Director of Programs, and then Director of Administration. She has worked as a grantor, lender, and facilitator for various non-profits, foundations, and social enterprises.

Emily is a white settler living on unceded Coast Salish territory with her young family. 

Navdeep Chhina

Director of Campaigns & Inclusion

When more people cycle, communities become happier, healthier and more sustainable. To this end, Navdeep Chhina aspires to help build a network of inclusive and safe cycling infrastructure for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. At HUB Cycling, Navdeep (ਨਵਦੀਪ ਸਿੰਘ - he/him) oversees inclusion and diversity efforts, media relations, stakeholder relations, community relations and advocacy efforts. Creating a welcoming, inclusive organization and collaborating with people from underrepresented and marginalized communities is integral to these efforts.

A settler on the unceded lands of the Coast Salish peoples, Navdeep grew up in Chandigarh, India.

Yleana Alvarez

Director of Partnerships & Events

From Mexico City, Yleana is a results-oriented, entrepreneurial-minded Event Specialist possessing decades of experience in full-cycle events production, sponsorship, fundraising & philanthropy. Yleana loves being part of the HUB Cycling team as it allows her to merge her love for cycling and running with her passion for organizing events that supporting a meaningful cause. Yleana has a  passion for cultivating long-term relationships with partners and sponsors, ensuring events not only make a positive impact but also foster enduring support for shared causes. Yleana is passionate about contributing to positive change while doing what she loves.

Catherine Acuna

Catherine Acuna

Community Manager

Cathy joined HUB Cycling as Membership Manager and now serves as Community Manager. She works to amplify the voice of HUB's Metro Vancouver Local Committees and support their advocacy efforts to make biking safer and better for all ages and abilities.

Having previously worked for environmental non-profits and education and cultural institutions both in Canada and the UK, Cathy is passionate about working towards improving the environment through alternate means of transit and helping people find the confidence they need to get on their bikes.

Jennifer Rai

Jennifer Rai

Office Manager

Jennifer comes to HUB Cycling with a background in Business Management and has over ten years experience working in both the for and non profit sector. Besides maintaining office operations, finances and administration, Jennifer also assists our programs, events and membership services ensuring the office runs like a well oiled bike chain. While living in Amsterdam, Jennifer's love for cycling as a means of transportation and a healthy lifestyle flourished. She was inspired and enlightened and looks to continue the ease of cycling in her own Vancouver community.


Rianna Fiorante

Marketing Manager

Rianna joined HUB Cycling during the Summer of 2019 as their Marketing Coordinator. Growing up as a young girl, she spent much of her time biking trails in Washington at her family's trailer in Whatcom Meadows. Since then she has grown passionate about connecting with like-minded individuals through a plethora of outdoor activities, including trail running, biking and hiking.
In 2018, she graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, concentrating in Marketing, and minoring in Interactive Arts and Technology, with a Certificate in Corporate Environmental and Social Sustainability. While completing her undergrad, she co-founded a film production company called Stream Productions that focuses on raising environmental awareness through comedic media and film. Stream's films attracted the attention of reputable organizations such as the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, and Scouts Canada. Rianna is excited to use her experience and background to help HUB Cycling build happier, healthier, and more connected communities through cycling.

Evan Hammer

Infrastructure Planning & Policy Manager

Evan grew up biking, but quickly forgot about it when he came of age in oil country and bought a truck. In 2011, Evan embarked on a car-lite experience. This was inspired by a desire to reduce his resource consumption, and he finally gave up his Mustang the next year.  

After moving to Vancouver, Evan acquired a west coast bike and has been steadily moving toward becoming a year round, utilitarian cyclists (not there yet!). Evan believes that cycling can be a ‘silver bullet’ on a number of issues - congestion, pollution, health outcomes - while at the same time providing a speedy, fun way to move around.

Evan has a Masters in Planning from UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning, in addition to his undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies. He has recently worked on transportation projects on multi-use paths, e-bikes and bus-bike integration, as well as stints with Vancouver Bike Share (Mobi),  Fraser Health doing employee consultation work, and a variety of projects related to cycling, transportation and planning. Evan is currently looking forward to his next multi-day bike adventure.   


Lisa Storey

Events Manager 

Lisa (she/her) is our Event Manager. Before joining HUB in 2022, she worked in conference production, hosting live and virtual events for audiences in Philadelphia, Chicago, Amsterdam & Paris, and has marketing and PR experience in the UK social enterprise sector. She has a BA in International Relations and Journalism and is excited to combine her professional experience, commitment to sustainable living and love of cycling for the role.

