Electric Assist Bikes

What are e-bikes? An e-bike is any bicycle that uses an integrated electric motor to assist in propulsion. While some come equipped with a throttle and can be used like a moped, they can all be pedaled - a distinction that legally separates them from electric motorcycles.

HUB Cycling Position on Electric-Assist Bikes: HUB Cycling’s mission is to get more people cycling more often. Electric-assist e-bikes further this mission because they allow people with physical limits, those with longer commutes, and those facing hilly terrain to cycle more often. Therefore, HUB encourages the use of electric-assist e-bikes (check out our resources section on Adaptive Bikes for more info on electric-assist bikes and adaptive bicycles).


Ebikes Incentives and Regulations

  • PST Exemption on e-bikes and trikes: HUB Cycling is pleased to see the PST exemption announced for electric-assist bicycles. E-assist cycles are increasing in popularity. They expand the accessibility of cycling to more ages and abilities, hilly places, and longer distances - commuting from suburbs to job centers, and improving cycle tourism opportunities. 
  • Ebikes on buses - permitted as of January 2020
  • Ebikes in BC Parks regulations
  • Ebike BC Regulations




Choosing an Ebike

Intro to Riding an E-Bike

If you can ride a traditional bicycle, you can ride an electric-assist bicycle - or “e-bike”! Check out this video demonstration below put together by HUB Cycling and BCAA explaining all the basics of getting started with riding your e-bike.


E-Bike Etiquette

Since e-bikes move faster than people walking or pedaling traditional bicycles, it's important to be predictable and courteous to other path and road users. Check out this cycling etiquette video put together by HUB Cycling and BCAA to help keep yourself and others safe while cycling.



E-biking education is proudly supported by BCAA.