Intermediate Bike Skills

Want to take your cycling experience to the next level?

Intermediate Bike Skills is a course for people who have mastered the basics of riding a bike and are looking to become more confident riding on city streets and pathways, please see our FAQs below for what cycling level is required to take part in Intermediate Bike Skills. 

This small group 2 hour session will start with a refresher skills session and progress to a Road Ride in the local community. When riding on the road our courses maintain a 1:6 instructor-to-participant ratio to ensure optimum safety and plenty of instructor attention. 

Open to anyone aged 14 and up.  

The Intermediate Skill Practice session includes:

  • Basic bike fitting and safety checks
  • An off-road skills session to practice shoulder checks and basic maneuvering. 
  • A pre-planned Road Ride (of about 8 km) where you'll learn about the safest place on the road to ride, how to maneuver your bike effectively, how to communicate with other road users, safety tips, and more.

Please note:

  • These courses will be running from May to August 2022 at Trout Lake Community Centre in the City of Vancouver. The refund and transfer policy at Trout Lake Community Centre applies to these lessons.
  • Registration will take place on the Vancouver Park Board website
  • This course will have a $20 participant fee to discourage no-shows. If this is a barrier to participating, please email, or consider applying for a Leisure Access Card from the City of Vancouver to receive a 50% discount.
  • This course has a minimum of 4 participants to run. If the minimum requirement isn't met, you will be contacted at least 48 hours in advance to reschedule for another time.
  • Youth under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult (the adult doesn't need to register as a participant, but should remain near Trout Lake Community Centre for the duration of the lesson. 
  • Participants are highly encouraged to take StreetWise Cycling Online in advance of taking the course. StreetWise Cycling Online is a free, 1-2 hour course that helps adult beginner riders gain the knowledge and skills needed to start their cycling journeys with confidence.

Upcoming dates at Trout Lake Community Centre:

  1. June 11, 2pm - 4pm - SOLD OUT

  2. June 25, 11am - 1pm - Register here - 1 opening

  3. July 14, Thursday, 5pm - 7pm - Register here

  4. July 16, Saturday, 2pm - 4pm - Register here

  5. August 4, Thursday, 5pm - 7pm - Register here

  6. August 13, Saturday, 2pm - 4pm - Register here

  7. August 20, Saturday, 2pm - 4pm - Register here

  8. August 25, Thursday, 5:30pm - 7:30pm - Register here

  9. August 27, Saturday, 2pm - 4pm - Register here

The availability of these programs was last updated on June 2nd. 



What skill level is required to take part in the Intermediate Bike Skills?

In order to take part in this course, you should have basic bike handling skills (you should be able to start, stop and pedal on a bike for at least 100m) and a basic understanding of the rules of the road. If you do not have basic bike handling skills, you can acquire them by taking our Beginner Bike Skills course (and you can practice them in our New Rider Skill Practice session). If you do not have a basic understanding of the rules of the road, we would highly encourage you to take our StreetWise Cycling Online course. 

Where are lessons held? 

The lessons will begin in the gravel field next to Trout Lake Community Centre. The Road Ride portion will start and end at Trout Lake Community Centre. When the registration link becomes available it will contain more specific details about where to meet your instructor. 

Do I need a bike and helmet?

If you have your own bike and helmet, please bring them to the lesson. If you don't own a bike or can’t transport it to the lesson location, we expect that we will have a fleet of around 15 bikes and helmets that participants will be able to use for the duration of the lesson. 

As part of our ongoing partnership with Mobi by Shaw Go, we are also happy to be able to offer the use of a Mobi bike during lessons at no extra charge (only possible if the participant is 5'6" (170cm) or taller). There is a Mobi bike station located near Trout Lake Community Centre. 

How can I get my bike to the lesson spot?

You can bring your bike inside a personal vehicle, on a vehicle's bike rack, on a bus bike rack, or Skytrain car. If it's your first time using a bus bike rack or bringing a bike on transit - check out TransLink's helpful tips beforehand. All Metro Vancouver buses are able to take 2 bikes on their front racks.  If you're not able to bring your own bike to the lesson, free bike rentals are available during the course. 

How can I get to Trout Lake Community Centre?

Trout Lake Community Centre is located in the South West corner of Trout Lake Park. You can find transit options either via Google Maps or through Moovit. There is a large, free parking available outside the Community Centre (located near Victoria and 15th). Nearby cycling routes can be found here.

Do you offer lessons for more advanced skills?

Yes, Advance Your Ride is a 2-day course for people that want to increase their skills and knowledge about riding in a wide variety of urban street settings. We also run webinars on a range of topics. These webinars will run through spring, summer and early fall, but in the meantime you can find recordings here. 

Can I sign up with my friends or my family members?

Yes, when you register for the event, you can add two people to your registration. 


If you have any more questions, please contact