Lisa is proud to have never driven a car but slightly embarrassed to admit she needed training wheels on her bike until the age of 12. Her favourite biking accomplishment was bikepacking Japan's Shimanami Kaido trail. After three years of living in the Netherlands, she understands the importance of cycling infrastructure in building a cultural acceptance for commuting by bike.

Lorraine Smith

Everyone Rides Grade 4 - 5 Program Manager

Lorraine enjoys creative problem solving, and believes that cycling can be an elegant, simple, and creative solution to so many problems in our communities. Her bike Rootbeer just thinks cycling is fun, and everyone should do it.

Lorraine oversees the Everyone Rides Grade 4- 5 program in smaller communities outside of the Lower Mainland. While working as a Cycling Instructor for eight years, Lorraine was honoured to watch new cyclists go from scared and wobbly to confident and triumphant riders. She previously worked as a Fundraiser and Volunteer Coordinator for various non profits, including the Canadian Red Cross, Canadian Cancer Society, and the Vancouver Maritime Museum. During the Pandemic, Lorraine wrote a Y/A novel, set in her hometown Riverview, New Brunswick, and looks forward to seeing it published.

Lorraine and Rootbeer can often be seen coasting along the Sea Wall, walking their dog Junebug at sunset, and gardening in their community garden plot.


Odessa Cadieux-Rey

Bike Education Manager

Odessa only got hooked on cycling as a young adult, but it didn't take long to become one with her bike for the freedom, convenience, fun, and exercise it provided. From East Van to the ruins of Angkor, she has found no better way to experience life than on two wheels. Before starting with HUB as a Bike Education Instructor, she was an academic advisor and program manager at UBC. As Bike Education Manager, she is delighted to keep those wheels turning behind the scenes to help bring the excitement of cycling to communities across the Lower Mainland and beyond. 


Ari Ng

Instructor Manager

I want to share my love of riding bikes with everyone! There was a time when I commuted by car to my corporate place of work… Often sitting in rush hour traffic, going through the complications of the day to come, surfacing memories of the fun and simplicity of bike riding kept my sanity! Since then, I have become a full-time car free cyclist, with an awesome hobby turned bikey career! When I’m not on a bike tour, exploring the North Shore mountains, building up a sweet frameset, at OCB (Vancouver’s most established community bike shop), or Kickstand Bikes (Vancouver’s newest volunteer run community bike shop) you’ll find me chilling at a coffee shop, with one of my trusty (steel, or carbon) steeds ready to go on a fun group ride around the bustling town:) I’m big on bike social activities, events, building bikes and sharing skills to make our riding experience and ultimately, our everyday lives better! See ya on the ride ;)

Tim Davidson

Planning Technician

Tim comes to HUB from the private sector, where he worked as a planner delivering Active Transportation projects across Canada. He holds a Masters' of Planning from Dalhousie University where he worked on projects incorporating complete streets, neighbourhood and regional planning, and public engagement. He also has completed a Bachelors’ degree in Geography, and a post graduate certificate in Urban Design, both from Simon Fraser University.

Tim’s love for cycling began in Surrey BC, where he and friends would often make long trips all around Metro Vancouver. Later in life, he rediscovered this passion for two-wheel commuting using his $15 bike to travel all around Halifax and Dartmouth NS. 

Alexis Thibeault

Streetwise Manager

Growing up in Newfoundland (and experiencing its infamous winters) meant cycling season could be rather... short. But that didn't stop me and my family from enjoying it as much as was humanly possible! I learn to ride on rocky trails, coasting past bogs and watching out for moose on the path. I loved the freedom to explore my town and surrounding forests and did it as often as I could.

Since moving to Vancouver, I've turned into more of an urban commuter cyclist, but that doesn't mean I love cycling any less! Cycling has always meant independence for me, and I love inspiring others to feel the freedom that cycling can give you. I've been teaching natural and outdoor subjects to youth for over 15 years (including marine biology, outdoor theatre, and basic science literacy) and love coordinating and teaching cycling with HUB. It's a subject very near and dear to my heart, and I absolutely adore working to share that passion with others. 


