Surviving the Transit Strike

November 26, 2019

With the escalating job action by TransLink drivers, transit commute times are uncertain and unpredictable. 

During the strike (Wed, Nov 27 - Fri, Nov 29), HUB Cycling and TransLink are committed to encouraging cycling throughout the region. 

Tips to Improve Your Commute (Wed-Fri)

1. Take your bike on the Skytrain. From Wednesday to Friday, bikes will be allowed on the Skytrain at all times. Please use the rear car if you're taking your bike on the train.

2. Park your bike or use Bike Valet at a Bike Parkade. Bike Parkades will remain open and operational during any future transit-related job action. Overflow bike parking will also be available at all 6 Bike Parkade locations on November 27-29 from 7:30 AM to 6 PM.  Bicycle Valet will be at 10 major transit hubs, including these six Bike Parkades, providing free and secure bike parking. 

  1. Main St-Science World, Vancouver
  2. Joyce-Collingwood, Vancouver
  3. King George, Surrey
  4. King Edward, Vancouver
  5. Commercial-Broadway, Vancouver
  6. Metrotown, Burnaby

During this time, onsite staff will grant free access to users, monitor the locations and be on hand to help Compass Card holders register and answer any questions. As a reminder, bikes that have been left in a Parkade for more than four days will be considered abandoned and removed.

3. Carpool. Carpooling options will be announced soon. To stay up to date with the latest, check TransLink's web page for more information.

>>  Stay Informed with TransLink Updates


HUB Cycling Members Get Great Benefits

As a card-carrying HUB Cycling member, you not only help make biking safer and better for all ages and abilities but also get these great benefits.

  1. Car and Bike Sharing. Members get free registration and minutes on several car-sharing and bike-sharing services.
  2. New Bike. If you don’t already own a bike, now is a great time to buy one with end of season sales. HUB Members get 5% off bikes at several bike shops.
  3. Bike Repair. If your bike needs a tune-up , members can get a 10% discount on bike service at several bike shops. Van Cycle Mobile Bicycle Shop brings the service to your door and offers 20% off to all HUB Members!

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