3rd annual 20-in-20 Infrastructure Challenge, circa 2020


Fix a pothole on a bike route

Improve a conflict area with paint or plastic bollards

Easy Fixes + Quick Wins = More people cycling more often



Celebrating small improvements and quick wins in the bicycle network, the 20-in-20 Infrastructure Challenge was launched in 2018 to commemorate HUB Cycling’s 20th anniversary. In 2019, 9 participants completed 66 Quick Fixes across 10 municipalities. In total, 168 Quick Fixes have been completed as part of the Challenge, with 757 suggested fixes by HUB local committees and the public. 

Quick Fixes include repairing broken pavement, adding green paint to conflict zones, adding bicycle signage and pavement markings, improved intersection crossing treatment, and small infrastructure adds such as short-term bike parking. 

The Infrastructure Challenge encourages participants to complete easy fixes that are part of regular operations and maintenance. Participants can build on these quick wins to make cycling safer and more comfortable for more people.

The third annual Infrastructure Challenge will run from August until November 2020. Contact us for more information or to get involved.This year, 16 participants are interested in taking part. Check back here to see updates on completed fixes! All participants in the Challenge will be recognized and the top three winners announced at HUB Cycling's 8th annual Bike Awards in 2021.