HUB Cycling Wellness Challenge 2021

Kickstart your 2021 with the HUB Cycling Wellness Challenge!

Each Wednesday of January, we will be updating this page and our social channels with fun challenges to focus on your health and wellbeing. That’s right, Wellness Wednesdays will help you push your limits and offer words of encouragement. Even though the pandemic has affected all of us in profound ways, our bike has been our lifeline from running essential errands to bolstering our physical and mental well-being so let’s have some fun whilst we stay healthy as a community. 

Join us in continuing to stay healthy and safe, together. Take this opportunity to challenge a loved one, friend, colleague or neighbour.


Week of January 4-10 Challenge: Use your bike each day this week. 


  • For those of you that identify as fairweather cyclists, did you know that year round cycling is totally doable? Check out these stories from people that cycle year round, learn some tips and share your story with us on social media by tagging @WeAreHUB on Facebook or Twitter, or @hubcycling on Instagram!
  • Tip(s) to support your ride - plan ahead, get the right gear (and the right gear doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive). You can be environmentally conscious and find some great second-hand items or support your local bike shop. Ski gloves also make great bike gloves for those windy and rainy days!
  • Take time to reflect versus making resolutions for the sake of making them. In the past, what has worked well for you? Set goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic/relevant, and timebound/timely). 


Week of January 11-17 Challenge: Take a social distance ride.


  • January is a wet and dark month, sometimes it's helpful to have an accountability buddy to help us stay motivated. Challenge a friend to join you. If you are unable to do a physically distanced ride, challenge your friend to the same bike route to complete on their own time. Take pictures, record your time and distance, and share your results with your friend or friends to make it a friendly competition!
  • Tip(s) to support your ride: Track your rides - use a notebook, a spreadsheet or even a digital platform like Strava. You can also use our Bike to Work Week Tracking tool at! It's available for use year-round even outside our Bike to Work Week's.
  • Creating good habits and practices helps to build mastery. Now is as good of a time as ever to refine and/or establish our habits around physical activity (ie: ride your bike 3x/week), sleep (ie: get 8 hours a sleep a night), healthy eating (ie: go vegetarian or vegan for a meal a day), social media (ie: mute your notifications), etc. 


Week of January 18-24 Challenge: Ride a bike route you've never rode before.


  • Our team has been working hard to improve cycling infrastructure and connect the region's cycling network to create safer route conditions. Discover a new route and learn more about how you can get involved.
  • Tip(s) to support your ride: Map out your ride before you leave your house. Pre-planning your route in advance helps you ride stress-free. There are also lots of awesome local businesses you can support along the way from artisans to restaurants to breweries!


Week of January 25-31 Challenge: Give back to your community.


They say the path to happiness is giving rather than receiving. This week we're challenging you to give back to your community by helping us get more people cycling, more often. You can do this by:

  1. Joining a HUB Cycling Local Committee! HUB's local committees are made up of volunteers that meet regularly (virtually at the moment) to discuss cycling issues specific to each Metro Vancouver municipality. We have 10 local committees advocating for safer and better cycling. Find and join the HUB Cycling local committee in your neighborhood here.
  2. Becoming a monthly HUB Cycling donor. Our Monthly Donors help us plan projects in advance and have the greatest impact on our community. Become a Monthly Donor for 2021 here.
  3. Donating a bike to someone in need through HUB Cycling's Bike Match Program. Donate a bike here.
  4. Cleaning out your closet and donating cycling gear that you no longer need to your local thrift shop (gloves, rain jackets, shirts, long johns, boot covers etc.)
  5. Cheering up a friend who is feeling the COVID-19 and January Blues by inviting them on a socially-distanced bike ride 
  6. Tuning in to our free HUB Cycling Bike Awards on February 22 from 5:00-6:30 PM on our Facebook Live to celebrate organizations, individuals and bike shops who helped make biking better in 2020. Register free here.


Tell us your story of participating in the January 2021 Wellness Challenge here.