The 0km Commute

May 21, 2020

The realization that a new working-from-home routine did not have to mark the end of my bicycle commute.

- by Kristen Elder, Bike Education Coordinator -


Cycling used to be just another recreational activity for me. I was your typical fair-weather rider and happily so. But once I joined the Bike Education team at HUB Cycling, it became impossible to resist becoming one of the thousands of Metro Vancouverites commuting by bicycle every day. It has grown to be my primary - and much preferred - means of transport. It’s become as routine as my morning coffee. Unfortunately pandemics don’t care much for routines.  

When the new work-from-home protocols were announced, I wasn’t alone in wondering how to cope. How would I separate working hours from off-hours? How would I keep my spirits up? How out of sorts would I feel without my daily bike commute - sluggish, cranky, claustrophobic?!

Up until that point I cycled primarily for travel: to get from point A to point B. But when the need for travel disappeared, all the other benefits of cycling surfaced, and I began to ride for every reason except to travel.

I affectionately call it the “0km commute”.

I’ll take a scenic route around my neighbourhood before opening my laptop, and another ride to signal that the work day is done. These trips create bookends for my day. They add structure and routine; they move my body and relax my mind; feed me fresh air and lift my spirits.

Maybe you too could benefit from a 0km commute these days? Perhaps you’ve never been able to bike to work or school before - whether the route is too long, hilly, or unsafe. This is a unique opportunity to design your own 0km commute. It doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t have to be productive, and you certainly don’t have to break a sweat. Choose a different loop every day or week, or retrace your favourite one and let your mind relax as it becomes second nature. Heck, wear your pajama pants!

And another great thing about the 0km commute - you only have your own front door to impress upon arriving at your destination. 


If you'd like to add 'winning prizes' to your list of cycling benefits, be sure to log your trips as part of HUB's Go By Bike Week, happening May 25-31!