Surrey Candidate Survey Results | 2022 Municipal Election

In this year's Surrey municipal election, there are 8 candidates for mayor and 56 candidates for council. Surrey electors will go to the polls to elect 1 mayor and 8 councillors.

We reached out to candidates with publicly available contact information. The survey opened on September 13th, with responses accepted until September 21st, and no responses were accepted afterwards.

The survey consisted of six multiple choice questions to find out what candidates support. We also asked candidates three long answer questions.


The long answer questions were:

  1. What have you done, or will you do to advocate in support of active transportation infrastructure in your city and why?
  2. What piece of bike infrastructure is needed next in your city?
  3. HUB Cycling has released a Cycling Platform. Which focus areas and points do you endorse, and which ones do you disagree with?

The table below show answers to the multiple choice questions.

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To view candidates' long answer responses, click here.


Survey completion rate among candidates

Mayoral candidates: 4/8 (50%)
Council candidates: 4/56 (7%)

Surrey Survey Results

Party/Affiliation Candidate Do you support funding a partnership with major destinations such as malls and schools to build secure cycling parking spaces such as on demand bike lockers? Do you support changing the default design of collector and arterial roads to include protected cycling facilities? Do you support removing vehicle capacity (lane removal aka road diet) to provide space for cycling? Do you support a bike share or e-bike share program in Surrey? Do you support road changes to slow traffic on collector roads such as adding raised crosswalks, speed tables, chicanes, roundabouts, narrowing etc. to support Vision Zero? Do you support opening access on Surrey's network of dykes to provide more opportunities for recreational cycling?
People's Council Surrey Amrit Birring (Mayor) Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Surrey Connect Brenda Locke (Mayor) Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Surrey Forward Jinny Sims (Mayor) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Surrey First

Gordie Hogg (Mayor) Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Kulwinder Saini Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Safe Surrey Coalition Doug Elford Yes No No Yes Yes No


Manjeet Singh Sahota Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Narima Dela Cruz Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes


View candidates' long-form answers here.


Candidates that have endorsed our Cycling Platform

Narima Dela Cruz*, Manjeet Singh Sahota

*endorsement with reservations.

View reservations here