City of Langley Candidate Survey Results | 2022 Municipal Elections

In this year's City of Langley municipal election, there are 2 candidates for mayor and 14 candidates for council. City of Langley electors will go to the polls to elect 1 mayor and 8 councillors.

We reached out to candidates with publicly available contact information. The survey opened on September 13th, with responses accepted until September 21st, and no responses were accepted afterwards.

The survey consisted of five multiple choice questions to find out what candidates support. We also asked candidates four long answer questions.

The table below show answers to the multiple choice questions.

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Survey completion rate among candidates

Mayoral candidates: 2/2 (100%)
Council candidates: 9/14 (64%)

Langley City Survey Results

Candidate Do you think that your city's elected officials are doing enough to address transportation needs of future generations in light of the climate crisis & increases in transportation costs? Will you work to ensure that everyone in your city has equitable access to safe cycling infrastructure? Will you vote in favour of infrastructure projects that separate bicycles from cars and pedestrians in areas of high cycling potential? The budget for bike infrastructure should... Will you be a champion for active transportation on council?
Val van den Broek (Mayor) No Yes Yes Increase Yes
Nathan Pachal (Mayor) Yes Yes Yes Increase Yes
Gurjit Dhillon Yes Yes No Decrease Yes
Jennifer Elderkin No Yes Yes Stay the same Yes
Rudy Storteboom Yes Yes Yes Stay the same Yes
Rosemary Wallace No Yes Yes Increase Yes
Gayle Martin Yes Yes Yes Stay the same Yes
David Stingl No Yes Yes Stay the same Yes
Leith White No Yes Yes Increase Yes
Delaney Mack No Yes Yes Not sure Yes
Shelley Coburn No Yes Yes Increase Yes


View candidates' long-form answers here.


Candidates that have endorsed our Cycling Platform

Jennifer Elderkin*, Gayle Martin, Rudy Storteboom

Incumbents underlined
*with reservations

View reservations here