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StreetWise Cycling Online is a free adult cycling course that helps adult beginner and intermediate riders gain the knowledge and skills needed to cycle with confidence. This course has compiled key concepts from HUB Cycling’s catalog of StreetWise courses and presents them in a straightforward and interactive manner. By hosting it on the popular education platform, Moodle, participants can learn from the safety of their own space, at their own pace, on any device with an internet browser.  Since 2022, HUB Cycling is partnering with GoByBike BC to offer StreetWise Cycling Online throughout the province of British Columbia.

Learn about: 

  • Essential and helpful cycling gear 
  • Pre-ride ABC Quick Checks
  • Route planning with bike maps
  • Rights & responsibilities as a person biking
  • Optional units on specialized bikes, such as e-cycling or e-biking safety and care 
  • Handling e-bike batteries
  • Riding on the road and navigating intersections
  • Other helpful resources, and more!

The course can be accessed at any time, from any computer or device with an internet connection.  We estimate it will take you approximately 1-2 hours to complete, which can be broken up into several sessions. You are also welcome to complete only those sections of interest. 


Click this button to start the free course now.


How to Register

BC residents are invited to register themselves for StreetWise Cycling Online. Here's how to register: 

  1. Visit: to create a new account
  2. Choose a username and then enter your first and last name, email address, and the city or municipality you live in. We recommend using your email as a username but you can also choose another username. It can only contain alphanumeric lowercase characters (letters and numbers), underscore (_), hyphen (-), period (.) or at symbol (@).
  3. Check your email inbox and confirm your email address by clicking the link in the email (check your Spam/Junk folder for this confirmation email!).  This will take your dashboard where you can enroll yourself in StreetWise Cycling Online.
  4. Complete all or parts of the course, earn badges, and a certificate.  Please complete the feedback activity to help us make the course better. To access your completion certificate, you must complete all activities, including feedback.  
  5. To log back in anytime after creating a username go to
  6. Get out riding and try some of the skills learned!

Helpful tips:

  • Course displays best in Chrome or Safari browser on a computer or tablet (iPad etc).
  • Your progress is tracked if you leave the course and log in later.
  • Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.
  • Still stuck? email for help.

Those interested in enrolling a group of people or workplace can contact us by emailing

Preview the Course

Screenshots from the course:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to enroll in the course?

No, currently the course is provided to British Columbia residents free of cost.  However, HUB Cycling does incur costs for each user that enrolls, as such, if you can, consider donating to help more people gain access to our online and in-person courses.


I’m having trouble gaining access to the course, help?

If you haven't received your confirmation email, please check your Junk/Spam folder or search for an email from the domain

Still having problems? Email with your first & last name, and the city you live in and we will register you and send you the link for access.


Do I have to download anything or install an App?

No, we recommend accessing the course through a Chrome or Safari browser on a computer or tablet. While the course is available through smartphone browsers, some activities may be harder to complete on smaller screens.


How long do I have to work on the course?

You have up to 1 year to complete the course before your enrollment expires. 


How long does it take to complete the course?

We estimate it will take you around 1-2 hrs to complete.  You can complete it over as many sessions as you'd like and your progress will be tracked by logging back in each time.


I am an adult beginner or expert rider, can I take this course?

Yes, this course is designed for those new to riding bikes for transportation; however, it is open to all.  For detailed information on specific cycling topics such as E-biking, Biking with Children, Routes around Metro Vancouver, or Basic Bike maintenance check out our free webinar courses, scheduled regularly through spring, summer, and early fall.  

For youth ages 9-12 years, we have another online course: Learn2Ride Online.  See the Learn2Ride Online webpage on how to register.

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