2022 Municipal Elections

Vote for Better Biking 

Municipal elections occurred in municipalities across Metro Vancouver on Saturday, October 15, 2022.

We surveyed candidates across the region about their positions on cycling and shared the results with our members  supporters, and the general public.

Elected officials are incredibly important since their votes determine which plans, projects, and pieces of infrastructure get built—and which don't.

Do you know where your candidates stand on active transportation? Which candidates will take the bold actions necessary to meet Transport 2050 goals to address the climate crisis?

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Municipal Election Candidate Survey

Do you know which candidates running for public office will make cycling better in your cities? With many pressing issues facing our cities, active transportation may not feature prominently on many candidates' and parties' platforms. However, this is still a topic of great interest to the public, and the public needs to know how their elected officials will vote on active transportation and cycling motions.

We are surveying all candidates running for council in municipalities across Metro Vancouver, the Park Board in Vancouver, and the School Board in New Westminster. The surveys will consist of multiple-choice and long-answer questions to help voters understand where candidates stand on active transportation.

We reached out to candidates with publicly available contact information as well as party contacts. Candidates were given a deadline to submit their responses, and no responses were accepted afterwards. Survey results were published after surveys had been closed.


Survey Results


BurnabyDelta | CoquitlamLangley City | Langley Township | Maple Ridge | New Westminster | North Vancouver City | North Vancouver DistrictPitt MeadowsPort Coquitlam | Port Moody | RichmondSurrey | VancouverWest VancouverWhite Rock


We encourage you to read candidates' long answer survey responses to further understand their positions on active transportation 



Vancouver Council and Parks Board Bike-Related Voting Records

The Vancouver Local Committee scoured through Council and Parks Board votes to find out how incumbent councillors and commissioners voted on bike-related motions. 

We identified 27 Council votes and 12 Parks Board votes related to bicycling, active transportation, green transport, micromobility, and slow speeds in the period from January 2019 to August 2022.

There were differences in voting patterns across individual councillors, parks board commissioners, with some trends along party lines.




HUB Cycling's 2022 Municipal Election Cycling Platform

We have developed a list of practical actions and policies – our Municipal Election Cycling Platform – that could be implemented in the next council term to help make cycling accessible to people of all ages and abilities. The platform focuses on four focus areas—land use, infrastructure, bold steps, and social equity.

Included in our platform are positions to:

  • Support sustainable land use plans and zoning, including densification and building complete communities where people can access all of their daily needs within a 15-minute walk or bike ride, including jobs, groceries, schools and services;
  • Support infrastructure projects that separate people on bikes from people travelling on foot and by car to improve safety for all users and remove conflict between different modes;
  • Support the piloting and expansion of bike share and e-bike share programs in urban centres; and
  • Prioritize the creation of active transportation infrastructure in neighbourhoods that have historically seen less investment, particularly in economically deprived areas. Low-income communities benefit from having more low-cost transportation options, especially as the cost of living increases.




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