TransLink Mayors Council 10 Year Vision

Metro Vancouver mayors and TransLink have now approved a significant increase in cycling investment as part of Phase 1 of the 10 Year Vision implementation. This is cost-shared between TransLink, the Province of BC, and the federal government, and will be further matched by municipalities.

This will go a long way to UnGaptheMap. Phase 1 is the first three years of the plan, and HUB Cycling is working with the Mayors Council to ensure that Phase 2 investment continues to build further, so that we can fully connect the cycling network in the region, allowing people to cycle safely to all areas of the region. The full 10 year vision includes 2,700km of new new bikeway, with 300km fully protected. Why is this a smart investment? Because cycling is the most cost-effective mobility solution for our growing region's transportation challenges, and actively supports community, health, the environment and sustainable growth. 

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