Sadie Caron

Communications & Fundraising Manager 

Sadie (she/they) joined the HUB Cycling team in February 2023 as the Communications and Fundraising Manager. Sadie fell in love with cycling at a young age, always using it as a form of transportation, exercise, and connection. She grew up biking around the Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary with her family. When she first moved to Vancouver in 2019, she participated in Go By Bike Week and was completely enamoured with HUB Cycling's work, as well as Vancouver's marvelous Seawall.
She has worked in communications and fundraising for nonprofit organizations across the country including Swim Drink Fish, Telus World of Science Edmonton, and the BC Cancer Foundation. From her lifetime of cycling in cities across Canada, she has seen the power of biking to shape sustainable communities filled with happier, healthier, and more connected people. Her passion, enthusiasm, and experience fuel her to raise funds for HUB Cycling's work, helping to remove barriers for cyclists of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. 

Stuart Lew

Bike Education & Equipment Coordinator 

Born and raised in Vancouver, Stuart has long been an avid cyclist and advocate of car-free living. Prior to joining HUB in 2019, he served as the Provincial Coordinator for the BC Commuter Challenge for BEST (Better Environmentally Sound Transportation). In 2009, he helped to found The Triple Crown for Heart charity bike ride benefiting BC Children’s Hospital, and is currently Co-Chair of the organization. In addition to organizing the event he has enthusiastically participated in the ride each year, cycling all three North Shore mountains in one day. He also volunteers as a ride marshall for RBC Granfondo Whistler.

Stuart has a Bachelor’s Degree in Administrative and Commercial Studies from the University of Western Ontario and a diploma in Financial Management from BCIT. As a father of five children, Stuart has accumulated considerable experience in teaching kids to ride bikes.

Stuart is a passionate environmentalist who believes in sustainable lifestyle choices and works toward setting an example and educating people to obtain this goal. He believes that giving children the opportunity to learn about and gain confidence in cycling from a young age is a great investment in a more sustainable future.

Lisa Corriveau

Bike Education Coordinator

Lisa Corriveau fell in love with cycling when she learned to ride a bike at age four. She became a regular cycle commuter in Vancouver while completing her Bachelor of Arts in French & Linguistics at Simon Fraser University. After starting a family, she realized that she needed a bigger bike and has been carrying her two kids, large grocery runs, or the occasional friend on cargo bikes since 2014.

Lisa saw a need for more resources to help families, particularly those with very young children, get into cycling and living car-free. She helped build the Vancouver Family Biking group, developed workshops, and put on events, as well as started her blog, Lisa also spent six years as a member of the City of Vancouver's Transportation Advisory Committee and currently volunteers as a pilot for Cycling Without Age.

Lisa has osteoarthritis in her hip, and as it has progressed, she has increasingly relied on her ebike as a mobility device. She advocates for disabled cycling via various public speaking engagements and on social media.

Lisa has been with HUB as a cycling instructor since 2016, sharing the joy of cycling with thousands of students of all ages and is excited to continue teaching and organizing as a Bike Education Coordinator.


Mónica Perea

Bike Education Coordinator

Monica (she/her) sees bicycles as happiness machines, and they totally changed her life. Her journey started in Mexico when she was 4, and his father taught her how to ride a bike. Since then, she’s found freedom and independence, as well as the opportunity to meet many incredible people on the road. She believes in the importance of making a community and loves to spread the word about all the cycling benefits, especially for women. 

She’s been in the education field for more than 13 years and her background is in performing arts. For her, theatre and bikes are so alike: there are many paths to choose from, you decide how long you want to go and there are always risks involved; both demand you be in the present, here and now. So, probably, you can see her riding around theatre venues or thinking about a new story to be performed during her free time.

The cities are changing around the world, cycling is more on the radar as a way of transportation. Being part of that active change makes her proud and encourages her to keep sharing those happiness machines.


An Hoang

Event Coordinator

An (she/her) joined HUB Cycling in 2023 as the Event Coordinator. Prior to joining HUB, An worked as a program and communications manager with a passion for youth empowerment. An has worked with various NGOs in Canada, Vietnam, and South Africa in hopes of raising awareness about wildlife conservation and sustainable living. 

An has a BSc in Natural Resources Conservation from the University of British Columbia and is excited to join the HUB family in engaging more people in cycling and active transportation. In her spare time, An enjoys solving puzzles at home on a rainy day, and spending time in the great outdoors when the sun is out! 


Kristen Elder

Kristen became involved with HUB in 2018 after a road trip from her home base of Toronto brought her to Vancouver. She was quick to fall for the sudden ease and freedom of bicycle travel here. It became her means of commuting, exercising, socializing, and adventuring – and overall brought lines on the map to life. When the opportunity arose to use her outdoor education background in the Bike Ed. Instructor role, it was an easy transition. The energizing and rewarding season on the front-line sparked her interest in the behind the scenes work that culminated in such a successful program. 

