Join the Road to Reform: Protect All Road Users

A man rides his bike in heavy traffic with parked vehicles on one side of him and moving vehicles on the other side of him. He has a pool noodle hanging off the side of his bike to encourage people driving to give him a safe passing distance.

February 7, 2023

Updates to BC’s Motor Vehicle Act are urgently needed to improve the safety of vulnerable road users (VRUs), including people walking, biking and rolling.

If we don't act now, these much-needed reforms may not get on the agenda of the upcoming spring parliamentary session.

Government of BC staff are actively developing recommendations to reform the MVA to achieve the government’s climate action, road safety and transportation goals.  Join us and call on your MLA to ensure that Motor Vehicle Act reforms will be brought forward in the upcoming spring parliamentary session and to vote YES when it comes to the legislature.

To make it easier, we have provided a template email to send to your MLA. However, it is more impactful when constituents write customized emails—so we have provided vital points you include in the letter-writing tool below.

Thank you.