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Bike to Shop Banner. The event takes place from August 1-31, 2023.

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About Bike to Shop 

This August, immerse yourself in the joy and convenience of shopping by bike with Bike to Shop, a Metro Vancouver-wide initiative presented by HUB Cycling. Whether you're a seasoned bike commuter or new to cycling, we're here to make shopping by bike easy and fun!

On this page, you'll find information about the event, participating neighbourhoods, how to plan your route, tips and tricks on carrying items by bike, and secure bike parking options.



How To Participate 

1. Explore Interactive Maps: Check out our interactive maps showcasing participating neighbourhoods, bike parking, safe routes, and bike-friendly businesses. Link coming soon! 

2. Plan Your Adventure: Choose a neighbourhood, plan your route, and get ready to bike to local shops. Use resources on this page for tips.

3. Share the Fun and Win Prizes: Take selfies with your bike and shopping haul, and share your experiences with #BikeToShop for the chance to win prizes. More information below!

4. Visit us at a Celebration Station: We're popping up on Vancouver's Seawall and Coquitlam and Steveston farmers markets this summer. Take a look at the schedule below for more information. 

5. Make a Pledge to Shop by Bike this Summer: Let your voice be heard by pledging to shop by bike this summer. By sharing your valuable feedback about your summer riding, you’ll be entered to win one of five $100 TransLink Compass cards you can use for your Fall multi-mode journeys.

Visit Us!

Come visit HUB Cycling at our three booths during the event! Get advice on shopping by bike, pick up cycling maps, and more. 




Discover Vibrant Neighbourhoods



Zoom in to discovetr these vibrant neighborhoods participating in Bike to Shop 2023: 

Burnaby: The Amazing Brentwood

Coquitlam: Austin Heights

New Westminster: Downtown

North Vancouver: Central Londsdale

Richmond: Steveston

Surrey: Newton

Vancouver: Kerrisdale and Downtown 

Each map showcases:

  • Cycling routes within a 10-minute radius of the neighbourhood, sorted by comfort level
  • Convenient bike parking options by your favorite stores and at SkyTrain Stations
  • Local bike shops
  • Bike-friendly businesses 

A bike-friendly business could be:

  • A local retailer that sells items you need for a ride (like helmets, clothing or accessories)
  • Businesses with dedicated customer bike parking or a bike rack that is visible when you're in store 
  • Retailers that provide fuel for your ride and welcome cyclists looking for a pit stop. 
  • Community HUBs that local HUB supporters tell us you need to experience when in town. 


WIN Prizes

Bike to Shop Pledge

If you make a pledge to shop by bike this summer using the form above, you'll be entered into a prize draw to win one of five $100 TransLink Compass Cards. 

Social Media

Bike-to-Shop invites residents across Metro Vancouver to experience the joy of cycling. Whether it's a quick trip to the grocery store or a visit to a local boutique, shopping by bike allows you to take in your surroundings from a different viewpoint and discover unknown treasures just a bike ride away. 

Throughout August, HUB Cycling will host a weekly scavenger hunt photo contest on our Instagram account to encourage people to explore their local surroundings and unique businesses in the area. Each week HUB Cycling will reveal a clue on our Instagram Stories.

You can participate in the contest by riding to a participating neighbourhood to find the local landmark, taking a photo and posting on Instagram with the hashtag #Bike2Shop and tagging @HUBcycling. 

Prizes include:

  • Two tickets to Bard on Bard on the Beach's "As You Like It"
  • $250 gift card for Sporting Life at The Amazing Brentwood
  • $250 gift card for Duer
  • $300 worth of gift cards for retailers in Austin Heights, Coquitlam. 
  • $200 gift card for Simons

Eligible entries will be entered into a weekly prize draw and chosen at random. Terms and Conditions apply.

Post Event Survey

Fill out our post-event survey and let us know how you shopped by bike this summer, and you could win a $250 TransLink Compass Card. 

Promotions & Deals 

Bard on The Beach: Get 15% off up to four A or B price tickets to evening performances of Bard on the Beach's hit production of As You Like It, from August 4-September 29. Brimming with Beatles' tunes, it's Shakespeare at his most accessible and fun! Book your tickets and use the code 23hubcyc to claim your discount!  

T&C's: All discounted tickets must be used in the same performance and zone. - Valid for up to 4 (four) tickets at 15% off. - Valid for A and B zones. Not Valid for A+ or C Zones . - Not valid for Julius Caesar, Henry V, or Goblin:Macbeth. - Not valid for Youth tickets or Pack redemptions.  - Not valid outside of date range. Not valid for matinees or closing. - Not valid in combination with other offers. Cannot be retroactively applied to previously purchased tickets.  - Subject to availability.  - No refunds. Exchanges only to the production and performances within the date range above; exchange fee may still apply.

