Advance Your Ride

Our most in-depth and advanced cycling course

Spend a weekend discussing and learning about all things urban cycling with like-minded cycling enthusiasts. Advance Your Ride teaches effective cycling for those who already ride on the road, and want to increase their skills and knowledge about riding in a wide variety of urban street settings. Each participant has the opportunity to take a written exam and 1-on-1 road test to become Bike Right certified. 

This 14.5h course includes a combination of virtual and on-bike instruction with a 15km bike ride on a couple of the days to apply your learning to the road. This course covers online discussion and on-road topics such as:


  • route planning
  • good decision making
  • lane positioning
  • proper cycling equipment
  • effective & efficient riding techniques (incl. in traffic)
  • rural riding
  • collision avoidance techniques
  • detecting and avoiding hazards
  • practicing emergency manoeuvres
  • review of current cycling research


Course Details

  • Duration: 14.5 hours over 3 days // Friday (4-6pm), Saturday (9am-5:30pm), Sunday (9am-5pm)
  • Equipment: You'll need an electronic device with internet access and a camera (ideally) that will allow you to actively participate in the interactive video conferencing sessions via. Zoom on all three days. Additionally, you’ll need a road-safe bike, lock and helmet for Saturday & Sunday, and participants should be prepared to ride for approximately 15km on each of these days.
  • Cost: $225 HUB Members / $250 Non-HUB-Members (+GST).  If you're not a HUB Member join HUB today! Not sure if you are a member of if your membership is still valid? contact our membership team
    Covers 14.5h of course instruction, exam and certification.
  • Audience: Ages 16 and up.
  • Refund Policy: Prior to 7 days in advance of a course, HUB will happily provide a credit to a registered participant for a future course to accommodate schedule changes. In the week immediately proceeding a course, payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Bike Right Certification

For those wishing to receive instructor certification, Bike Right is the new standard for transportation cycling instruction, and all HUB Cycling Instructors are required to become certified after being hired. This course is not instructor training, but is a certification in order to become an instructor with high level of cycling skill and knowledge. The certification covers all Advance Your Ride topics above, plus:

  • Discussion of best practices for leading groups of riders - kids and adults
  • Instruction on latest cycling research on safe routes and how to encourage cycling adoption
  • A one-on-one road test outside of class time


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