Bike Friendly Building Consulting

HUB Cycling’s Bike Friendly Building Consulting Services support developers, building managers, employers, business operators, property managers and other stakeholders across Metro Vancouver to more fully promote and facilitate cycling and reward people who ride bikes for transportation.  


For over two decades HUB Cycling has been pivotal in the significant growth in cycling seen in our region.  Our unique, mandate-driven position at the nexus of city cycling enables us to offer services that others cannot. We have the knowledge and expertise to advise building development and improvements so they motivate more people to cycle, and improve the employee and resident experience.  We go beyond the basics required by BC building codes and municipal bylaws, providing guidance for buildings to meet the growing interest in cycling, and the increasing number and diversity of bikes being used. HUB Cycling is uniquely positioned to help developers, building managers, and employers receive the recognition they deserve for going “beyond the call” in developing Bike Friendly facilities and practices.  

Services we provide:

  • Scored assessment of building end of trip facilities, cycling supports, and connections to the broader cycling network
  • Report with recommendation for improvements
  • Awards and recognition for high quality facilities
  • Equipment supplier contracting
  • Marketing
  • Connections with TDM innovation leaders in government

Our cost-effective business advantage can benefit many aspects of your operations, including:

  • Tenant attraction and retention
  • Improved employee morale and productivity
  • Reduced employee absenteeism and health benefits costs
  • Corporate social and environmental responsibility
  • Potential cost savings in other building construction or maintenance areas 

Our recent Bike Friendly Building Consulting Service clients include QuadReal Property Group, Westbank Corporation, Concert Properties, the New St Paul's Hospital, Wesbild Holdings, Boffo Developments, Hudson Pacific Properties, the New Westminster School District, and Park Royal Developments.  We have advised on planned and existing office, residential, retail, shopping mall, industrial, and mixed-use building complexes.  

Our team has strong research capacities as well, having completed the State of Cycling GIS bike route mapping for Metro Vancouver, and ground-breaking Not Just Bike Racks research into the dynamics of cycling amenities in property development.     



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Bikeability Assessments
for Buildings and Workplaces

HUB Cycling offers a one-of-a-kind Bikeability Assessment service for developers, stratas, building managers, and anyone else interested in learning how to make their planned or existing facilities and practices exemplary.  HUB’s Bikeability Consulting Specialists provide an analysis report which includes a comprehensive scoring framework, designating your bikeability level from bronze to platinum, along with recommendations and practical tips for further improving your cycling facilities and policies. 



Consulting for Planned
and Existing Developments

As Metro Vancouver’s only organization of and for urban cyclists, HUB Cycling can advise your new build at every stage of the planning and development process, ensuring that the network connections, bike parking and storage, and on-site communications, work together to sustain and increase cycling ridership. We have advised medium-sized and major developments and redevelopments in the region, ensuring these developments serve their users well into the future as urban transportation evolves.



Transportation Demand Management & Communications

HUB Cycling plans and manages multi-faceted Transportation Demand Management (TDM) campaigns that result in measurable increases in cycling and multi-modal travel. Our methods encompass marketing and outreach campaigns, surveys, organized walks and bike rides, clinics and workshops, and orientation materials.  If you want to activate and encourage people to ride, HUB Cycling can develop and deliver a TDM plan customized to your needs.



Cycling Education

HUB Cycling offers a diverse range of education options for building users to increase their awareness and confidence about safe city cycling. Our courses can include direct orientations about your building's cycling amenities and local / regional cycle route network connections. Our in-person StreetWise courses, online StreetWise webinars, and Workplace Cycling Workshops include a broad range of practical topics.



