Maple Ridge Candidate Survey Results | 2022 Municipal Elections

In this year's Maple Ridge municipal election, there are 5 candidates for mayor and 22 candidates for council. Maple Ridge electors will go to the polls to elect 1 mayor and 6 councillors.

We reached out to candidates with publicly available contact information as well as party contacts. The survey opened on September 13th, with responses accepted until September 21st, and no responses were accepted afterwards.

The survey consisted of four multiple choice questions to find out what candidates support. We also asked candidates three long answer questions.


The long answer questions were:

  1. What piece of bike infrastructure is needed next in your city?
  2. Do you agree that e-bikes and other micro-mobility have great potential and can be a game changer for a suburban community like Maple Ridge? Explain.
  3. HUB Cycling has released a Cycling Platform. Which focus areas and points do you endorse, and which ones do you disagree with?

The table below show answers to the multiple choice questions.

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To view candidates' long answer responses, click here.


Survey completion rate among candidates

Mayoral candidates: 2/5 (40%)
Council candidates: 8/22 (36%)

Maple Ridge Survey Results

Party/Affiliation Candidate Will you, in principle support compact, mixed-use development with high quality active transportation infrastructure within the urban containment boundary?? Will you oppose low density, car-dependent suburban development proposals outside the urban containment boundary? Are you committed to working towards the transformation of our neighbourhoods into 15-minute neighbourhoods? In the coming decades, Maple Ridge's Town Centre and the Lougheed Transit Corridor will see significant densification. Do you agree that this gives us great opportunities to get people out of their cars?

A Better Maple Ridge

Dan Ruimy (Mayor) Yes No Yes Yes
Sunny Schiller Yes Yes Yes Yes
Korleen Carreras Yes No Yes Yes
Onyeka Dozie Yes No Yes Yes
Jenny Tan Yes Yes Yes Yes


Corisa Bell (Mayor) Yes No Yes Yes
Craig Speirs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sarah Little Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ahmed Yousef Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rebecca Stiles Yes Yes Yes Yes


View candidates' long-form answers here.


Candidates that have endorsed our Cycling Platform

Korleen Carreras, Rajinder Chhina, Bhupinder Johar, Dr. Robert Masse*, Sunny Schiller, Rebecca Stiles, Jenny Tan, Grover Telford, Ahmed Yousef

Incumbents underlined
* endorsement with reservations

View reservations here