New Rider Skill Practice

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Have you recently taken our Beginner Bike Skills course and need more practice?

New Rider Skill Practice is a new StreetWise practice session for people that have minimal experience riding or have taken Beginner Bike Skills and are looking for a safe place to practice. This 2-hour practice session occurs completely off-road, in a safe and comfortable environment for new riders. There will be a HUB Instructor present to give you tips and advice on how to improve your riding abilities but is otherwise unstructured. It is intended for participants who have taken part in a Beginner Bike Skills course but is open to all members of the public. 

Open to anyone aged 14 and up.

 New Rider Skill Practice session includes:

  • Two hours in which to practice your cycling skills, with an experienced instructor on hand to provide guidance.
  • Basic bike fitting and safety chat
  • Free access to one of our bikes and helmets to use during your practice time.


What skill level is required to take part in New Rider Skill Practice? 

The lessons are intended for people that have taken part in Beginner Bike Skills, but they can be for anyone who has a basic understanding of bike handling. 

Where are lessons held? 

The lessons will take place in an off-road location next to Trout Lake Community Centre. We are still determining exactly where the off-road location will be but it will be a smooth, flat surface, with no vehicle traffic. When the registration link becomes available it will contain more specific details. 

Do I need a bike and helmet?

If you have your own bike and helmet, please bring them to the lesson. If you don't own a bike or can’t transport it to the lesson location, we will have a fleet of around 15 bikes and helmets that participants will be able to use for the duration of the lesson. 

As part of our ongoing partnership with Mobi by Shaw Go, we are also happy to be able to offer the use of a Mobi bike during lessons at no extra charge (only possible if the participant is 5'6" (170cm) or taller). There is a Mobi bike station located near Trout Lake Community Centre. 

How can I get my bike to the lesson spot?

You can bring your bike inside a personal vehicle, on a vehicle's bike rack, on a bus bike rack, or Skytrain car. If it's your first time using a bus bike rack or bringing a bike on transit - check out TransLink's helpful tips beforehand. All Metro Vancouver buses are able to take 2 bikes on their front racks. 

How can I get to Trout Lake Community Centre?

Trout Lake Community Centre is located in the southwest corner of Trout Lake Park. You can find transit options either via Google Maps or through Moovit. There is free parking available outside the Community Centre (located near Victoria and 15th). Nearby cycling routes can be found here.

Do you offer lessons for more advanced skills?

Yes, we are pleased to be launching New Rider Skill Practice at the same time as another new session - Intermediate Bike Skills Practice. When combined with our pre-existing programs, anyone can go from never having ridden a bike to a confident everyday cyclist.  If you're looking for a course to increase your confidence in cycling from the comfort of your own home, you can take StreetWise Cycling Online. We will also be running webinars on a range of topics, starting in April 2022. In the meantime, you can find recordings here. 

If you have any more questions, please contact