HUB: Your Cycling Connection

We make cycling better through education, action and events.  More cycling means healthier, happier, more connected communities. We’re leading the way in making cycling an attractive choice for everyone.

HUB (formerly the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition) is a charitable organization, originally established in 1998 as a non-profit to address cycling issues in Metro Vancouver. Since then, we've grown a lot! We've educated thousands of children and adults and motivated thousands more.

Organization Chart

What we do:

  • Provide bicycle education to all ages
  • Communicate & encourage more people to cycle, more often
  • Build a fun & social community with events, programs & courses
  • Work with governments, businesses & community organizations
  • Research & write letters & reports

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A member-based organization, we strive to remove barriers to cycling and improve the quality of our communities, our health, the environment, and local economies.

Our Vision

In Metro Vancouver in 2030, cycling is an attractive transportation option because it is fun, safe, convenient and comfortable for people of all ages and cycling abilities. Investment in cycling is aligned with ambitious government mode share goals, cycling education is universally accessible and cycling facilities are connected throughout the region.

Our Mission

To get more people cycling, more often.

Core Values

As Metro Vancouver's most recognized and respected cycling transportation organization we:

  • Respect all forms of transportation
  • Value cycling as a community building tool & as a healthy practice for individuals & our environment
  • Provide inclusive, forward-thinking programs and services, known for engagement and empowerment of the community and their transportation choices
  • Avoid funding or support that could compromise the integrity of our mission, purpose or values


Join the HUB Board

Elections for the HUB Board of Directors are held at our Annual General Meeting - our 2015 AGM is coming up:

Saturday Sept 19
1:30-4:30 pm (Registration at 1pm)
Creekside Community Centre, Room MP2
1 Athlete's Way, Vancouver

Board applications are accepted prior to the AGM; if you or someone you know are interested in joining the HUB Cycling Board, complete an application and send to

For more information, visit our AGM page.

Board of Directors

Lori Kessler Gratl


Lori Kessler Gratl joined the Board in 2010 and serves as the Vice President. With HUB she strives to "make cycling accessible for daily life".

Lori is an architect and enthusiastic cyclist: she bikes to work daily, loves long-distance touring, and is a performing member of the B:C:Clettes. Past bike tours include northern Europe, Rocky Mountains, Arctic Circle, deserts, islands and more. Her architectural work focuses on sustainable design in public buildings: schools, community centres, art galleries, an animal rescue shelter. Lori is the LEED Coordinator for several projects (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design); she also serves on the Board of Directors for Commercial Driveís East End Food Co-op.

Lori has lived in Atlanta; Paris, France; Eugene; and, since 2003, Vancouver.

Alexander Clarkson


Alex is a prosecutor helping to enforce Canada's environmental laws. He has an engineering degree & a law degree and he conducts hearings in both English & French. He is also a published legal author on the topic of environmental law. He has appeared before administrative tribunals, the Tax Court of Canada, the B.C. Provincial Court and the B.C. Supreme Court. He has worked closely with various environmental NGOs & government agencies across Canada & founded Hearth Vancouver, a community group that supplies free insulation to homes that 
need it.

Alex has a strong belief that cycling creates cleaner, closer, and safer communities. He would like to see Vancouver as a model of sustainable and intelligent city planning. He sees cycling as an integral part of the solution to international environmental concerns as well as local concerns about the quality of life in our communities.

Fiona E. Walsh

Fiona bought an electric-assist bike in 2009 and became a commuter cyclist, after 40 years of only driving a car.  Now she only insures her car for holiday road trips. She is an elementary school teacher in Burnaby, and bikes to work across the Iron Workers’ Memorial Bridge from her home in the City of North Vancouver.  She has taught students, from 5 to 75 years old, in English and French, and volunteered  to teach in Uganda, Ghana, China and Peru in the summertime.  She is on the Executive Committee of the Burnaby Teachers’ Association; volunteers with the North Shore Emergency Social Services; and chairs her neighbourhood community association.

 Fiona joined HUB in 2010 and became a member of the board in the summer of 2012.  She is on the North Shore HUB Committee and, after breaking her arm in an accident on the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge, joined that committee to work for improvements to the bridge accesses and sidewalks.  She hopes to act as liaison to the BC Cycling Coalition and to tackle issues around outdated and/or non-existent TAC standards for cyclists, pedestrians and people on mobility devices. 

Roger Foster


Having grown up in an area where his friends lived in houses miles away, Roger has used a bike as a means of transportation for as long as he can remember.

The health and environmental benefits that society would reap if short commutes were done on a bike, is a much understated phenomenon.

Roger is an accountant with eighteen years of public accounting and public finance related experience.

Jennifer Brough


Cycling is Jen's favourite way to commute.  Mostly she simply just enjoys being on a bike, but she also likes the convenience, exercise and being outside.  She's glad cycling reduces traffic congestion and air pollution. 

