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HUB Cycling has 10 volunteer Local Committees across Metro Vancouver that work to make cycling better in their communities. The committees meet once a month and work to make cycling safer and more attractive for everyone.

The committees do this through activities such as:

  • Writing letters to decision makers
  • Providing feedback on planned infrastructure
  • Meeting with politicians, engineers, planners, and other staff
  • Holding rides to assess cycling conditions
  • Hosting and tabling events in the community
  • Building allies in the community

Our Local Committees are the backbone of our advocacy work across the region. The advocacy work of our Local Committees have led to many infrastructure successes in the region over the years. We are always looking for new members! Everyone is welcome to join.

If you are curious about the types of things the committee in your neighborhood has been doing in Spring of 2024, have a peek at this round-up that highlights just some of the work the committees have done this past season.


For more information about the Local Committee in your area, please click on your municipality:



Don't see your area?

Currently, we have no active committee in the areas not listed above. We welcome interest from all municipalities in Metro Vancouver; if your municipality isn't listed, please join the discussion group nearest you, send questions to the general discussion group, or contact to discuss starting a new committee in your local area.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at HUB Cycling

Inclusion is an underpinning value of what HUB Cycling stands for, as reflected in our Core Values:

  • Respect all forms of transportation.
  • Value cycling as a community-building tool and as a healthy practice for individuals and our environment.
  • Provide inclusive, forward-thinking programs and services, known for engagement and empowerment of the community and their transportation choices.
  • We view the diversity of our members and communities as assets and strive to create and sustain a diverse and culturally competent organization that reflects the populations we serve. This is central to our mission, “to get more people cycling more often” and to our ongoing efforts to remove barriers to cycling.

Learn more about HUB Cycling's Diversity Policy

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