Do you want a connected network of paved, lit and direct bikeways across Metro Vancouver? Adopt-a-Gap to make sure that your route gets completed.

We've all been there, one moment you're enjoying a ride and feeling confident, and the next the bike route vanishes and you're surrounded by busy traffic. Most of us can name the gap in Metro Vancouver's disconnected network that brings our bike trips to a halt but why not follow Uliana’s lead and go one step further and adopt that gap?

HUB Cycling has identified almost 350 gaps in Metro Vancouver’s bike network, ranging from small fixes to major route developments, that we want to improve but we need your support to make this happen. For a $100 donation you can adopt-a-gap and enable us to continue our work to create a connected and safe network and, for a limited time, your contribution will be matched by a kind donor.

What do I need to do?

  1. Choose the gap that you would like to adopt from the map below.
  2. Adopt your gap and provide us with your contact details so we can issue a tax receipt.
  3. Email us the gap name (click on the gap on the map to see the name) and share a short description and/or a photo of you at the gap to illustrate why that gap is important to you. By providing us with this information, you will help us to build a picture of how the hundreds of gaps across Metro Vancouver are stopping people from cycling.
  4. Feel good that you're supporting the creation of better bike infrastructure - it really is that easy!

Why should I adopt-a-gap?

Tired of cycling across the Port Mann Bridge only to be confronted with the busy highway traffic? Wish you could bike from Vancouver to Tswwassen Ferry Terminal with ease? Want to be feel safer cycling with your kids in your neighbourhood? By adopting a gap you could change this.

The creation of hundreds of kilometres of bike routes across Metro Vancouver, including new protected lanes, would enable people to save time and money, take on healthy habits as well as reduce congestion for other modes of transport.

We are currently working with municipalities, provincial government, and funding partners such as TransLink to advocate for sustained high-level investment and action to solve these gaps, but with your support we could do so much more.

How were these gaps chosen?

Using a prioritization framework, we have identified almost 350 priority gaps, from extending the Spirit Trail in West Vancouver to improving connections between Langley and Abbotsford, that if fixed would allow more people to cycle, more safely, more often. All of the gaps were scored against criteria which assessed ridership impact, utility, safety and feasibility to work out the impact that improvements would have on increasing safety and ridership level. The gaps were then split into four categories depending on the jurisdiction and the scope of the improvement required, therefore the gaps range from the need for a municipality to install signage to the creation of a whole new bikeway by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

If your gap isn't included on the map below, email and let us know why you think it should be added to our list of priorities.