ACTION: Tell School Trustees you support a Safe Passing Distance Law in BC!

April 12, 2022

School Districts all across BC want healthier and more active students. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by getting more children and families to walk and bike to school. 

However, few roads in our province have bike lanes or shoulders, and many do not even have sidewalks, forcing people on bikes and on foot to share the road with high-speed motor vehicle traffic. This has sadly led to injuries and deaths of many young people, who were just on their way to school.

Currently, there is no law in place in BC stating how much space a person driving should give when passing vulnerable road users. Many provinces, including Ontario and Quebec, have mandated by law minimum passing distances of at least one metre to protect vulnerable road users.

It’s time for a safe passing law here in BC! The BC School Trustees Association will be considering a motion at their Annual General Meeting, which asks the province to implement a safe passing distance law with a minimum of one metre passing distance to protect vulnerable road users. Please add your voice to our call.