Happy Earth Day! Here are 7 Ways You Can Support HUB Cycling

A man rides a recumbent bike and a woman rides a gravel bike. They are laughing.

April 19, 2023

Getting around on two wheels really is better for the planet. Cycling has substantial environmental benefits - it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, reduces air pollution, doesn’t emit fossil fuels, relieves congestion and traffic by reducing cars on roads, reduces noise pollution, and centers you right into nature. It’s also more affordable than other forms of transportation, like driving, especially amidst high gas prices and inflation. Plus, it's a great way to get exercise!

Earth Day takes place on Saturday, April 22, this year. Check out these seven ways you can support HUB Cycling in getting more people cycling more often this Earth Day:

  1. Invest in our planet by donating to HUB Cycling to support their advocacy work to get more people cycling more often.
  2. Join HUB as a lifetime member for just $10. The more members we have, the stronger our voice is when we advocate for safer and better biking for all ages and abilities. 
  3. Make the shift from weekend rides to weekday commutes with HUB Cycling’s Spring Go by Bike Week from May 29-June 4, 2023. Registration is now open!
  4. Go for a bike ride! Need to brush up on your skills? Take HUB Cycling's free StreetWise Cycling online course or sign-up for our StreetWise Cycling Courses at Trout Lake.
  5. Join a HUB Cycling Local Committee or the Youth Advisory Committee! HUB Cycling's 11 committees of volunteers working to improve cycling in their communities. No experience is required to join.
  6. Get a Bike Friendly Buildings assessment for your planned or existing building to ensure that its design, equipment, and policies do the most possible to promote and reward people cycling. 
  7. Sign-up for HUB Cycling’s newsletter to stay informed on cycling-related news, events, and upcoming advocacy campaigns you can support.