She also enjoys mountain biking and long-distance road riding.  

Jen works as a lawyer at Vancity credit union.  Previously she worked as a corporate/commercial lawyer at law firms in Vancouver and New York. 

She wants to help make Metro Vancouver a great place for cyclists of all ages and abilities.  

Jennifer Conroy

Jennifer works in marketing and communications for community engagement at SFU Vancouver. Her campaigns on sustainability, transportation, and urban re-connection have earned national marketing awards and civic recognition for SFU and partners Vancity and the Vancouver Foundation.

Jennifer’s had bikes since she was a little kid in East Van. She counts long commutes, tours, and rides around the city among her happiest times. She worked through undergraduate and graduate degrees in Sociology and Humanities at SFU, and studied typography and information design in Langara College’s Ideation Program. She's worked as a designer, instructor, writer, researcher and editor. She has also taken all of HUB’s advanced mechanics courses, and loves knowing how to fix her own ride. She has an old road bike, an older touring bike, and a blossoming crush on a city cruiser.

Jennifer joined the board as interim director in 2014. She's well-versed in the benefits bike culture brings to cities. Inspired by years of fun and freedom on two wheels, she is committed to helping build a flourishing bike life in Metro Vancouver.

Jeff Leigh

Now retired, Jeff is a former Vice President at Finning International, which brought Jeff to live and work across Canada, South America, and Europe. Jeff also led engineering teams at Westport Innovations.

Jeff lives downtown and cycles locally, while also enjoying cycling trips abroad. “I believe that cycling is a key part of our transportation mix, and that it should be encouraged by the creation of infrastructure that allows cyclists to both be safe and feel safe, and by offering training for cyclists of all ages,” says Jeff.

Jeff is co-chair of the Vancouver / UBC Committee at HUB, and has worked hands-on to make operational improvements relating to communications, assessment rides, and new committee member on-boarding. Jeff also jointly established a structure of working groups within the committee.


Megan Lau

Megan has been active in Vancouver’s communities as a writer, editor, and programmer for the past ten years. She graduated from SFU with a degree in communication studies and English, and earned a Master of Publishing from SFU in 2011. She was the editor of Ricepaper Magazine, and a founding editor of Sad Mag. In 2013, she helped to transform the Vancouver Chinatown Night Market into an inclusive, accessible space for dialogue, community, arts, and small business. She currently works with hua foundation, a local non-profit that builds movements and solutions that strengthen capacity for sustainability in the Chinese-Canadian community. 
Megan joined HUB because she deeply believes cycling can change communities and the lives of people in Metro Vancouver. "I’d like to see the number of people who commute by cycling to double in the next decade," Megan says. "When I moved to Vancouver in 2011, friends and strangers urged me to buy a bike — I am so glad they did. It has positively transformed the way I experience our city."

Lucas Gallagher

Lucas currently runs the Bike Kitchen at UBC, where he is often referred to as ‘the nice guy’. He has a BFA degree and aspires to be an entrepreneur. Lucas rides a bike as his sole means of transportation, races road and cyclocross, enjoys randonneuring and cycle touring, and is passionate about cycling advocacy. He has taught countless workshops on bike mechanics and is most fulfilled sharing his skills and knowledge with others. His most satisfying role was as Kid’s Bike Club leader, teaching 9-13 year old kids how to safely enjoy cycling in the city. He works daily to reduce barriers to cycling and foster a city that celebrates the bicycle. 
Lucas joined HUB because he loves cycling as transportation, and feels that controlling one's own transportation in a low cost (both financially and ecologically) way is personally empowering and creates physical and mental health as a by-product. "I feel that cycling is the best transportation option for our society and I wish everyone would use cycling for at least part of their transportation needs," says Lucas. "My dream of cycling in Vancouver would be never again hearing anyone say, 'Cycling? Isn’t that dangerous?'"


Kay Teschke

Kay is Professor in UBC’s School of Population and Public Health. Her main research for 25 years was occupational and environmental health.

She always enjoyed cycling to work and for fun, but saw bicycling in a different light when her daughter was born. After an introduction to how bike facilities were planned via a stint on Vancouver’s Bicycle Advisory Committee, she started a new program of research, “Cycling in Cities”. It focuses on which route types encourage or discourage bicycling and increase or decrease injury risk.  She hopes this perspective will be helpful to the HUB Board.


Lori Kessler Gratl
Alexander Clarkson
Fiona E. Walsh
Roger Foster
Jennifer Brough
Jennifer Conroy
Jeff Leigh
Megan Lau
Lucas Gallagher
Kay Teschke

Who Works Here

Erin O’Melinn

Executive Director

Erin has been with HUB Cycling since 2009. Her background is in community engagement and urban planning, with a Master of Urban Studies degree from Simon Fraser University.In the past she has worked for local government and crown corporations in their sustainability and outreach initiatives.

