Vancouver Candidate Survey Results | 2022 Municipal Election

In this year's Vancouver municipal election, there are 15 candidates for mayor, 59 candidates for council, and 32 candidates for Parks Board commissioner. Vancouverites will go to the polls to elect 1 mayor, 10 councillors, and 7 Parks Board commissioners. Vancouverites will also vote for School Board candidates but we are not providing information on school board candidates for this election.

We reached out to candidates and provided them with one week to complete the survey with a firm deadline, and closed the survey before publishing the results. The survey was closed on September 28th, and no responses were accepted afterwards.

The survey consisted of two questions to find out how candidates usually travel, followed by yes/no questions to find out what candidates support. We also asked candidates one long-response question, as well as giving them space to provide additional comments.

The tables below show answers to the travel mode and yes/no questions, as well as incumbents' voting records.


View answers to candidates' long-response questions:

Mayor and Council

Parks Board


Survey completion rate among candidates

Mayoral candidates: 4/15 (27%)
Council candidates 29/59 (49%)
Parks Board candidates 21/32 (66%)


Survey Results

Mayor & Council

Parks Board


Candidates that have endorsed our Cycling Platform

Iona Bonamis, Christine Boyle, Adriane Carr (PB), Ryan Charmley, David Chin, Ian Cromwell, Tom Digby, Carla Frenkel (PB)Pete Fry, John Irwin (PB), Serena Jackson (PB), Mark Marissen, Liam Menard (PB), Matthew Norris, Kristen Rivers (PB), Dr. Devyani Singh, Stephanie Smith, Caitlin Stockwell (PB), Jean Swanson, Tesicca Truong

Incumbents underlined
*with reservations

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