Kristen earned a BSc in Zoology, and Cognitive Psychology from the University of Guelph. Animal research was her gateway to Canada’s backcountry, and cycling continues to allow her quick access to nature while in the city. Being a firm believer in the all-around benefits of fresh air, wherever one may find it, Kristen is delighted to facilitate programs that draw people out the door and onto their bikes!

Donna Chen

Donna Chen

I grew up cycling in '80s Beijing when there were more bikes than cars, then took a break from riding before rediscovering my love for bikes on the streets of Vancouver.

Cycling has since become one of my favourite ways for exploring cities, islands, and nooks and crannies of the world. It's been a treat as a bike ed instructor to facilitate and witness the remarkable moments of joy, courage, connection, freedom and self­reliance people find on their bikes.

Elaine Wallace

I consider myself to be an incredibly fortunate person to have been born and raised in the spectacular city of Vancouver and the lower mainland. With our mild climate, mountains, ocean and lakes I have been able to take advantage of an array of outdoor activities throughout my life. One of which has always been cycling. What was once a means of transportation as a young child has become an integral part of my lifestyle. From biking to / from work, participating in fund raising rides such as The Ride to Conquer Cancer”, to camping adventures and to stay healthy and fit. 

In 2019 I decided to retire from the position of Vice President at a Property Management frim. I realized I wanted to retire from the hectic pace of management and to take a slightly different path in my semi-retirement. In the spring of 2019, I found myself working for a cycling tour company taking visitors around our beautiful city on bikes. Early in 2020 I joined HUB and was later hired as an instructor for their bike programs in schools. I happy to say that I have been able to turn my passion for cycling into the best part-time retirement jobs a person could wish for. 


Paul Janzen

My first love of cycling was riding my tricycle in the park, but I was 14 then and my knees kept hitting me in the forehead. So I graduated to a Raleigh with Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub and I was hooked—long hair flowing in the breeze (that was before helmets were invented), bell bottom jeans flapping, dodging the cobblestones and streetcar tracks of Toronto.

We have learned that the bicycle can change the world. I want kids to feel safe and confident so their riding can be an instrument of change for whatever cause excites them: health, transportation, the environment, philanthropy...

For me that is combatting my greatest foe: cancer. Together with my ride mates we have contributed over $7 million dollars to research. That’s gratifying. My hope is that it inspires.

Bruce Kleeberger

Cycling has been part of my life since the age of 6. That’s a lot of commuting, touring, errands, mountain paths, and navigating congested city streets. Cycling is a part of my everyday work and fun with family and friends. I am driven by my passion for making real change to benefit our environment, enhance opportunities for healthy living, and decrease our dependence on the car. With HUB Cycling, I will help students confidently make cycling a routine and safe life skill.

Chuck Wright

My "love" of bikes is a practical one. Growing up, it was simply an inexpensive way of getting around town that didn't rely on my parents or bus fare. My cycling got more serious when I took a job as a bike messenger in Winnipeg, MB. At that stage, I needed to get the gear and bike maintenance skills to deliver packages across this prairie city through wind, rain, snow and sun. Since moving to the West Coast, I've left that behind for a 7-gear, Dutch-style bike that will get me from point A to B in comfort.     

In addition to commuter cycling, I have dabbled in education in a variety of community settings, including adult literacy, digital skills, teaching English, and rec programs for children and youth. I'm excited to teach others about safe, urban cycling. 


Dylan Hamilton

This job combines two of my greatest passions: teaching and cycling. Cycling is so much more than transport or exercise, it is a representation of what a better future might look like. The economic and environmental implications of a society built around human powered transport are extraordinarily positive. Rising house prices and cost of living in our city coupled with the looming prospects of the climate emergency therefore illustrate the importance of educating youth on the capabilities of the bike. My personal passion for cycling melds with my love for the outdoors as the activity allows me to interact with previously unnoticed features of the lower mainland. Having recently developed an interest in the mechanics of bicycles through the building of the bike I’m standing with, I can now move through my city on a piece of machinery built by my own hands and powered by my own legs. This passion is not required to realize the benefits provided by city cycling but I hope that at least some of my students are inspired to share it. As I study to become a teacher I could not think of a better environment to test and learn new skills than the one provided by HUB.

Giovanna Lanius-Pascuzzi

Growing up, my experience using the bike as transportation soley consisted of going to the corner shop to buy penny candies.
Fast forward to university and I was using my bike daily. However, it wasn't until living in the Netherlands that I truly realized how freeing - and limitless the potential of - the bike was.
Since being back in Vancouver, I have worked with HUB on the cycle highways project and am eager to continue to help realize the benefits of cycling in Metro Vancouver.