Tactical Urbanism

HUB Cycling can help plan and implement Tactical Urbanism projects to demonstrate and gain feedback about innovative approaches to active transportation and placemaking.  See this website, and TransLink's guide book, to learn more about Tactical Urbanism projects.  HUB Cycling is proud to have served the City of New Westminster on its Streets for People Tactical Urbanism initiative in 2020. Above Photo Credit: Public Square, a CNU Journal



The HUB Cycling Research and Consulting Team

HUB Cycling's research and consulting team bring unique expertise and perspectives to promote our organizational mandate to make cycling more accessible to everyone.  The HUB Cycling Consulting Team:  

  • engaged with the Urban Development Institute (UDI) and the development industry to complete the ground-breaking Not Just Bike Racks research report; 
  • completed the region's first study Benchmarking the State of Cycling in Metro Vancouver, which documents the extent and quality of the bikeway network and their influence on key outcomes including ridership and collisions involving cyclists. The State of Cycling received an Award of Excellence for Research and New Directions in Planning from the Planning Institute of BC and will inform future planning decisions, supporting Metro Vancouver in achieving its goals;
  • partners with academic and government stakeholders on research into emerging topics such as electric micro-mobility vehicles and the intersects between active transportation cycling and population health;  
  • led development, on behalf of TransLink, of a major update to Metro Vancouver’s Cycling Map, depicting routes based on comfort, rather than facility type, thus supporting cyclists and would be cyclists in identifying routes that meet their needs. 


Gavin Davidson

MRM, MCIP, RPP - Planning & Research Lead


A nationally recognized leader in transportation policy, planning, and facility design, Gavin brings two decades of experience facilitating trans-disciplinary teams in developing ambitious, award-winning plans and projects.  Using a collaborative approach, Gavin has helped organizations and agencies across Canada integrate policy and design innovation to achieve more efficient, safe, and sustainable built environments.  As one of a select few certified trainers for the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO), Gavin presents regularly at conferences and seminars throughout Canada.

Timothy Welsh

MA - Director of Programs


Timothy completed Masters level studies in communications and urban governance, and is a multi-skilled program developer, project manager, and social service organization administrator.  Tim worked at the front-line and senior levels for two decades on behalf of BC's immigrant and refugee resettlement organizations, and was instrumental in growing and developing the capacities of the provincial and national settlement service sectors for newcomers.  With HUB Cycling since 2013 as Director of Programs, Tim has expanded HUB Cycling's education capacities and contracting so it has become a national cycling education leader, developed innovative programs to make cycling more accessible to newcomer and aboriginal populations, and grown HUB Cycling's capacities in the Bike Friendly Business and research fields.


Tim Davidson

MA - Planner / Researcher


Tim brings skills acquired from a Masters of Planning Degree from Dalhousie University to this project. He has experience in the private sector delivering active transportation projects throughout Canada and a wealth of knowledge on GIS and computer mapping, and on HUB Cycling's specialized Bikeability Assessments.  Tim's GIS expertise and communications skills are central to the success of HUB Cycling's State of Cycling project which provided the first mapping of Metro Vancouver's regional cycling network.  


Client Testimonials

“HUB performed 9 bike Bikeability Assessments on our rental buildings and also helped us review some designs for new end of trip facilities in another development, and we could not be happier with the results or the process. HUB was very professional and gave us great insights based on their deep expertise and experience in cycling issues and design.”

- Dave Ramslie, Vice-President, Innovation and Sustainability, Concert Properties


“Bentall Centre is one of Downtown Vancouver’s most iconic commercial properties, and we are excited to refresh the campus with amenities and programming that reflect the local community. HUB Cycling has been a valued local partner, helping us create positive cycling experiences for Bentall Centre tenants and visitors. This includes expanded bicycle storage at our Athletic Centre on site and additional amenities to encourage active transportation."  

- Chuck We, Senior Vice President, Western Canada at Hudson Pacific Properties


Regarding Harbourside Development by Concert Properties:  “The applicant hired HUB Cycling to provide a third-party review of the proposed facilities. This proposal represents good planning and is in line with the (City of North Vancouver) Official Community Plan. Council members unanimously approved Concert’s application.

-City of North Vancouver November 2020 Staff Report to Council


"Your team have been great to work with, and helped make our project better!" 

-Rob Davidson, Vice President - Product and Planning, Wesbild Holdings










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