Ride the Road


THE GOAL: To increase students’ safe cycling skills and confidence, so they can experience the benefits of biking for transportation.


Ride the Road is an immersive cycling course for grade 5-7 students. It incorporates hands-on activities that aim to build cycling confidence regardless of students’ incoming skill level. Trained instructors lead lessons that demystify bike mechanics, practice bike handling skills, and solidify rules of the road; all of which culminate in a supportive ride through their school’s neighbourhood. The program can be delivered fully in-person, or with a mix of online activities and outdoor instruction. Read about other ways HUB Cycling has kept our programs safe in our COVID-19 safety protocols

The curriculum was first developed in 2010 with the BC curriculum and Metro Vancouver context in mind, in consultation with local cycling instruction experts and secondary schools. HUB Cycling reviews the content of the course annually and has made regular updates and improvements to the course to ensure it remains current and effective. 


104 Ride the Road program deliveries across Metro Vancouver
13,311 Ride the Road student participants 


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What to Expect

Our HUB Instructors are Bike Right certified to ensure the quality of all in-person lessons. Meet our team!

Equipment: To make this course accessible to everyone, our helmets and fleet of 12 bicycles - including adaptive bikes - accompany each program. We also ask students to bring their own when possible. 

Evaluation: Students and school staff are asked to complete an online survey before and/or after the course to measure course impact and changes in habits within the school community. In some cities, additional surveys are administered to evaluate outcomes in more depth.


Unit 1: Introduction to Cycling Safety

Students are introduced to the benefits of cycling and how to ride safely by learning fundamental laws, behaviours, and communication. 

Choose for this unit to be delivered in-person, or through online activities.


"I learned a lot of stuff that I didn't know and it's a really good idea to get kids to learn about safety and the roads in a fun way." - Grade 7 student, Hamilton Elementary, Vancouver


Unit 2: Basic Bike Maintenance

Hands-on activities get students up close and personal with bicycles as they learn to check air pressure, brakes, and grease chains. Tips for fitting a bike and locking it properly are also reviewed.

Delivered outside in the school yard.


“I also enjoyed the ABC quick check because we got to oil our chain and I have never done that before and it reminded me to do the ABC check every time I ride my bike out." - Grade 7 student, Maple Lane Elementary, Richmond


Unit 3: School Ground Cycling Skills

Within the comfort of the school grounds, students ride through drills that practice gearing, stopping, signalling, and improving control. New riders are coached through their own progression from balancing to pedalling.

Delivered outside in the school yard.


“I enjoyed [practicing bike skills] the most because I had never had a bike long enough to learn to ride, so this was my first real learning experience." - Grade 7 student, David Lloyd George Elementary, Vancouver


Unit 4: Rules of the Road

Students’ learning so far is put to the test with a friendly trivia competition. Emphasis is placed on clarifying rules of the road in preparation for the upcoming road ride.

Choose for this unit to be delivered by school staff or through online activities.


“I liked the trivia game due to the fun way we got to compete against our classmates and have fun while we also got to learn new bike information and concepts that we didn't know before." - Grade 7 student, Kingswood Elementary, Richmond 


Unit 5: Neighbourhood Road Ride

Small groups head out to ride a pre-planned route that exposes students to common infrastructure and traffic scenarios, which our certified instructors discuss at pit stops along the way. New riders have another chance to practice fundamentals back on the school grounds.


“It gave me an opportunity to try what it’s like to bike on the road while there was an instructor supervising me and making sure I’m safe.” - Grade 7 student, Carleton Elementary, Vancouver



Program Variations

Online Course Component

As a distance learning alternative, Unit 1 and 4 can be replaced with an online bike safety course called Ride the Road Online. It is hosted on the popular education platform, Moodle, which allows it to be completed any time and from any device with an internet browser. The content has been kept straightforward and interactive in hopes of being a self-guided resource for young cyclists. Think: a Spot the Differences game teaching bike safety gear, and a Memory Game for road signs.

This course is currently only offered in conjunction with a Bike to School program. However it’s sibling course, Learn2Ride Online, is openly available for all residents of British Columbia. Learn more about that resource here!

City of Vancouver Variation

Ride the Road: Active Travel is a variation designed and delivered for schools within the City of Vancouver. It is a 4-day adaptation which broadens the curriculum to include all active travel, integrating instruction on both cycling and pedestrian safety. 

Target grades: Grade 6 & 7
Curriculum overview: 4 units x 1 hour each = 4 hours total instruction per class

  • Unit 1 - Introduction to Active Transportation and Road Safety (in-person)*
  • Unit 2 - School Grounds Active Transportation Skills Training (in the school yard)
  • Unit 3 - City Active Transportation Trivia Game (in-person)*
  • Unit 4 - Neighbourhood Road Ride (around the community)

*Blended delivery is available by opting for online equivalents of these units 

City of North Vancouver Variation

Ride the Road: 4-day is a shorter variation delivered to schools within the City of North Vancouver. The curriculum is consistent with the original Ride the Road program, the only difference being the removal of the Basic Bike Maintenance unit.

Target grades: Grade 5 & 6
Curriculum overview: 4 units x 1 hour each = 4 hours total instruction per class

  • Unit 1 - Introduction to Cycling Safety (in-person)*
  • Unit 2 - School Ground Cycling Skills (in the school yard)
  • Unit 3 - Rules of the Road Trivia (in-person)*
  • Unit 4 - Neighbourhood Road Ride (around the community)

*Blended delivery is available by opting for online equivalents of these units 



Read what these past Ride the Road recipients have to say:


“Thank you again for providing this program. It reinvigorated kids who had not cycled for a long period of time. They remembered how much they enjoyed riding.” - Grade 6/7 Teacher, Port Coquitlam

“My students really enjoyed the program. They enjoyed the practical part of riding the bicycles the best. Thank you for giving our school this amazing opportunity.” - Grade 6/7 Teacher, Vancouver 

“It was a fabulous program and we will definitely be having them back if possible.” - Sarah Beairstro, Grade 6/7 Teacher, Richmond, Blended delivery


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