Meltem Kocak

With an unwavering passion for two-wheeled adventures, Meltem has carved an exhilarating path through the world of biking. From the earliest days, the rhythmic whirl of pedals and the rush of wind against skin ignited a spark that would evolve into a lifelong journey. Meltem's cycling tale unfolds across diverse terrains, from urban streets to rugged mountain trails. The gears of experience have spun through countless cycling events, each one adding a new layer to their story. The evolution from a curious beginner to a seasoned cyclist showcases not only their physical prowess but also an unyielding dedication to mastering the art of biking. Fuelled by a desire for both personal growth and a deeper connection with the world, Meltem continues to explore new horizons, their tireless spirit a testament to the profound joy and liberation found in the simple act of pedaling forward.

Karen Wonneberger

Biking is a wonderful way of getting around. My bicycle has taken me to school as a kid, to university as a student and for more than 20 years to work. Cycling is my preferred way of commuting because it wakes me up in the morning, it gives me exercise, it is economical, environmentally friendly and reliable… the list of advantages goes on and on. What I also love about cycling is that I can stop on a whim to take pictures of the beautiful surroundings. I have commuted by bike in Germany, England, China and Canada – and I really appreciate the bike lanes in Metro Vancouver!

As a HUB teacher I hope to inspire kids and youth to give cycling a try, find fun in it and continue to ride well into adulthood.


Crispin Wye

A lifelong cyclist and biking advocate, I’ve ridden to commute and for pleasure in the UK, the Netherlands, and since 2000 in Canada. My favourite type of cycling is touring, in my opinion, the
best way to experience a place and meet the people. A cross-Canada trip was a highlight, but I’ve really enjoyed bike/camping trips on the west coast. Watching my son grow from an unsteady beginner to bike packer/triathlete/crit racer has been an awesome experience. Helping kids learn to ride safely and discover the fun of riding is a privilege; I’m looking forward to it!


Kenrick Lee

Cycling has always been in my life since a kid! From the day I learned to ride through Pedalhead's summer camp I've always enjoyed the freedom of cycling and the satisfaction of teaching others how to enjoy cycling as well! I began volunteering with Pedalheads at 13 and once I became an instructor at the camp, went on to teach for another 5 years! Now I am proud to represent HUB and teach cycling to new riders in brand-new ways and environments!

Maxine Beckie

I've gotten around by bike most of my life, and in the past few years, I've learned to fix bikes as well. They're neat, and much less cursed than computers. I've found a good community by volunteering at bike mechanic things.
Sure, bikes are fun, but they are machines - working with youth is my main draw to HUB. I also have experience as a camp counselor and a tutor. I don't see my role as a bike evangelical (I take the bus too) - I want to give the skills and knowledge people need to bike on the road safely and legally, without judgment and elitism :)

Emily Chow

Learning to bike in Vancouver, there have been many green spaces and parks around, and one of my favourites for biking has been Central Park in Burnaby. In elementary school, biking became a tool for getting to school on time, and throughout high school and university biking has given me the freedom to get around the city on my own schedule. The last couple of summers, my bike has taken me along parts of the Sunshine Coast and Gulf Islands for camping trips and biking has been an affordable way to get outside doing the things that I love! I'm looking forward to giving people the tools to ride their bikes with confidence and explore all the ways that biking can be practical and fun!

Freya Lambrecht

Growing up in Victoria in a bike-obsessed family, it only makes sense that cycling is a huge part of my life. Cycling became especially important to me when I realized the sense of independence it gave me from a young age! Now, I still like to bike to places whenever I possibly can— whether that be to work, school, errands, or exciting new destinations to camp. I’ve worked with bikes and people both as an instructor and tour guide in the past, and am excited to continue to spread my passion for cycling as amazing option for both transportation and fun!

Angie Tang Wong

Angie, a disabled, mad, queer, trans and nonbinary light-skinned Chinese-Peruvian settler to the homelands of the xwməθkwəy̓ əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish) and səlil̓wətaʔɬ (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations is laying on their side on a grassy field with dandelions, with arms stretched out around a hand drawing of their old green bike with a yellow milk crate, the Mean Green Machine.
Angie’s pedaling journey started with this mighty little bike gifted by a friend 3 years ago. They did not know how to ride it, but boy, were they stoked to learn! Partly because they needed to travel long distances to receive support for their daily needs but what they yearned to do the most was move their expansive body!
Riding with the Mean Green Machine has brought Angie deeper connection to their body, the land and friends in the community. Of course, it’s also brought them to dog parks to pet some pups. Angie is grateful for what this journey has brought for them and they want to support others in their riding journeys!

