WIN: New Provincial Motor Vehicle Act Regulations

Four young students about 10 years old stand with their bikes on school grounds.

April 5, 2024

HUB Cycling and the BC Cycling Coalition (BCCC) are pleased about the announcement of the recent Motor Vehicle Act regulations arising from Bill 23. “These reforms mark a significant step towards safer roads for all British Columbians,” says Mike Koski, Executive Director of BCCC. “Prioritizing vulnerable road users with concrete measures like safe-passing distances and a ‘vulnerable road user’ framework is an important milestone.”

"We are happy to see these positive steps towards modernizing the Motor Vehicle Act,” says Laura Jane, HUB Cycling’s Executive Director. “While there is still much work to be done, we are encouraged by these steps to better define and protect vulnerable road users.” 

Some improvements include:

  • Vulnerable Road User Definition: The Act now defines Vulnerable Road Users (people cycling, walking, or using motor-assisted cycles), providing more clarity and accountability. 
  • Penalties For Unsafe Behaviour Around Vulnerable Road Users: The new regulations include new penalties for unsafe behaviour around vulnerable road users.
  • Minimum Passing Distances: The regulations also include minimum safe passing distances for drivers passing people on bikes. 

As advocates for safer roads, HUB Cycling, the BCCC, and their partners remain dedicated to championing legislation that prioritizes all road users' safety and well-being - and encourages more people to take active and healthy transportation.

HUB Cycling and BCCC, alongside its partners, remain dedicated to advocating for further improvements to the Motor Vehicle Act and will be providing an updated list of recommendations to the Provincial Government in 2024, including advocating for a Safe Neighbourhood Speeds Law as well as a ban on right turns on red at intersections, which causes many injuries to vulnerable road users, and is particularly dangerous for children. HUB Cycling and BCCC would also like to see the minimum passing distances expanded in the future.

"It’s also important to remember that safe infrastructure like protected bike lanes, slower speeds, and infrastructure design are the key to improving safety and encouraging more active transportation,” adds Jane. HUB Cycling and BCCC will continue to work closely with the government and highlight the need to increase investments in active transportation infrastructure further to improve public health and safety - and meet the Province's CleanBC goals.


How Can Your Support HUB's Advocacy Work?

If possible, consider making a donation to HUB Cycling and support our advocacy work in advocating for Motor Vehicle Act reforms. Your support enables us to make an impact on people of all ages and abilities, and promote access to safe cycling across regional and diverse communities.

What is the Impact of Your Generous Gift? 

  • $2,500 supports efforts to reform the outdated Motor Vehicle Act, making roads safer for everyone. By advocating for updated legislation, we can push for measures prioritizing all road users' safety, including people walking, cycling, or rolling, reducing accidents and fatalities.
  • $1,000 helps us do the research needed to address transportation inequalities by providing safer and more accessible options for those who rely on walking and cycling as their primary means of getting around.
  • $200 will help HUB organize online learning to encourage people of all ages and abilities to bike.