Bike Friendly Business Solutions

Bike Friendly Businesses are workplaces that employees enjoy commuting to by bicycle and where they feel supported to meet their health and wellness goals.

We are thrilled to support organizations across Metro Vancouver to attain Bike Friendly Business Certification that offers both services and expertise to enhance cycling to the workplace. We deliver a cost effective business advantage that benefits many aspects of your operations and your brand. Certifying as a Bike Friendly Business will help: 

  • Human Resource Managers to recruit and retain top talent by offering a competitive health and wellness benefit and earn positive press for the company.
  • Sustainability Managers reduce GHGs and green the corporate travel footprint, adding to corporate social responsibility and reports.
  • Transportation Demand Managers build practical and strategic plans to increase sustainable forms of transportation.
  • Marketing teams benefit from aligning business values with the company brand through making impact both in the workplace and out in the community. Increase public profile and access HUB Cycling’s community of over 30,000 e-subscribers and social media channels.

Want to get rolling?

Become a leader and stand out as a top employer in your industry with the Bike Friendly Business Certification. The certification provides organizations with bike friendly solutions that will get your company recognized and celebrated. The steps to certification are simple:

1) ASSESS: HUB Bike Friendly Business Specialists arrive on site to assess cycling facilities and educate staff on the optimal cycling experience for your workplace context.  The assessment includes a score, designating your bikeability level (bronze to platinum), along with recommendations and practical tips for improving your scoring. Clients also receive a Bike Friendly Business Resource Guide, outlining the best practices and support available for business.

2) ENGAGE: You can choose to distribute a survey to gain employee input into the cycling culture of the company. Workplace Cycling Lunch n’ Learns are provided to reach riders of all abilities. Additional services are offered to provide employees with benefits and cycling knowledge that will keep them confident on the road. 

3) ACHIEVE: With a new understanding of your building and employee needs, improvements can be made to physical facilities or workplace programming. HUB Cycling has trusted partners to deliver discounted products and services that help you reach your goals.

4) AWARD: Employers are formally certified and recognized publicly at the annual Bike Friendly Business Awards. Employers that make improvements after the initial assessment can apply via a Bikeability Self-Assessment prior to the awards event to increase their standing. All companies that participate in the certification receive a Bike Friendly Business digital badge, social media recognition and media release.

The Bike Friendly Business Certification is an annual agreement of the above services. Businesses can choose to renew the services on an annual basis and receive continued employee engagement such as additional workplace cycling lunch n' learns or a visit from an onsite mechanic. We are here to help you reach your goals! 

Contact the Bike Friendly Business Team:

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