Erin was a Director of the Board with the Vancouver Public Space Network from 2007-2012, working to create vibrant urban spaces inviting to everyone. In 2011, she was elected to the Board of the Alliance for Biking and Walking, the North American umbrella association for active transportation advocacy.

Scout Gray

Bike Education Program Manager

Scout is responsible for bike education at all ages. Their passion for empowering people to learn about their bicycles, their role on the road, and the fun they can have on their bikes shines through in the success of her programs.

Bike to School has been rapidly growing, in both elementary and high schools in Metro Vancouver, and Scout is also part of the team behind the Right to Bike initiative to push for provincial bicycle education standards.

Scout also manages Streetwise Cycling Courses, offered in community centres in many cities, covering everything from learning to ride as an adult to basic road skills to advanced bike mechanics.

Scout rides a 1984 (that is a guess) black Nishiki International (his name is August) as well as a Maroon Nishiki Sport named Alistair.

Laura Jane

Bike to Work Manager

Laura is a passionate community event manager and educator. She is a strong believer in happy, healthy, and inclusive urban communities and feels that the bicycle is the key to achieving these societal outcomes.

Laura enjoys the convenience of biking, its low environmental impact, and the energy she gets from riding. Her goal is to promote cycling as a primary mode of transportation throughout Metro Vancouver - a perfect fit for her role as Program Manager of Bike to Work Week.

Previously, Laura has worked for Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver Foundation, City College Norwich, Nature Conservancy of Canada, and Moss Street Community Market in Victoria.

When she’s not cycling around Vancouver's Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, Laura can be found hiking, camping, and learning languages. Laura has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from McGill University.

Tim Welsh

Director of Programs

Growing up in a small BC interior town, Tim spent much of his youth on a bike exploring and learning about the world.  As an adult living in Vancouver Tim rediscovered cycling for practical and environmental reasons, and has since become an enthusiastic cyclist, bike mechanic, and bicycling promoter.  

Refugee and immigrant settlement have been the focus of Tim's professional career for over two decades prior to his joining HUB in 2013 as Director of Programs.  In addition to developing and delivering a range of services for newcomers, Tim has played a central facilitative role between not-for-profit service providers and government funders in the expansion and professionalization of refugee and immigrant services in BC and nationally.  Tim is excited to be part of HUB where he can bring his program development expertise to his area of passion - urban cycling. 

Colin Stein

Director of Marketing, Communications & Campaigns

Colin is responsible for the HUB image and message, such as the HUB website, our social media outreach and promotions, and lots of other fun and creative stuff. He also supports our event and program managers, and helps our Board, members, sponsors and corporate partners get the most out of working with HUB: Your Cycling Connection.

Prior to joining HUB, Colin worked in the BC technology sector, as well as in economic development, insurance, media and entertainment. Born and raised in Ontario, Colin moved to Vancouver in 1995, and currently rides a Kona Dew Deluxe.

Nicole Ford

Membership Manager

Nicole joined HUB in 2014 as Office Manager and has transitioned to Memebership while also supporting Bike Friendly Business.

Nicole studied interior design at BCIT, industrial design at Emily Carr and works as a freelance graphic designer when she’s not at HUB.  She loves to ride with her husband, and their toddler in tow.

She is also an organizer of Vancouver Changecamp and was the first manager of the HiVE – Vancouver Society. Her greatest passions are for causes that benefit society as well as the environment.

Alyshia Burak

Alyshia joined the HUB Cycling team in 2015. She coordinates cycling education delivered to school across the Lower Mainland as part of the Bike to School program, and also supports Streetwise Cycling courses for all ages.


Alyshia is passionate about fostering healthy living, social equality, and thriving communities and has worked with non-profit organizations both locally and globally to achieve these goals.

She loves to explore new places, and recently went on her first touring trip along the Welsh coast. When she’s not riding around town on her blue Bianchi, you can find her learning to climb at the bouldering gym, shopping for local produce at the farmers market or singing karaoke like nobody is listening."


Alison Planche

Office Manager

Alison’s first day at HUB was the first day of spring 2015 Bike to Work Week, and as far as she’s concerned, there was no better way to dive right in!

As our first point of contact at HUB responsible for administration, operations and general support for the public, members, volunteers and partners, you’ll likely meet Alison when you call or stop by the office.

With a background in business management and the non-profit sector, Alison keeps the HUB office running smoothly.  Most recently, Alison was a program planner at Calgary Public Library, and is currently researching aging issues in Vancouver’s co-op housing community.  

She feels incredibly lucky to be part of making cycling better in Vancouver. When not at work, you can probably find Alison at the beach with her bike and a book.


Erin O’Melinn
Scout Gray
Laura Jane
Tim Welsh
Colin Stein
Nicole Ford
Alyshia Burak
Alison Planche