Brian Simpson

Started riding bicycles at 5 years old. It meant freedom with my friends. We rode everywhere. Then from 6 to 10 I rode to school every day until we moved across the street from my school. Riding just for fun until 15 when I got a job as a caddy and then at 16 at Safeway, riding as a bike commuter. By now I inherited my brother’s Raleigh 3 speed which I loved and cherished. 

At 16 I got my drivers licence and the bike got parked except for the occasional ride for pleasure. 

At 40ish I found myself out of shape and overweight. I tried commuting to work and soon parked my car at the office to use during the day. Every week day in all weather I rode to the office and learned there was no bad weather just bad gear. 

My wife became an avid cyclist and together we rode longer rides and discovered bike touring. Wow!!

I am now 76 years old and still riding with the bicycle being my first transportation choice even though I am not as strong as I once was.  I will share cycling with anyone interested. 

John Ullrich

First learning to ride on a Schwinn Stingray with "apehangers" in Yosemite National Park, my love affair with the bike has evolved from family camping trips to commuting and mountain biking internationally. Whether getting to school on the west and east coasts of the US, teaching English in Japan or living in Vancouver since 2000, the versatility and fun of "going by bike" has been a constant pleasure. Over the last 10 years, I have been an active member of the HUB community, volunteering with Bike to Work and School events as well as my local committee and now working as a Bike Ed Instructor. Along with raising a teenage daughter, I am thrilled to be actively involved in promoting the benefits of cycling, especially among the youth of British Columbia.  

Travis Eek

I am a recent transplant to Metro Vancouver from the rural interior. I have enjoyed the feeling of freedom and excitement of cycling since I was a kid. I remember stealing my older brother's super awesome BMX to rip around our family farm and around my hometown after school to the swimming hole or up a logging road. When I moved to Kelowna ten years ago for university I started commuting to and began to see the health and community benefits of cycling. There is no better way to experience a city and interact with the landscape than from the seat of a bike. I hope to spread the joy and satisfaction I feel from cycling to others and help educate a new generation of cycling enthusiasts.

Mohammad Pourmeydani

I vividly recall using my very first earnings to purchase a bicycle. Cycling has become more than just a mode of transportation; it's a lifestyle, an embodiment of fun and freedom. It's a constant companion in my daily routine, whether for work commitments or cherished moments with family and friends.
My unyielding passion is rooted in the desire to drive substantial change that benefits our environment, paves the way for healthier living, and reduces our reliance on automobiles. As a part of HUB Cycling, my mission is to empower students to seamlessly incorporate cycling into their lives, making it a regular and secure skill that enhances their well-being and leaves a positive impact on the world we live in.

Sharla Stolhandske

Am I a cyclist? Hmm, not really. I grew up on a farm driving grain trucks - not much opportunity for bike riding. In university, biking was a mode of necessity, not an identity. Do I enjoy the freedom of biking instead of being stuck in my car in traffic? For sure. Do I like rockstar parking in front of the grocery store? Yup. Do I enjoy skipping the gas bill? 100%. Do I relish being fit enough to keep up with the kids? You bet. So….maybe I am a cyclist. Sometimes. And more often now. You could be too.

Philip Cookson

Working with HUB following a 30 year career in public education Phil is delighted to have the opportunity to combine his love of cycling, his joy for teaching and learning, and his desire to make the world just a little bit better all in one place.

Mahshid Hadi

Mahshid comes with a whirlwind of diverse experiences. From studying Drama and fine art in Iran to delving into TV and Video Production in Canada, her journey has been nothing short of adventurous. As an art teacher abroad and dabbling in roles like a Radio Technician and Studio Camera Operator in Canada, she’s had the opportunity to explore various paths. But now, it's time to share her ultimate passion for cycling with all of you!

“My cycling story takes me back to when I was a little girl in Iran. My parents bought me a bike, and taught me in our backyard.Oh boy! I stumbled and fell countless times. But with each fall, I rose up again, determined to conquer the two-wheeled wonder. "Let go, Dad, I can do it," I finally called out with unwavering confidence. That's when the love affair with cycling began, and it made me feel truly liberated and free.” 

