Youth Advisory Committee

Are you a young person who loves to bike and wants to work with other passionate young people to get more people cycling more often? HUB Cycling's Youth Advisory Committee is a youth-led group focused on getting more youth—high-school and university-aged people—to get on their bikes.


Join our Discord server to learn about what we're working on! All are welcome!

If you would like to join the group, introduce yourself in the discord channel or shoot an email to and tell us a little bit about yourself!


Chair: Vacant
Instagram: @HUBCyclingYAC

Visit to access past committee meeting agendas, minutes, and other documents
Join our Discord server to stay updated on what we're up to and to join in!






The Youth Advisory Committee meets virtually on Discord. Join the discord server to get updates, and email to be formally added to the membership list.

Monthly meetings held virtually. To see more information, join the Discord Server.

Location: Online, via Discord.




HUB Cycling’s Youth Advisory Group is a platform for youth to collaborate on initiatives to engage their communities and get more youth cycling more often.




We're recruiting!

We are currently recruiting executive members of the team, including a secretary, treasurer, graphic designer, and other roles. Executive members are required to attend one executive meeting a month, and spend about 3-5 hours on committee-related tasks per month outside of meetings. The roles have a one year term, lining up with the September to August school year.


If you are organized, enjoy guiding discussions with like-minded individuals, and want to work collaboratively with decision-makers to make cycling safer in your community, then this position is for you! You’ll be supported along the way by HUB Cycling staff who can provide resources and other support.

Tasks include:

Between Meetings:

  • Prepare an agenda and email to members one week prior to meeting.
  • Share meeting minutes within one week of meetings.
  • Share priority news updates with committee members.
  • Follow-up on outstanding action items.
  • Follow-up with subcommittees.

During Meetings:

  • Chair or Co-Chair meeting.
  • Ensure all attendees are welcomed, included, and are encouraged to participate.
  • Ensure that the meeting runs effectively and on-schedule and ensure all relevant matters are discussed.

See full position description

Secretary / Notetaker

If you are organized, quick on the keyboard, and are passionate about getting more people cycling more often in your community, then this position is for you! You’ll be supported along the way by HUB Cycling staff who can provide resources and other support.

Tasks include:

  • Taking notes during meetings
  • Ensure that action items are recorded, including due dates and who will take action
  • Ensuring that new attendees have provided their contact information to be added to email lists

See full position description

Treasurer / Grant-seeker

Enjoy keeping close track of the finances? Then this position is for you! The person who will thrive in this position will ideally have some prior grant writing experience and will be adept at keeping our finances on track.

Tasks include:

  • Keeping track of committee spending, ensuring that it doesn't exceed the budget
  • Actively seeking out grants and funding opportunities
  • Submitting receipts to HUB for reimbursement

See full position description


Current Projects

Youth Cycling Habits Survey

To understand how to get more youth cycling, we need to understand the current travel patterns, motivations, and barriers to getting youth cycling.

One way that we are striving to get youth voices heard is by compiling information on youth cycling habits to better understand specific priorities for our advocacy work. We have put together a survey for anyone above the age of 14, to understand youth cycling habits, with separate versions for youth (aged 14-24), parents of youth, or post-youth (people who used to be youth)




Executive Committee

Vacant - Chair

Kylie Seto - Communications Coordinator

Photo and bio coming :)

Sasha Makarevski - Events Coordinator

​Photo and bio coming :)

Zach Lucas - Graphic Designer

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