StreetWise Cycling Online

Cycling has gained well-founded popularity at a time when many are seeking safe transportation options and outlets to support their mental and physical health. StreetWise Cycling Online is a low-barrier educational resource that helps adult beginner riders gain the knowledge and skills needed to start their cycling journeys with confidence. It has compiled key concepts from HUB Cycling’s catalog of StreetWise courses and presents them in a straightforward and interactive manner. By hosting it on the popular education platform, Moodle, participants can learn from the safety of their own space, at their own pace, on any device with an internet browser. 

Gain access to information about: 

  • Essential and helpful gear 
  • Pre-ride ABC Quick Checks
  • Route planning
  • Rights & responsibilities as a cyclist
  • Riding on the road and navigating intersections
  • other helpful resources, and more!

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Those interested in enrolling a group or workplace can contact us here.