Growing up in Esfahan, where it was illegal for women to ride bikes, presented a challenging twist. Her dad, fearing for her safety, took her bike away, and that sense of freedom became a distant memory. Yet, she never gave up on finding it again. After moving out of Iran, she reunited with her passion for cycling through bikepacking journeys to refugee camps in Turkey. And guess what? The flame has never died out since! Now, if she is not bikepacking, you can bet she is exploring the city as a car-free cyclist, or in social bike events where freedom, fun, and friendship await! Pedal power, here we come!

Evan Swain

I grew up on Coast Salish territories, in so-called South East Vancouver, and have been avidly riding my good ol’ Kona mountain bike since I was 15. Biking has been my primary mode of transport, through the different neighbourhoods of the city I have lived in my early adulthood. I love to bike fast with my roommates and friends. Following a big crash with a parked car when I was 15, I have gotten a lot better at not turning my entire bicycle when looking behind me to check if my friends are still there. I love to take my bike, all packed and saddled for camping, on the ferry for an adventure far from home. I love figuring out and getting to know my bike, its mechanics, what it can hold, what feels comfortable for me; its and my limitations. I’m interested in getting kids acquainted with the fact that biking is breezy, empowering, exciting, and no huge deal! Outside of biking, I love to draw, joke, play and dance with my friends and my little baby cousins. And I like to play cards with my grandparents… Weehee let’s go on a bike ride!

Liana Salviejo

I remember the day my parents came home with my very first bike as a kid, and I would ride it around my neighbourhood for hours. As I grew up, I stopped riding for a very long time until more recently, when I rediscovered my enjoyment in cycling and have started using it as a mode of transportation more often. Because of this job, I’ve learned a lot about things like bike mechanics and rules of the road, as I am still more of a new rider when it comes to riding on the road in a busy city. As an instructor, I enjoy meeting with and teaching kids how to bike as well as watching them learn to love it as much as I did. I think it's immensely important that we encourage more people to use active transportation, as my background lies in environmental sustainability and I am deeply passionate about doing good things for the Earth and climate. Through this role, I’m excited to further my biking journey and continue to gain more confidence in cycling!

Cassandra DePetrillo

My relationship with cycling began in Toronto in my early 20’s. Dodging streetcar tracks and bad drivers while commuting was my only exposure to biking. After moving out to “Vancouver'' in 2018, I quickly made connections within the bike community through volunteering at Kickstand Bikes and Chill Rides. I have been slowly teaching myself bike mechanics and I love going into Kickstand to work on my bike and learn new things. After moving out west I also discovered the bliss of bikepacking and have embarked on a variety of wild adventures on my two wheels. Being able to carry all I need on a bike is one of the most empowering feelings I’ve ever had. Cycling to me is an intense connection with my mind, body, spirit and community. There isn’t enough space on this page for me to tell you how much cycling means to me! I’ll just say… I am so grateful to have found cycling and I am so excited to spread my bike joy onto others. 

Susan Mousazadeh Namini

When it comes to cycling, my heart just races with excitement! I’m nuts about riding and always pushing people to ditch their cars and use their bikes for their daily commute.

Back in Iran, my home country, being a woman who wanted to ride, was a bit of a struggle, but I found mountain biking like therapy to enjoy cycling with all those problems and difficulties that I had. Now that I’m chilling in beautiful British Columbia, I’ve hit the jackpot for cycling as there are awesome bike lanes for road cycling and trails for mountain biking. 

I’m all about making a difference in communities, and teaching what I know is the best way to spread the biking love and I’m especially stoked about getting kids to it, like imagine empowering a whole new generation of riders, it’s the dream! Fixing up the infrastructure will not work solely, there will be a need to educate, and bam, you’ve got a cycling culture that’s here to stay and I’m more than happy to be a part of this journey.


Robert Paddon

In July 2018 I started bike riding again after some 30 years of no riding.  I did it for my physical and mental wellness.  When I worked for SkyTrain, I would commute to work using the bike and Skytrain.  Depending on the day and the weather I would bike home from Burnaby to Surrey.
I now work from home with my new employer. So occasionally I bike for work to attend a meeting or staff event.  Now I mainly bike for recreation purposes and have set a goal of 50 Km per week. According to my Strava app I have now done 19,572  km since 2018.  My longest ride was a group ride for 120 km in Langley.  Living in Surrey, I find many times it is quicker and easier to run errands on the bicycle.  
I recently had to do some major repairs to my bicycle e.g., front and rear gear sets, bottom bracket, etc.  After 6500 km and two years the parts wore out.  What a nice first world problem to encounter.

Austeja Usaviciute

I was always a fan of cycling - doing little touring trips as a kid with my parents in Lithuania, as a teenager observing in awe my older brother pulling tricks on a bmx, or as an adult ditching my car commute to work for a bike ride in the summer months.

