2021 Board of Director Candidates

As a member-based organization, HUB Cycling is accountable to its members and is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. Candidates for the 2021 elections are listed in alphabetical order (last name) below.


Matthew Alexander

Update: ELECTED Sep 2021

Matt is a father of two and is passionate about making cycling safe for his family. His passion for cycling took off after a Canada-wide bike trip and since then he's constantly making excuses to go for a bike ride.

Matt is a Chartered Professional Accountant- CA with over 15 years of accounting and finance experience. He has extensive experience preparing financial statements, reviewing internal controls, and preparing annual and multi-year budgets. His board experience includes four years with Hub cycling, where he is the Treasurer and is the Co-Chair of the Operations Committee. He also has previous board experience as the Chair of the Finance Committee for the West End Food Co-operative- a co-op promoting access to healthy and sustainable food.

He believes that cycling is incredibly fun and that with the right exposure everyone would prefer a bike over other modes of transportation. He sees HUB as a fantastic way to expose and educate residents as to how amazing commuting can be on a bike.

Carlos Alonso

Update: ELECTED Sep 2021

Carlos was born and raised in Argentina where he attended school and university. Carlos's background is in aerospace engineering. He has worked in space projects development in Argentina, Italy and Canada.

Carlos came to Canada in 2004 to work for MDA in Richmond. Carlos was a Program Manager and managed space infrastructure projects for commercial customers and for the government of Canada.

Last year Carlos left MDA to develop other interests in addition to aerospace, and now enjoys cycling across the lower mainland and getting back to his passion of designing and building bikes.

Geneviève Bowers

Update: ELECTED Sep 2021

Geneviève Bowers moved to Vancouver in 2010 and started cycling soon after. She is a regular commuter, a road cyclist, and an adventurer who enjoys self-supported cycle touring. She’s also used cycling to fundraise for ovarian cancer research.

She has extensive work experience in analyzing various policy issues and developing policy for public entities. Geneviève has also volunteered in the past as a Board Director for a non-profit that fundraises for and disperses student financial awards. She hopes to use her skills and experience in fundraising, working closely with senior officials, intergovernmental relations, stakeholder engagement, and strategic planning to assist Hub in its mission to get more people cycling more often. Currently, she works as a Policy Analyst at the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

Geneviève has served on the Board of Hub Cycling since 2019 and has sat on the Regional Advisory Committee and Board Development Committee. She believes cycling can provide a sense of joy, freedom, empowerment, and connection and wants to help others feel safe and welcomed while riding through Metro Vancouver.

Nadia Fourik

Update: ELECTED Sep 2021

Nadia was born and raised in North Vancouver and currently lives in the Moodyville neighbourhood. Nadia has a background in business and management consulting. She completed her Master of Public Health from the University of British Columbia in 2018 and is now the Regional Leader for Health Promotion and Prevention at Vancouver Coastal Health.

Nadia is passionate about creating transportation networks that make active transportation the convenient choice for people of all ages and abilities. You can find her cycling the North Shore on the weekends, to her office in Vancouver during the week, and exploring new places by bike whenever time permits.

Julia Gellman

Update: ELECTED Sep 2021

Julia has lived in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. With experience as a bike commuter in all these cities, she is dedicated to the creation of bike-friendly cities and communities.

Currently, she works as the Sustainability Specialist for the University Neighbourhoods Association, and has just completed her Masters of Education for Sustainability at UBC.

Julia also volunteers for the Vancouver Park Board’s Neighbourhood Matching Fund; supporting neighbourhood-based community projects to enhance parks and public spaces in the city. Julia hopes to contribute to HUB’s Board of Directors by helping create systems, infrastructure, and community around cycling in Metro Vancouver.

Nicole Mallette


Nicole is a researcher and instructor at UBC, whose work focuses on social inequalities in education. When not on a bike commuting, Nicole is cycling around town with friends or participating in local group rides (e.g. YVR Coffee Outside Saturday Slow Rides, Kissing Crows Bike Shop Sunday Slow Rides).

Nicole and her partner are avid bike tinkerers and love nothing more to see more people getting out on bikes.









Peter Sales

Update: ELECTED Sep 2021

Peter Sales has lived in Canada for the past 10 years. Peter grew up in England and first moved to Vancouver to study for a year at UBC. He fell in love with the ocean, the mountains and the forests and knew he would be back.

Peter now has 2 young children (aged 3 and 5) and cycles to school with them each morning. Peter has been a regular cycling commuter all my life and I am passionate about cycling and helping encourage others to do so by removing any barriers they may have.

Matt Strand

Update: ELECTED Sep 2021

Matt Strand has worked at the intersection of business, environment and community for the past 20 years.

Currently, Matt works for QuadReal, a global real estate company based out of Vancouver. His responsibilities include leading the company's accessibility strategy, facilitating QuadReal's response to COVID-19 and its commitment to indoor air quality, developing the company's health and safety program, and working on elements of the climate change adaptation strategy.

Matt has been on HUB board of directors for the past 3 years. He is the board secretary and the chair of the Board Development Committee.

Özge Yazar

Update: ELECTED Sep 2021

Özge is a lawyer and an avid cyclist. Özge grew up and finished their Bachelor's degree in Turkey.

Özge lived in Montreal, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and moved to Vancouver for law school, and Özge now lives and works here. Özge likes to swim, run, and go for very long bike rides all around the Lower Mainland.