TransLink encourages you to go car-free this summer and bike, walk, ride, and roll to events and local businesses offering exclusive discounts.  From hidden gems to family favourites, there's an adventure waiting for everyone – Learn more about TransLink's Ride & Shine's connections to your favourite summer spots.

Plan Your Route

Best and safest routes to visit the Bike to Shop neighbourhoods, check out our great bike map resources at bikehub.ca/maps.

Tips on how to inspect your bicycle or how to plan the best route to your favourite shops, check out HUB's free online educational resource called StreetWise Cycling Online! Learn how to get started at bikehub.ca/swco

If you’re entirely new to biking to shop, don’t fret! Follow HUB Cycling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for tips and tricks on how to easily make cycling to shops a part of your routine, or check out The Commuter Bike Shopper’s Checklist or How to Shop by Bike

Pack Smart

Consider how to transport your goodies home. Any standard bike can be used for your shopping trips and the accessories needed aren’t expensive. Follow these simple steps for a safe and convenient shopping experience:

  1. Secure Your Load: Ensure your rack or basket is firmly attached before each use. Give it a good tug to check. Use bungee cords, nets, or adjustable straps to keep your items secure, which will come especially handy if you hit any bumps or potholes along the way.
  2. Balance and Grip: Be mindful of the added weight on your bike and keep a firm grip, especially when stopping or loading/unloading. Remember, your bike will handle differently when carrying goods, so take it slow and steady.
  3. Installing Gear: Consider adding gear to increase how much your bike can carry
    • Bike Racks - versatile and allow you to safely attach various accessories
    • Bike Baskets - can be mounted to the front or rear rack
    • Panniers - fully sealable and easily detachable bags provide ample storage space
  4. Get Creative: If you don’t have bike-specific gear, you can adapt and improvise. Milk crates, wooden crates, and reinforced reusable grocery bags can serve as makeshift baskets. Just ensure your setup is safe and secure before riding.
  5. Backpack or Walk:  If you don't have a bike rack, a big backpack can still do the job. Be cautious of balance changes and ensure it doesn't interfere with your movements. Alternatively, you can use your bike as a shopping cart on wheels, loading grocery bags on the handlebars and walking it back home.
  6. Consider Trailers and Cargo Bikes: Trailers attach to your bike's rear and can handle larger loads, while cargo bikes offer built-in compartments for convenient shopping trips with ample space. Perfect for families and if you’ve got lots to carry!
  7. Get Advice: If you're new to biking to shop, don't fret! Follow HUB Cycling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for tips and tricks on how to easily incorporate cycling into your shopping routine. You can also explore The Commuter Bike Shopper's Checklist or How to Shop by Bike for helpful guidance.

Secure bike parking options 

We understand that bike security is crucial to encourage more people to cycle. That's why we've got you covered with various secure bike parking options across Metro Vancouver.   

Park your bike near your closest bus stop or station at a bike parkade or bring it with you on transit (100% of TransLink's fleet is accessible to bikes). Three different types of bike parking are available at SkyTrain stations, bus exchanges, and West Coast Express stations across Metro Vancouver.

1. Bike Lockers
Reserved or on-demand lockers for your bike. Available at most SkyTrain stations and some bus exchanges. Learn More.

2. Bike Racks

Standard outdoor racks for locking your bike up. Available at all SkyTrain stations and most bus exchanges. Learn More.

3. Bike Parkades

To make shopping by bike even easier, TransLink has built bike parkades so now you can park your bike and hop on the SkyTrain! Located at Main Street–Science World, King Edward, Commercial–Broadway, Joyce–Collingwood, Metrotown, Maple Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Bridgeport, Lafarge Lake-Douglas, Burquitlam and King George stations. Bike Parkades are indoor parking facilities where customers can lock up their bike for the day. Learn More.

4. The Bicycle Valet

The Bicycle Valet offers FREE bike parking at locations across Metro Vancouver. Just like a coat-check, they’ll tag your bike and provide you with a claim stub to pick up your bike later on. 

Help spread the word

Help spread the word about Bike to Shop! Share ways that you like to bike to shop, products that make it easy to do so or your favourite bike-friendly businesses with us on social media  Check out our Media Kit for example text and images your can use. 

Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtags:  #Bike2Shop

Instagram: @hubcycling

Twitter: @WeAreHUB

Facebook: @WeAreHUB



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Bike to Shop?

Bike to Shop is a month-long celebration of cycling and shopping in Metro Vancouver presented by HUB Cycling, promoting the joy and convenience of shopping by bike and supporting local businesses.


2. When does Bike to Shop take place?

Bike to Shop takes place during the entire month of August. It's a month-long celebration of cycling and shopping in Metro Vancouver.


3. Do I need to register to take part in Bike to Shop?

No, Bike to Shop is a free event, and there is no need to register.