But my REAL bike love started once I moved to Vancouver 6 years ago. Biking was the only affordable way of transportation, and the fastest one; after all these years it has turned into way more than just a form of transportation. I will never forget how fascinated I was to see how many cyclists commute to work every morning here in Vancouver - from little kids all by themselves going to school, mothers loaded with multiple kids on cargo bikes and all the other daily commuters. Soon enough, I surrounded myself with an amazing community by volunteering at Chill Rides, bike packed in so many beautiful places around BC and the USA and saved my sanity by getting all that fresh air during grueling covid months.
I can not be more grateful for all the joy, friends, freedom and adventures these two wheels have given me! I am a huge advocate of cycling and I am here to spread the word around.'

Luke Auffenberg

My love of biking took off around 13 when I got my first road bike, a refurbished mid-eighties Trek 510 that was my steady companion on many long, ponderous rides. My bike gave me physical and mental space and newfound autonomy. Ever since, biking has been my favourite way to explore and get around. When I moved to Montreal for university, I got to know my new city from the saddle of a bright red Austro-Daimler that I eventually named Bernie. Since moving to Vancouver five years ago, I’ve ventured out on my bike all around the Lower Mainland and have even taken some overnight bike trips to some of the Gulf Islands.
I am passionate about working with youth, sparking and enabling their curiosity, and giving them the tools to proceed through life with confidence. I know firsthand how biking can support young people’s imagination and independence, so I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to be a Bike Ed Instructor!

Grace Alcaraz

Salutations! I'm Grace and I'm excited to work with the community through bike education. I love moving by cycle and bicycling has really moved me!

Kayley Johns

Growing up in small towns, cycling was not only my main way to get around town but was also one of my favourite pastimes. The freedom of biking through quiet streets, surrounded by nature, was unparalleled. However, as I transitioned to city living, I lost touch with this connection, mainly because of my apprehension about cycling in a larger city. Reclaiming my passion and confidence in cycling has been absolutely amazing. It's not just about the physical exercise; it's about reconnecting with nature, my community, and being truly immersed in the city around me.

As a recent graduate from UVIC with a Minor in Environmental Studies, my passion for sustainability and education is deeply ingrained in everything I do. Now, I'm thrilled not only to improve my biking skills but also to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with others, empowering them to experience the same joy and connection I've found through cycling.

Chelsea Brager

Hi,  My name is Chelsea! I am a silly, tender, nature-yearning, non-binary human who loves the magic and whimsy of riding a bike! I grew up in so-called “Vancouver”, with a white settler father and a first generation immigrant Filipina mother. Riding my bike started out as the fastest option to get from A to B. Soon enough it became a means to cry, sing, or scream - whatever I was needing at the time. After that, biking continues to be whatever I want it to be! And that’s probably my favourite thing about biking, is that you can make it your own. For me, this is going at whatever pace my heart desires, stopping wherever and however I wish (I like to stop to look at birds or funky mushrooms, maybe pet a neighbourhood cat or two), and choosing whatever bike route feels most like home.

Biking has been a means by which I can connect with my body, process difficult emotions, and become more confident in myself. I am a big proponent of walking up the steep bits, putting my bike on the bus, and going however short or far I want to that day. I am excited to share this love for biking with youth and pals alike, and know I will discover much more to add to the ever growing list of reasons to love pushing my pedals


Hey, I’m Quin (They/Them). I fell in love with biking when I moved to “Victoria, BC” from southwestern Ontario, in my early 20’s. It was a fun and fast way for me to get around the city. Fast-forward 10 years to now, and I’m still stoked about bikes and cycling. Excited to be part of the HUB Instructor team; let’s go!

Lauren Purves

Hi everyone, my name is Lauren and I'm super excited to be an instructor! I grew up biking in a prairie city where public transportation infrastructure was and is severely lacking, so I always relied on my bicycle to get me places. Knowing how important cycling is to mobility and independence, I am grateful to be a part of empowering others to get out in the city on their bikes. In my spare time, you can find me puttering away on my sewing machine, laying in the park with friends, and gardening out front my apartment. 

Christopher Wilson

My first biking experiences began on a farm in Northern Alberta riding the windy, gravel roads with my trusty CCM Mustang named Apollo. With a transistor radio swinging from the handle bars and hockey cards stuck in the spokes, I discovered that unforgettable feeling of independence and freedom peddling across the big sky horizon to play a baseball game in town or find the next best spot to search for arrowheads and cow skulls!