4. Will there be discounts offered during Bike to Shop?

No, there are no specific discounts offered as part of the event.


5. Is Bike to Shop a free event?

Yes, Bike to Shop is a free event organized by HUB Cycling. There is no registration fee or cost to participate.


6. How do I participate in Bike to Shop?

Participate by exploring interactive maps showcasing participating neighborhoods, bike parking, cycling routes, and bike-friendly businesses. Plan your adventure, choose a neighborhood to explore, and bike to local shops. Share your experiences on social media using #BikeToShop for the chance to win prizes. You can also visit our celebration stations on specific dates and locations. Once the event is over, share your valuable feedback about your summer riding and you’ll be entered to win one of five $100 TransLink Compass cards you can use for your Fall multi-mode journeys.


7. Are there any specific neighborhoods participating in Bike to Shop?

Yes, Bike to Shop covers eight vibrant neighborhoods across Metro Vancouver. You can explore Burnaby: The Amazing Brentwood, Coquitlam: Austin Heights, New Westminster: Downtown, North Vancouver: Central Lonsdale, Richmond: Steveston, Surrey: Newton, and Vancouver: Kerrisdale and Downtown.


8. Can I participate in Bike to Shop if I don't own a bike?

Yes, you can still participate in Bike to Shop even if you don't own a bike. Many cities offer bike rental services or bike-share programs, such as Mobi by Shaw Go, where you can easily rent a bike for your shopping adventure.


9. Do I need to follow a specific route during Bike to Shop?

No, you have the freedom to choose your own route using the interactive maps and ‘Plan Your Route’ section above. Feel free to explore at your own pace and discover new places on your bike!


10. Are there any organized group rides for Bike to Shop?

No, Bike to Shop is primarily a self-guided event. Check with your local bike organizations or cycling communities to see if any group rides are being organized in your area.

Local Cycling Groups

Free Community Group Rides This Summer and Fall


11. What should I bring while shopping by bike?

Bring your bike, helmet, reusable shopping bag, personal items, and a water bottle for a comfortable ride. Visit our ‘Pack Smart’ section above for more tips.


12. What are the celebration stations and where can I find them?

The celebration stations are pop-up events where you can visit HUB Cycling booths, get advice on shopping by bike, pick up cycling maps, and more. There will not be bike mechanic services at these stations. The stations will be set up at the following locations:

  • Tuesday, August 1 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM at Ontario and the Seawall
  • Sunday, August 6 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Coquitlam Farmers Market (Dogwood Pavilion Parking Lot at 1655 Winslow Ave)
  • Sunday, August 20 from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM at Steveston Farmers & Artisans Market (4320 Moncton St, Richmond)


13. Can I win prizes during Bike to Shop?

Yes! During Bike to Shop, HUB Cycling will host a weekly scavenger hunt photo contest on our Instagram account. Each week, we'll reveal a clue on our Instagram Stories, and you can participate by finding the local landmark in the designated neighborhood, taking a photo, and posting it on Instagram with the hashtag #Bike2Shop. You'll have a chance to win prizes from our partners, including Bard on the Beach, Duer, Simons, TransLink, and Sporting Life at The Amazing Brentwood. 

At the end of the event, you can share your valuable feedback about your summer riding and be entered to win one of five $100 TransLink Compass cards you can use for your Fall multi-mode journeys. Make sure to be subscribed to our newsletter in order to receive the survey! Click here to subscribe.


14. How can I share my Bike to Shop experience on social media?

We encourage you to share your Bike to Shop experience on social media! Use the hashtag #BikeToShop to share your photos, stories, and shopping hauls. Don't forget to tag HUB Cycling on social media, and you might even get featured on our channels!

Instagram: @hubcycling

Twitter: @WeAreHUB

Facebook: @WeAreHUB


15. Is Bike to Shop open to all skill levels and ages?

Absolutely! Bike to Shop welcomes participants of all ages and cycling skill levels.


16. Is Bike to Shop suitable for families with children?

Yes, Bike to Shop is family-friendly, and families with children are encouraged to participate. It's a great way to introduce kids to the joys of cycling and explore the city together as a family.


17. How can I stay updated about Bike to Shop events and activities?

You can stay informed about Bike to Shop events and activities by following us on social media. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for the latest updates, interactive maps, and exciting announcements.

Instagram: @hubcycling

Twitter: @WeAreHUB

Facebook: @WeAreHUB

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Contact Us

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding the Bike to Shop event, feel free to reach out to us. We're here to help!

Contact Information:

Email: events@bikehub.ca

You can also connect with us on social media for the latest updates and news:

Instagram: @hubcycling

Twitter: @WeAreHUB

Facebook: @WeAreHUB

We value your feedback and are committed to making Bike to Shop a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any inquiries or suggestions. Happy cycling and shopping!


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